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    Hi I purchased the softwear less than 12 months ago, it has started crashing, reported problem sent a version to download to fix the problem (Bug in their words) reopened programme and asked to purchase again, this is totally unacceptable as the programme you purchase needs to be fit for purpose. I have reported the problem and looked in to how long a reply will take, it is unbelievable what the wright , unless you purchase the support pack you will basically be seen to after every other ticket raised is dealt with, if you get the support it is 8 working days (Seriously !!! 8 days )  This is not a service or responsible business practise. I use the programme for mixing for work and I do not want to pay for the programme again in such a short time. Anything you can suggest?

  1. nchBen

    The flat green line

    Hi Parker, The first thing to check is that the gain on your focusrite is turned up. The small backlit ring around the gain knob should illuminate when it is receiving a signal from the keyboard. The second thing would be to check the output volume of the keyboard. The third thing is to go back to the track options and check which input channel you are recording from. You currently have it set to [ASIO] FocusRite USB ASIO / Mono which is correct, but you also need to tell it which input channel - in this case I think the FocusRite Solo designates the instrument jack as Input 2. Regards, Ben
  2. nchBen

    Sample Rates

    Hi Keith, That actually looks like an oversight in the current version. I will raise it as a bug and have it fixed. Regards, Ben
  3. Hi Sarastro, I replied to your original thread. Hopefully that should sort you out. Regards, Ben
  4. Hi Sarastro, I think you are experiencing a cache bug we had in WavePad around that time. You can fix it by deleting all the .nchmp3 files in the following folder: C:\Users\[Your Name]\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\WavePad Regards, Ben
  5. Hi HowieB1967, mike F's method will certainly work and has the advantage of ensuring you are always working with a lossless format. However, if you save a file as mp3, the next time you click on save, the program should automatically select mp3 as your default format. Same goes for all the other formats too. Regards, Ben
  6. Hi mike F I am discussing the issue of the dB meter range with a few others. Hopefully we should be able to get you a good resolution soon. Regards, Ben
  7. Hi stephen1974, Which split option are you using? Regards, Ben
  8. Hi Deeaudio, I can assure you there is a free version of WavePad. Can you please contact our support team (http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html) with the details of the page and link you tried to download it from? Regards, Ben
  9. Hi Stevejl, Can you describe step by step how you are recording? Please note that if you want to record on a second track while listening to the first track, you must be doing so with headphones. Otherwise the microphone will pick up what the computer is playing. Regards, Ben
  10. nchBen

    FInd Peak Level?

    Hi EricH, Thanks for the feedback. As you correctly point out, that is just a beta version we make available while testing. I've forwarded your message on to our Mac team. Regards, Ben
  11. nchBen

    VST gsnap

    Hi lilfish, You need to tell MixPad where to find the gsnap plugin. Open MixPad and click on 'Options' Go to the VSTs tab Inside the table called 'VST Paths' you should see a list of the places MixPad will look for plugins. Note, if there are no places listed, then you need to add one. Place the GSnap.dll you downloaded into one of the paths mentioned in Step 3. Click on the Fx button on one of the MixPad tracks. MixPad should start scanning the paths you specified in Step 3 looking for VSTs. If it doesn't do this, then click the 'Refresh VST' button in the effect dialog Please let me know if you need further help. Regards, Ben
  12. Hi Skylark, Ok I see the issue. I will see what I can do to have this added as an output to Switch. Regards, Ben
  13. Hi Skylark, I will certainly raise a suggestion to add DCT as an output format for Switch. In the meantime, you should be able to use WavePad or Switch to convert the multi-channel files into a Stereo or Mono file (not DCT, but mp3 or other) with all the 8 channels allocated to either the left or right. So you won't be missing any audio. This is the default behaviour for both WavePad and Switch so you shouldn't need to do anything special. Regards, Ben
  14. Hi angeryboi, Voxal shouldn't make any changes after being uninstalled. Exactly what is wrong with your audio system? Are you getting no sound at all or is it just the 'surround sound'? Regards, Ben
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