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  1. Hi, I tried SoundTap, I am not satisfied with it. For one thing: it doesn't record from a headset. Also, I followed the manual to record from a Express Talk, didn't work either. So I uninstalled it and now.... all my audio drivers are gone!!!! I have no audio devices at all on my XP computer??? What has SoundTap done with them?
  2. Thanks for y'r reply. I think what you say is the only way indeed, though I am still investigating if some kind of Window hooking would work. Personally I really don't understand why this functionality is missing. ET is in every aspect superior when combined with VRS, Remote Monitor etc. But for my clients (callcenters) it is absolutely necessary to call with "progressive dialing" (for example: automatically calling the next number when "line busy" is detected). Another disappointment: I asked NCH about this, but I get no answers at all.... not even a "no we're sorry".... Raymond
  3. Hi, I installed Express Talk on one computer (free edition, works well), and the VRS Recording System on another, in the same LAN. I just can't get the VRS to record the Express Talk calls. Is there a step-by-step manual for complete dummies to get this done? Thanks, Raymond
  4. Hi, When I use VoipZoom (aka VoipBuster) I have no problem. When I use Express Talk, configured for VoipZoom, I get an error message: Error. Other side said: Internal server error On my first day with Express Talk there was no problem by the way.... My settings are correct (virtual pbx being sip1.voipbuster.com). Does anybody know how to get it all working? Thanks, Ray
  5. Hi, I want to link Express Talk to my telemarketing application (Windows platform). For that I need to know what's going on on the telephone line, for example: "line busy", "dialing", "connected", "line dropped" etc. I have done this with TAPI compliant telephonydrivers (when using a hardware PBX), and also with Skype using their developers API. ET only has talk.exe with which I can do nothing of the such. Or????? Anyone any ideas? I also asked NCH but so far I only got "line dead" -> no answers. Thanks, Raymond
  6. Hello, I'm a newbie to the awesome looking NCH products, and will start serious testing next week. I do have one question already. For a callcenter, I want to use the Express Talk softphone on the computers of the agents (who use USB headsets), and install the VRS Recording System / VRS RemoteMonitor / VRS RemoteControl on the computer of the supervisor. As I understand the all the calls can be recorded (automatically, manually or remotely with the RemoteControl), and the supervisor can listen to any (of max 64) conversations going on using the RemoteMonitor. Some agents however work from their homes, and my question is: Can the calls from agents working at home also be monitored and recorded? Thanks, Raymond
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