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  1. The pinned topic by this name includes a link to the Release notes for version 4.11. Unfortunately, that thread has been locked by the Admin, so questions like this cannot be posted where most appropriate. What has been added to this software between 4.11 and 4.20? Specifically, I am looking for feedback on the progress of adding Bluetooth Handsfree Profile as a supported "device" on this software, a feature that has been requested here in this forum for the last 4 years.
  2. mberlant

    answering a cell phone

    Apparently, this is not completely true. IVM can access a SIP stack for integration with VoIP services. This does not require any TAPI compliant voice modem. The IVM software should be able, therefore, to access the Bluetooth stack and use Handsfree protocol to interface with a connected cell phone, shouldn't it?
  3. This is precisely the functionality that drew me to look at the IVM software. I need this software to answer a Bluetooth cell phone and take messages.
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