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  1. I don't like to make posts like these, but with the support "we" have received here I feel that it is justified. They do say that this is a self help forum BUT "Our technical support team will, on a best efforts basis, review posts and answer questions." I too have numerous sound files (m4a, wma, and others) that I was looking to "SWITCH" over to mp3 format so that I could play them over numerous devices, some of which do not recognize anything but mp3's. (Sorry if I like my "OLD" electronics...) I have found that instead of utilizing "SWITCH" with it's batch file problems, Apple iTunes handles the batch conversion just fine and it free to boot. Sorry SWITCH team, you lost a sale to this customer... Although I will check back to see if anyone tells me why SWITCH is better??? Any takers?
  2. I have my audio files on a Networked 500GB Hard Drive, and want to edit the MP3 tags on quite a few of the files. But Stamp will not recognize my networked drive? I have another MP3 tag editor (Mp3tag) that will recognize the drive, and Switch the file converter will recognize the drive just fine. Stamp on the other hand will not show any files from anything but the C: drive??? Is this a known limitation of this program? Thanks Jimbo58
  3. I just today downloaded version 1.51 of the free Switch, and had been planning on upgrading to the paid version. BUT I too found that this newer version seems to have a bug of not converting 100% of the queued files for conversion. If I have 10 files loaded it will convert 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9. Then I have to press convert again and it will pick up 2, 6, & 10 (again skipping the second files (4 & 8). So I press convert for a third time, this time it converts only 1 of the 2 files, and after the 4th time pressing convert for 10 files it has AT LAST converted all 10 files as I requested in the first place. Can someone please let us know when this bug has been fixed? I love the program, and am sad to hear that this is also in the paid version of Switch. I probably will purchase even with this bug, but would like to hear that a fix is in the works. My system is running XP, with the music files also in a external drive (Networked 500GB Drive), and deleting the original files after conversion. UPDATE***If I turn OFF the Delete the original files, it converts every file*** Hmmmmm Thanks Jimbo58
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