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  1. On Windows Vista SP2 MP3 Gives "Chipmunk" Pitch-Change in Output Files Wav format does not have this problem. Any fix?
  2. johnywhy

    Video Runs Slow in Preview Window

    Provided to me by NCH support.
  3. johnywhy

    Suggested Subtitle Fix

    Plz fix subtitles! 2 issues: Can't edit start/end times. Topic here. Timeline edits break all following subtitle positions. http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/24541-how-to-trim-av-subtitles-in-sync/?do=findComment&comment=64006 http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/21846-how-to-shift-subtitles-when-a-clip-is-inserted/?do=findComment&comment=59262 Suggested fix: Remove your subtitle code. instead use your existing text-insert code to manage subtitles in the background. This will reduce your code. keep current subtitle front-end. To user the front-end will be the same-- subtitle features will not change. Lock subtitles in the timeline to ensure user does not accidentally touch them when editing the sequence. On export convert the subtitles to actual subtitle format. thx
  4. johnywhy

    Tails Getting Truncated

    Please try this new sample. it contains speaKing so you can hear how it get truncated: http://pc.cd/kCQ Gets truncated in bin too.
  5. The reason subtitles are preferable (for making subtitles) is because i don't have to worry about screen-position or font-format. Auto-format ensures every subtitle will be formatted identically and correctly across the whole video. That means faster easier editing. Text-insert should only be used for non-standard position/format.
  6. johnywhy

    How to trim AV & SUBTITLES in sync

    i completely agree. subtitles are almost completely unusable if they are broken by timeline edits.
  7. Edits to subtitle Start/End times don't get applied. VP version 6.0 Plz see video. How to fix? thx
  8. johnywhy

    How To Uninstall Extra Codecs?

    Re-download? 6.01 didn't auto-download them for me-- just opened webpage, and i had to manually download and install. thx for info.
  9. johnywhy

    v6.01 Breaks Windows Media Player

    this was done in VideoPad? thx
  10. johnywhy

    v6.01 Breaks Windows Media Player

    "slipping"? thx
  11. johnywhy

    Tails Getting Truncated

    Here's a sample file. Duration in MPC-HC player: 0:03 Duration in Bin: 0:02.6 http://pc.cd/BXh Clue: i notice that in Windows Media Player, the video runs about 1/2 second behind the audio. Related? I'm guessing this is due to some problem with the file encoding. The raw camera output does not have this issue. The issue appears in a file output by MP4Splitter thx
  12. johnywhy

    Tails Getting Truncated

    Update, the clip is truncated also in Video Files clip bin. VP Version 6.0 Duration of source file in MPC-HP player: 3:16 Duration in Bin: 3:15.6
  13. johnywhy

    How to shift subtitles when a clip is inserted?

    Hello, this is very important to me too. I need all subtitles to shift position automatically, when clips are inserted into timeline, and when clips in timeline are rearranged. Any plans to implement that? I see two possible ways: Shift by time, according to length of inserted cliip. Ignore time, and lock the start-position of ea subtitle to it's associated clip. Keep the subtitle with the clip when the clip moves. In other words, don't generate single unified subtitles-file until Export. thx!
  14. johnywhy

    How To Uninstall Extra Codecs?

    when i exported a video with 6.01 beta, VideoPad made me download and install aacenc3.exe and x264enc7.exe. How to uninstall those codecs? Where are they? thx
  15. johnywhy

    Video Runs Slow in Preview Window

    Update: in the docked preview: only the buffered region plays correctly. Past the buffered region, the video plays slow. suggestion, it would be helpful if the buffer meter was thicker and labeled. In the Preview popout window: there's no "buffering" progress meter. This preview does not use the buffer from the docked Window, so it has to do it's own separate buffering. Seems it never gets into sync. Seems it never buffers, or buffers much slower than docked preview. Changing to low res, low frame-rate doesn't help.