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  1. I figured it out, finally! My fault--I didn't know how my router assigns ip addresses-I was port forwarding the wrong IP. This is a great program! I see it has a limit of 500 listeners. If (unlikely this will happen) I get 501, will it crash or just block # 501?
  2. I've installed Broadwave, got a static IP address, port 88, no router, firewall knows not to block the program. When I connect for live streaming, I can hear my microphone and see th green bar move with my voice. When I click on the live streaming url, I hear my voice, delayed by 10 seconds. I assume that means I'm getting on the internet, but when I email my link to a friend and tell him to paste it into this browser, he gets a message that the link is broken or that the page can't be displayed. Am I missing a step? I'm using XP, and my audio interface is a Lexicon Omega (I have a home recording studio and the interface is set up to record and play back correctly). Thanks for any help!! Steve
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