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  1. bmoffatt

    Open Email to NCH

    Hi blob, I hope you don't literally wander off and leave. The only reason I've been quiet on the forum the last couple of months is because you have been supplying such good and fast help for those who post their questions. I'm redundant, yay. The forum has always been a self-help rather than a NCH help area in my experience, and there are positives to that, as much as we'd welcome more frequent input from them. If we are forced to push the software to (and beyond) its limits, then share what we learn on here, we gain and spread capability. This then feeds back into the next release whenever that might happen, just like it did for V2, which I find is a lot better than V1. Anyway, enough from me. Please don't wander off. Bruce in Adelaide
  2. Hi Hugh, I'd suggest you might look first at the parameters of the saved video and compare them against the original to see if there is something obvious. I'd use something like VLC to play the videos, pause playing, then look at the info pages (Tools->Media Information and Tools-> Codec Information, or CTRL I and CTRL J). Hopefully this will shed some light. Sorry this is a bit vague, I haven't experienced this problem. I edit MPG videos and I deliberately decrease the quality of the audio (save as mono) because the videos are for sports coaching and don't need high quality sound. I get a big file size reduction just going from stereo to mono sound. Hopefully someone else on the forum will have had and solved exactly your scenario, in the meantime I hope I have pointed you in the direction of something worth investigating further. Bruce
  3. bmoffatt

    Transitions idea

    Cool. No, I didn't know that and will certainly use it. Thanks for letting us know, well spotted Nik and thanks blob. Bruce
  4. I am not sure if VideoPad will work on VOB files direct. I think you may have to convert them to another format first, then edit them in VideoPad. There are video file converters out there including Prism by NCH. I have to admit I haven't used any of them though, so I'm not going to be really helpful. Let us know how you go doing that. Bruce
  5. bmoffatt

    .vob access

    Excellent sleuthing Andreas, thank you for sharing. This will be most useful to me. Bruce
  6. Hi, this question was answered by NCHRE, just scroll down through the revious questions and you'll see one asking about rotating videos from a phone input. The short version of the answer given: ... click the little green star to on the video open the effects dialog. Under the 'Crop' options, there should appear two green arrows to the right of the preview, these are the rotate buttons.
  7. Fraid so. Check the help files plus the previous posts here for more detail. In short, you add your video files to a project, chop them up and glue them back together in the sequence, then build a new video from them. Look for the Build menu.
  8. For what it's worth, and from this distance, there's no obvious deficiency in your system. I run XP SP3 like you, and as you can play the videos, there is no other obvious thing lacking. When you Import, then Add to footage, all that you should see is the name of the imported file added to the list in the far left side of the screen, underneath the project name (Untitled unless you've saved the Project as something else) If you're not seeing that imported file name added I'm afraid I'm out of ideas. Sorry Bruce
  9. Howdy, It's not 100% clear what you are trying to get as output from VideoPad so I'll make some assumptions. If I am wrong, please be patient with me and pose the question differently. If you are trying to get 4 separate video files from the original video, you will need to drop each clip by itself onto the sequence, and build just that clip into a new video file. So do what you did before to define the start and end point of one of the sections of the clip, drop the smaller section down onto the sequence by itself, build it to a new file, then delete it from the sequence and cut, drop and build the next bit, etc etc. Hope that helps a little. Please let us know. Bruce
  10. Sorry Allenapc, it's not that nobody cares. I suspect that nobody else is seeing the same problem that you are having, or if they are they don't have any idea how to fix it either. It may be that you are not doing anything wrong, but without being able to see more information about your system and set up nobody can do much more than make wild guesses. Is there anything unusual about your system that you could tell us about? Is it an XP or Vista system? If XP, do you have Service Pack 2 or later installed? (this will tell us if you have the expected stable base platform to work from) Are you able to run other simple video editing programs, like VideoSpin? (this will tell us if the problem is likely to be specific to VP). Can you view the videos you are trying to edit using media players like VLC and Windows Media Player? (this will help determine whether the codecs you require are installed on your system). Bruce
  11. Hi Mel2000 I've tried and found that I get the same results as you. Editing effects in either clip mode or sequence mode seems ony to show the effect in the preview pane as it applies to the first frame of the clip or sequence. That would be a good enhancement to add to the wish list, but it won't help you in the short term. Bruce
  12. I heartily agree with Ian on this one. If it was up to me I'd prefer to see the development effort spent on other things in the wish list. I'd belatedly add these new items to the wish list too, having been prompted by recent posts to the forum. Slow Motion Stop Motion Reverse Motion Of course, I understand that VP is free software, and the developers will do what they judge is best use of their time. And it may well be that Ian and I are in a minority here, so maybe debate in the forum would be a healthy way for NCH to monitor market requirements. Time will tell I guess. I'm keen to see a new release some time. Bruce
  13. Quick Answer: No. And you really don't have to die if you can't reverse your video playback. Sorry, this is highly desirable functionality, along with slow motion and freeze frame, but is not available in any of the low-end editors I use. If you find one, please post here so we all know. I use VideoPad, DivX Author, VideoSpin. I believe Ulead Video Studio can help you at about $80 US, and other $$ editors would also, like Adobe Premier, but I don't use them. You might want to google them, and see if maybe they have a free trial download so you can avoid having to die. Actually if you google 'video edit reverse video' you'll get lots of hits. Sorry I can't help, but at least you don't have to kill yourself trying to do the impossible with VP. Bruce
  14. Hi Mark, If you are working with clips, you use the in/out marks to mark the start and end of the bits you want to keep, not the bits you want to discard. You can mark several smaller portions of a clip that way, one at a time. When you've marked the in and out points of a section you want to keep, you click the 'add new clip' icon between the in/out icons, and a new clip is listed on the clip list. That new clip is the smaller bit you just marked out. Do the same for any other segments you want from the original clip. Then select each smaller segment clip in turn and click on the downward pointing arrow next to the word 'clips' above the clips list to add the clip to the sequence. When you've built up a sequence of new clips (or just one if that's all you are after) click the 'build' icon in the top menu to build a new video from the clip(s) on the sequence. If you are working in the sequence and you want to snip out a section, move the green cursor aolng the timeline where you want to make a cut, then select the scalpel icon to snip at that point. Do the same at the next cut point. Then click on the sequence in the area you want to delete. It should highlight. Then press the delete button on the keyboard. FOOM, just like that, it's gone. It may pay to copy a video file somewhere and use it as a test video, and cut it up and make all sorts of chopped up video out of it to test the functionality. Hope that helps a little. Bruce
  15. Not sure what you are actually asking, 'trim' and 'crop' don't seem to fit with the text of your question. If your question means 'How do I define a new start and end point within an existing video clip, and select just that section of the video' then the there are already quite good step by step instructions - the VideoPad help files. If I misunderstand your question, or reading the help files doesn't do it for you, please rephrase to clarify the question. Bruce
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