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  1. Hello, since a few days i get a lot of fault uploads ít says: 10:30:41 Upload: C:\Wswin\html\aktuell.gi~ 10:30:41 Upload: C:\Wswin\html\aktuell.gi~ FAILED 10:30:41 Unable to open file. Check you have set your service settings using Options to enable Network access when i try to enter username and pw i says it is no good anybody an idea?
  2. hello, I have used fling for several months now without any problems now since a few days it is not possible to upload, i get the following messages: 1. unable to open file check you have set your service settings using options to enable networkservices 2. opening binary mode data connection for ..... ???? What can i do, I did not change anything greetings Efjee
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