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  1. nchBen

    MixPad Long Notes cutting off

    Hi Kurosuccwa, It sounds to me like you have some sort of noise gate in place. Do have any effects added to any of your tracks? Does any component of your hardware have any processing effects enabled? Some mixers offer a range of things like built in compressors and gates which could produce this issue. Even some mics. If you can give me some details about your setup I can try and help you troubleshoot it further. Regards, Ben
  2. nchBen

    Volume Limiter

    Hi Carrie99 MixPad applies a limiter only at the stage where the signal would distort, there is no way to turn this off. I would suggest reducing your recording level to avoid limiting and then use a compressor to reduce the dynamic range and increase the signal to a level you're happy with. If you can describe what type of signal you are trying to record I can see if can offer you some other tips. Regards, Ben
  3. nchBen

    MixPad Edit a Clip

    Shosty is correct. This is easy to do in MixPad. Regards, Ben
  4. nchBen

    DS/MME ASIO problem

    Hi Weespermopje, This just means that you haven't set your *playback* device to use your Tascam. Click the Options button on the main MixPad screen and go to the "General" tab. Here you should find a place to set the playback device. Set this to your Tascam and you should be ok to go. Regards, Ben
  5. nchBen

    Editing conundrum in MixPad

    Hi Shosty, You may want to consider using the Clip Manager window. You can find it on the tools tab. You can then order your clips by track (give your tracks different names so they don't just all say 'untitled') and then you can select the clips you want from there by using 'Ctrl-left click'. I think this should be easier and less error prone than your current method. I will also look at adding some other alternatives too. Thanks for your feedback. Regards, Ben
  6. nchBen

    Not able to open certain wav files

    Hi MikeF, I suspect that the files you are trying to open are not true .wav files. It sounds like they probably have a proprietary GoldWave header format which WavePad is not able to read. If you would be happy to upload one of these files to a service like DropBox or similar then I'd be happy to take a look for you. Just PM me the download details. Regards, Ben
  7. nchBen

    Selected region not at expected location

    Hi Trevor, I am not able to reproduce the problem you describe. It's possible that this was an old bug and is now fixed. I would suggest downloading the trial of the new version and seeing if that solves your problem. If you still experience the problem then let me or support know. Regards, Ben
  8. nchBen

    Exported clip has reverb added

    Hi MixBoy, Thanks for the update! Regards, Ben
  9. nchBen

    Random delay happens.

    Thanks for the update - I don't think we have done much testing with Voxal in conjunction with Voicemeeter. It could be that the 2 drivers are not playing nicely with each other. I will have someone look into it. Regards, Ben
  10. nchBen

    Limited Recording

    Hi Jennifer, There is no internal restriction on how much audio you can record with WavePad, so something else must be wrong. Are you getting any error messages from WavePad when the recording stops? Does it always stop at the same recording time? Regards, Ben
  11. nchBen

    Selected region not at expected location

    Hi T. Hanson, Can you please let us know what version of WavePad you are using? WavePad should always play from the cursor position and never from the last played position. Regards, Ben
  12. nchBen

    Effects not active on exported file

    Hi LJR, MixPad has two different types of export option. 1. Export the project 2. Export a clip If you choose to export the project any effect on a track will be applied to the clips on that track in the final mixed output. If you choose to export a clip, none of the effects on that track will be applied. Regards, Ben
  13. nchBen

    Exported clip has reverb added

    Hi MixBoy, Can you describe the process in a bit more detail? How many tracks are in your project? Do you have any effects added to any of the tracks? Are you just exporting a clip or are you exporting the project? Does the playback sound correct when you play the project from the main window? Regards, Ben
  14. nchBen

    Fade Point popping sound

    Hi djjohnz, Are these fade points occurring at the end of a clip or somewhere in the middle? Also, at what level have you set the fade points? Regards, Ben
  15. nchBen

    Random delay happens.

    Hi merlinthetank, After how long do you start to experience the delay? Does the problem eventually go away or are you required to restart Voxal to fix the issue? Regards, Ben