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  1. Why are there (very) rarely any notes entered to describe what fixes/changes/additions are included in a new release of Express Scribe? I've been a registered user for years, and it's always been very irritating to try and decide when an upgrade is actually necessary. Thanks for any explanation.
  2. Attempting to import a CSV customer list created in Excel with no response. Tried saving it as a "standard" Windows CSV and as a DOS CSV. In either case, I can select the file to import (it's a customer list), it finds it, and the Next button is outlined. When I click Next it goes to the Match Data Fields Click To Assign dialogue. I tell it that the data begins on Row 2. Then when I click on Click to Assign in any row including (required) Customer Name, the row highlights, but there's no response to a click. If I go ahead and click the Import button, of course, it tells me that the Customer Name header must be assigned to continue. What am I missing??? Thanks.
  3. compumom

    Change log???

    I can't find the Express Scribe change log anywhere on the site. Could someone please post a direct link to the change log page? I haven't upgraded in a long time simply because I need to know what's changed before I pay for a new version. Thanks.
  4. compumom

    Vemail losing e-mail settings

    No, it's registered.
  5. compumom

    Vemail losing e-mail settings

    I set the e-mail to MAPI, but every time Vemail is shut down or the computer is turned off it loses the e-mail settings and it changes to "Send directly to other side (work as own SMTP server)". Running in Vista Home Premium with all current updates. Where does Vemail keep the info? Any way to work around this? Thanks! Linda
  6. compumom

    Welcome File Repeating

    Don't need to, this is a stand-alone PC and I am the sole administrator. However, FYI, yes, I frequently change the window size, placement, etc., and it is always retained after restart. I have not manually deleted any directory whatsoever; just the Welcome audio file. All is well.
  7. compumom

    Welcome File Repeating

    I found the problem. Apparently at some point there has been a duplicate installation of ExpressScribe rather than an overwrite - or at least there are the remnants of one. I found a second set of system folders containing a duplicate Welcome. Deleted the duplicate folders, the problem was eliminated. Thanks for the input!
  8. compumom

    Welcome File Repeating

    Windows XP Home SP3 Yes v4.31 Yes :-)
  9. compumom

    Welcome File Repeating

    I have the same issue - doesn't matter how many times I hit 'delete' - the welcome message is back every time I open the program. I've even tried going into the folder and actually physically deleting the audio file - it STILL comes back. It must have a hidden copy somewhere that reloads from the registry, but I haven't found it yet. Anyone else had any luck with this?