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  1. Why is videopad free no longer free for commercial use?
  2. Do you mean by that that new features will only be added to the professional version and not to the free version at all? What about more transition effects, do you still have plans to add more of those to the free version?
  3. I've just tried the 1.01 beta, if i understand correctly videopad will no longer be free, or it will be limited down in features. Can you tell me what the limitations of the free version are going to be when compared to the professional version of videopad?
  4. I am looking forward to a new version of VideoPad, are there maybe already some plans for releasing a new version?
  5. I totally agree with you on the effects and the limited text options, that's why i made a feature request for more transitions and effects. Stay tuned though, maybe the next version, which i am very much looking forward to, will have more effects and transitions.
  6. Why don't you use VideoPad instead of windows movie maker to edit that .mov file and then save the result in the .mov format (without conversion)?
  7. If you convert a video format, quality loss is inevitable. Why would you want to use windows movie maker to play it? Why don't you use a decent media player that is able to play mov files properly, like quicktime or KMPlayer or Gomplayer in combination with the quicktime alternative directshow codecs?
  8. I would love to show VideoPad to my colleguaes, can you tell me if VideoPad is also free for use in the office (commercial use)? Ruud
  9. Thanks nchaj, i am very much looking forward to the next version of VideoPad. I have posted a nice review on freewarefiles.com : http://www.freewarefiles.com/VideoPad-Vide...gram_47330.html
  10. I have no experience using Super DVD Video Editor on Vista, but it works ok on Windows XP though. Regarding the output to mp3, ogg and audio cd, i agree, perfecting video editing tasks is the most important. The thing is that i'm guessing that it may not be not such a difficult feature to implement. I do think that DVD menu editing is important because it closes the whole workflow, you won't have to interrupt the workflow by trying to use another application for that. This may not be that important for advanced users, but it simplifies things a lot for beginners. I noticed that VideoPad is not listed on www.freewarefiles.com yet, this is also a very popular site where people are also able to write reviews and give ratings. I'm going to send them an email to inform them about this wonderful app.
  11. Videopad looks like a wonderful video editor indeed, it think it is quite intuitive and i really like those "thumbframes". I've always been using the freeware Super DVD video editor. However, when i compare Videopad to Super DVD Video Editor (and many other video editors) there are 2 rather important features missing in my opinion. These are: the option to create a DVD menu ( i totally agree with BruceMoffatt on that ). The other is that there are only a few transitions available. Super DVD Video Editor has many more available, which gives you much more creative options. I have red all the features that have been requested in this topic and i must say that i agree with all of them. This video editor is almost perfect. So far it feels really fast and stable, i really hope that the developers make the effort to perfect it, in my opinion it is totally worth it. Here are my additions to this wishlist: 14. Much more transitions. Here you can find lots of examples of transitions which could be used in VideoPad: http://www.burgers-transition-site.de/down...ions/index.html 15. More effects. 16. Output to mp3, to ogg or to Audio CD. That basically would enable one to rip the audio out of a video, which is probably used a lot. 17. Output to a youtube compatible format & upload it directly to the youtube website, prefferably all in one go. 18. Support for Adobe premiere plugins. I think this feature would open VideoPad up to a whole world of plugins that are available. It would give VideoPad endless possibilities to extend in features. I am not sure if this would be difficult to implement. If it would be difficult, then all previous mentioned feature request are probably more important.
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