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  1. Welcome to the new version 3, We have been telling NCH software since the day in February that it was released that it was full of errors and mistakes costing us valuable time. This release is crap and needs to be scrapped, it was never tested, it is not even a permissible as an Alpha release. Try and go back to the version 2.41 I think or whatever was the last release in the 2 series or move to a different video editor platform...some have been discussed very briefly in here.
  2. Thanks for adding in helpful details on Lightworks much appreciated, I agree with you on the lack of filters unless you go pro was an issue for me, so I too did buy it, and the the complexity meant that to do quick edits and compositions was taking too long, way too long. NCH video Editor was perfect for the simple and more tricky editing, if it worked. My current video editor of choice is AVS4YOU, yes there is a fee, but it actually works really well, it is reliable, I am in the middle of a 90 minute full feature film with no issues, it is actually a joy to use. Anyone can use it for free, until you come to do a final cut they place that label on the video unless you cough up $25 A point of interest. I found out is that there is an open source (free) video edit code that NCH Video Editor is based on, it is also the base same code that AVS4YOU is based on and dozens of other video editors, I think I tested most of them. This original open source software gives the software developer the complete framework for editing, composition, import/export filters, transistions and the basic visual layout. It looks like it was developed initially in university China back in 2006. It is the reason why so many of these video editors have the "SAME FRUSTRATING" video editing errors, or transistion/filtering errors, They are all based on the exact same base code, so some companies evolved this original base code extensively into a really nice product, and some, not so much.
  3. Yeah you have unfortunately been caught by the sheer incompetance of NCH software management to keep a product as popular as the video editor on sale and actively promoted when in reality it is next to useless. I suggest you downgrade to the previous version 2.41 I believe which was the last version before they went up to version 3. The previous version actually works and you can use it. Alternately, Try LightsWorks which is at lwks.com or AVS4YOU at ave4you.com great products and they work. LightWorks is professional highend, but AVS4you is real easy to use I have recommended the previous version of NCH video editor to literally thousands of people, and it came back to bit me on the ass with the verison 3. and they refused to withdraw it, this is not teh way to run a business, and to make it wose they actually recommended that you PAY for teh product to get support, OMFG this is simply crazy. I truly pray to god they fix this ASAP,, it will soon be THREE MONTHS since they have been working on this issue,
  4. I tried a few.... over 23 different video editors, I wanted the NCH video editing functionality, I even set up Light works which is the real gold standard for editors, it is also free. bit of a steep learning curve, however it is studio quality and well worth a look. I think it is at lwks.com. Having said all that I am using AVS4YOU at AVS4YOU.COM it gets the job done if you need rapid results. And for anyone who is upset that I am promoting other software in this forum, I did everything to let NCH know that the recent release of the video editor was next to useless, clearly not tested and highly irresponsible to keep on promoting this. Instead of withdrawing the product, they went onto do a major promotion campaign, several of my colleagues wasted good money on this old rope. Good luck and please check out Lightworks for highend work and if you want quick with professional quality try AVS4YOU All the best
  5. I downloaded it from CNET.com from memory, Always look at the download options, with the check boxes and Next or cancel, the cancel option will get you out of additional crapware that may be installed and back to the install. I have a clean install no issues, Not sure how many video and audeo tracks but I have over 18 of each with no issues, as for a forum, I did not find any, but it is super easy to start one, I am suire you woudl get a lot of sign ups Hope this helps
  6. Hi Seashell Yeah this version 3.02 is pretty much an early Alpha release. it is next to useless, it really is They have not withdrawn the software and several of my friends purchased it and found the same problems. It is a mess and should be withdrawn It is very unfair for NCH to continue to sell this. I highly encourage you to find an alternative I moved over and started using the free VSDC to edit my video from videosoftdev.com And that was after waiting several weeks for NCH to give me an answer to when the fix was coming, it is sad, I really liked what they have assembled, but it was untested and they have not withdrawn it, instead they are promoting it. Good luck in your project
  7. And there is no bulletins or news on what they are doing to correct the issues, the last email I got from them was RECOMMEDNING VideoPad 3.02 as an amazing Video editor. Makes my blood boil. I suggest everyone contact the business office of NCH software and VENT to them. They have so many products that I think they have lost touch.
  8. Yeah it is huge, lots of cool features though. Check out VSDC free video editor, I recommedn that it does a good job, I have no issues recommedning that in here as NCH have refused to stop selling a FAULTY PRODUCT, in fact worse than that they want you to buy the faulty Video Pad product so you can get support. This is INSANE!!!!. This policy SUCKS, I have to say I am really PI$$ED off by their attitude. VideoPad Version 3.02 needs a HUGE WARNING SAYING VIDEO PAD 3.02 is a ALPHA RELEASE ONLY DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK. I lost weeks of time and a lot of work and I have had to re-do all of the work now in a new video editor.
  9. I totally agree with you It is completly un-usable unless it is a 2 minute vide oclip you are working on. This is a PR disaster, and they are still allowing people to buy this product, I wonder how far up the ladder the "knowledge" of the software bug goes, I reckon that it does not go that far up the ladder, No CEO in they rigth mind would keep shitty updates like this onsale, I bet a team of software coders are trying to keep their jobs by keeping a lid on this. We need to find a way to get this mesage to the CEO and the board members, I actually like NCH but this is a F..king disaster, It cost me a huge amount of time moving to another video editor, it is not as good, but it gets the job done and iwth Corel Video editor 6 coming out last week, there is a lot of competition now in this field
  10. Hi, NCH is currently working ion a fix to the problem, so that will be the next release. There are some work arounds but you will hit the issues again and again. It is a software bug. It really sucks, but we are all in the same boat waiting for a fix, As a software developer myself in the graphics field, this type of issue should not take too long to correct. as it looks like a coding mistake as opposed to a design error.
  11. Hi, I got the feeling that they have been inundated with requests to fix this issue, I had asked them for a time frame but they would not elaborate on that. Regarding my earlier post, that was in haste, it works, but not all the time, the only sure way to get this working is to save, exit, and reload teh project. This is an INSANE proceedure, I did it for a day as I had to complete a project, that is 37 times (edit - save - exit - reload) I almost needed medication at the end of that process...got the job done though.
  12. Was in touch with tech support at NCH regarding the wide spread issues we are all having with speed issues, I received a reply from NCH regarding bascially re-stating that their software engineers are working on the problem and they will make a new release of Video Pad when complete. So check every week for a new release, In the mean time I found saving and then reloading the project can allow you to preview the edits you make, but that is also time consuming, I'd just export the project as a MP4 file and download another video editor like VSDC (it is not as good), it is free and at least that way you can complete your project if it is time sensitive, otherwise I'd just wait on NCH
  13. I received a reply from NCH tech support regarding the SLOW issues, bascially re-stating that their software engineers are working on the problem and they will make a new release of Video Pad when complete. So check every week for a new release, if you are automatically following this forum on the issue, I will post in here when the new release is available.
  14. I received a reply from NCH regarding the SLOW issues, bascially re-stating that their software engineers are working on the problem and they will make a new release of Video Pad when complete. So check every week for a new release, if you are automatically following this forum on the issue, I will post in here when the new release is available.
  15. I have been communicating with Sonjay at NCH about this Slow issue, they are aware of the gravity of the problem, as soon as I hear anything I will let you know hopefully a new release soon
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