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    I get the same exception error occasionally.. more annoying though is when the program is running just fine and my cameras disappear in a seemingly random pattern. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the software and camera drivers. I use a variety of different cameras and they all work fine with other software. Unfortunately this other software doesn't have the functionality I need. I also tried this software on a clean install of Windows XP on a separate partition and get the same results. The error is logged in the message box at the bottom of the Eyeline window: x Device unplugged: <name of camera> I suppose I should also mention I have tried different USB cables, all 8 of my USB ports, and different combinations of cameras. I get the same result (eventually) whether I am using any one of the cameras singly in any of the ports or stack all 8 on at once.. they all disappear given enough time (anywhere from 30 seconds to 8 hours). Oh, and when I use the display output (options->displays) the image is shown with a 180 degree rotation.. I could put the TV upside down but.. =) Any help would be appreciated. I love the functionality the software provides, just wish it would work reliably. -B
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