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  1. I had it working fine until yesterday, I have no idea what happened. I didn't change any of the settings, but I did notice that when I uploaded the .wmv files to YouTube, they were no lonfger full screen width, but were cut off an inch or so on both sides. That's not the problem though. Now when I record, everything seems to be working fine just like before, except when i play back the recorded .wmv video my computer screen goes "BLACK" and it gives me an error message saying something about my video driver not responding!! And my monitor settings go to the lowest possible, meaning everything is super large like 800 x 600 or something like that and then I have to do a restart just to get back to a normal screen.. Frustrating as hell, cuz I had taken a half day off from work to spend recording some new videos for my YouTube Channel.. Can anyone tell me if maybe I have to make a change in my driver/codecs/ or whatever. I'm truly a novice at recording from a desktop cam (which BTW is a 3COM Home Connect cheap model, but was working fine for my purposes till now..
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