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  1. Hi NCH. Greetings from sunny Sydney. I just bought fully paid for versions of Soundtap, Express Burn, Switch and WavePad on your web site. Cost around $160 Australian dollars. When I run Soundtap, it tells me it is installing "the required Virtual Audio Recording Driver". But it doesn't install it, instead I get an error message: "Waiting for automatic driver loading timed out - please go to System Preferences/Sound/Output tab and select Soundtap Recorder as your default output device before you start recording" - but of course when I try to do that, the driver has not actually been installed so there's nothing to select! I've tried half a dozen times and the same sequence happens every time Feeling that it's actually quite a lot of money to spend on software which fails to install at the first hurdle! But maybe I've made some simple foolish error? Can you help me? I have a MacBook with a 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo procesor and 2 GB ram, running OSX 10.5.6. And yes, I bought and downloaded the mac intel version. Best regards jfknorth Sydney, Australia
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