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  1. When i re-open a project, the equalizer settings are lost, and i must reapply. How to persist EQ settings for a project? thx
  2. i figured it out. Select region about 3 seconds or more, which contains absolutely nothing, except perfectly uniform, consistent noise. Click Effects > Cleanup > Noise Reduction > Grab Noise Sample. Select new region. Click Effects > Cleanup > Noise Reduction > Spectral subtraction based on noise sample. cheers!
  3. Hi When i increase speed of the first clip in the sequence, it leaves a gap after the clip. The following clips don't shift over to fill the gap. But if i select the first 2 clips, and increase speed, then the following clips do shift over to fill the gap. Why? thx
  4. steps: - Position playhead at desired fade-start - Right-click clip, click 'effects' - Click green plus. - Click 'Fade out' - The effects window instantly closes, and no fade is added. any fix? thx! Update: Seems the fade gets added to the end of the clip, instead of play position. Any way to start the fade at current play position? thx
  5. ok, so when i copy/paste from/to the timeline, it's the same object, so edits will affect all copies. but when i copy/paste from bin to timeline, then it's a new object. Correct? thx!
  6. it would be nice if subsequent subtitles behaved same as first subtitle. first subtitle goes to current preview position automatically. subsequent subtitles don't. That's inconsistent. seems you can do some navigation in the timeline that you cannot do in the subtitle editor. Seems i can position the playhead in the timeline in ways i cannot do in subtitle editor-- like lining up play position with some other object or split.
  7. thx, so i cannot change the text after pasting? i have to maintain a collection of text-clips in the bin, even tho' each one is only used once in the sequence? Ok, but seems extra effort. i didn't use the bin at all (that i know of) in steps described in my first post. Just copied and pasted text in the timeline. what's a "text image"? is that different than a text-clip? so, when i create a text-clip on timeline, it's automatically added to bin? thx
  8. thx for info, guys. saving out a new sequence and then importing will work, but if more clips added to the sequence afterward, then new probs. Hope this bug can get fixed. does this bug affect all audio effects? or just amplify? ok, thx. But that just confused me. I can easily hear the gain-change on the whole clip. Can a keyframe apply to the entire sequence of clips, to change gain for all clips with a single keyframe? But not add gain to whole track? thx!
  9. hi If no subtitle exists, then if i create a new subtitle it's positioned at current preview playback position. But another subtitle exists already, then when i create a new subtitle, it's added at the position of the previous subtitle. That's a problem. How to automatically position the new subtitle at current preview playback position? thx
  10. hi to keep formatting consistent across text objects, i made one, then copied and pasted to other locations. then i edited the text of the new text objects. now, all text objects contain the same text, being the text from last text object created! these text objects are apparently linked to each other. When you edit text in one, it changes the text in the other ones. How to unlink these text objects from each other, so they can have different text? thx
  11. thx, yes, i understand that method. i was asking if any progress on auto-adjustment, since this thread. thx
  12. How? I don't see "Volume". i notice if i'm not zoomed in enough, then the FX button isn't visible. Can't i just click toolbar > audio > audio effects > amplify? Where's effect cursor? Won't the effect work with cursor in anywhere, as long as the clip is selected? Where's keyframe button? is all that necessary? Can't i just set the gain for the whole clip using the gain slider or typing the number? so, if my sequence has 50 clips, then i have to separately set the volume for each one? if i'm not zoomed in far enough, some clips might be too short to even see them. So i might miss them. Wow. Pretty huge error! Any other way to apply an effect to all clips, that will work in current version? thx
  13. i found that a low-res export, with just 1 frame per second, takes the same amount of time to export as high-def, 60 fps! how to do a fast, low-quality export? thx
  14. That's exactly what i DON'T want. My subtitles will be a mess. Plus the extra time and effort to format them. I use subtitles instead of Text, so that the formatting is automatically correct and consistent, and there's no risk that i will mess it up. That also eliminate time and effort spent on formatting. IMO, the best way is to put subtitles in the timeline, and move them with clips during editing, same as audio track is moved with clips.
  15. hi, any progress on this? thx
  16. i applied the amplify effect, but there's no difference in audio volume. Steps: select first clip in sequence ctrl-A, to select all clips toolbar>audio>effects>amplify "apply to all" press 'play' and listen increase gain to 200 hear no change in volume of audio how to fix? thx
  17. On Windows Vista SP2 MP3 Gives "Chipmunk" Pitch-Change in Output Files Wav format does not have this problem. Any fix?
  18. Plz fix subtitles! 2 issues: Can't edit start/end times. Topic here. Timeline edits break all following subtitle positions. http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/24541-how-to-trim-av-subtitles-in-sync/?do=findComment&comment=64006 http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/21846-how-to-shift-subtitles-when-a-clip-is-inserted/?do=findComment&comment=59262 Suggested fix: Remove your subtitle code. instead use your existing text-insert code to manage subtitles in the background. This will reduce your code. keep current subtitle front-end. To user the front-end will be the same-- subtitle features will not change. Lock subtitles in the timeline to ensure user does not accidentally touch them when editing the sequence. On export convert the subtitles to actual subtitle format. thx
  19. Please try this new sample. it contains speaKing so you can hear how it get truncated: http://pc.cd/kCQ Gets truncated in bin too.
  20. The reason subtitles are preferable (for making subtitles) is because i don't have to worry about screen-position or font-format. Auto-format ensures every subtitle will be formatted identically and correctly across the whole video. That means faster easier editing. Text-insert should only be used for non-standard position/format.
  21. i completely agree. subtitles are almost completely unusable if they are broken by timeline edits.
  22. Edits to subtitle Start/End times don't get applied. VP version 6.0 Plz see video. How to fix? thx
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