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  1. I have a Hauppauge WinTV PCI TV/FM card I can't get any sound with the debut software and here is how.. this may help others, The way the WinTV card works to get sound on recordings is to take the sound line from the digital box into the card or coaxial to the card and a bridge connection from the WinTV card to the sound card (line in) this is the standard set up. Unfortunately it means that only the Hauppauge software can access sound from the card, which is ok if you happen to have a fast enough computer and the right encoding codecs, it also takes a lot of setting up trial and error.... and so on Now the Debut software makes things a lot simpler but to get sound its best to use a digital box with sound out if you can and take the right and left channel sound out and take it to the (line in) of the sound card. It will depend on the quality of digital box you use as to the sound quality out. And thats about it really, a lot of the TV cards are run entirely by the makers software, Debut software will have to be updated somewhat to be able to access sound on some cards.
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