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  1. I found a work around - sort of. I left them reversed & loaded about 200 songs on my player. Searching is a little goofy and it shows the album name when playing a song, since it thinks that is the song name. And for some unknown reason Genra didn't carry over to my player even though most of the songs have one listed. But I would still like to find a fix....
  2. I have about 2300 .wav files on my hard drive. They have been ripped from my CD collection (a few of my favorite songs from each CD) using Windows Media Player. I would then put about 20 songs on a CD to make my own Favorite/Greatest Hits compilations. All that worked just fine. Now, however I would like to convert them to .mp3's to put all of them on a portable player. I purchased the full version of Switch which did a good job of converting them but it didn't carry over the tag information that Windows Media Player downloaded from the online database. I have the .wav files organized in folders of about 110 songs each. I can load one folder at a time into Stamp and move through them fairly quickly to stamp the tag information. That information then carries over when using Switch to make .mp3's. It's tedious & time consuming but do-able. Unfortunately the track title and album title are reversed and I can't figure out a way to change that. Yes, there was probably a better way to do this in the first place but I didn't know any better, it's taken about 18 months to work through all of my CDs and I can't bear the thought of starting over. Can anyone help? My PC is running Windows XP Pro and Windows Media Player 11. Let me know if you need to know anything else.
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