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  1. I bought a new Canon Power Shot camera for a recent cruise, and took both still shots and video clips with it. All the video clips(quicktime) play fine on my computer with XP Media edtion, but when I tried to import some of them into a slideshow I wanted to make, some of them play just fine in it, but a few of them I can only get scratchy noise when the slideshow software tries to play them. I asked the techs from ProShow slide show software what could be the matter, and they said that sometimes clips from the same camera will make a clip with different codecs, and apparently their software won't read this clip of mine. I find this odd, this never happened with my older Canon camera. Anyway, they suggested trying to convert this unreadable clip to a different format like .avi or or .wma or something, and then try putting it into a show. So I downloaded both your Video pad and Prism, and what I got was the clip to play without sound, and then a separate file that has just the audio. So I wondered if you might have some advice on things I could try, and with which program to use?? Have you ever heard of the same camera recording videos different? Thanks!
  2. To add to this same problem....this vldeo clip I retrieved from a dvd slideshow is about 10 clips lasting about 5 minutes long all together. I copied it back to my computer where it became just one VTS -vob file lasting five minutes. So I opened Video pad and sectioned out the 1 minute I really want to capture again, edited it into a short clip, changed it to an .avi file and copied it to "My Pictures", where it plays just the way I want it to with my Media player. But when I try to send it to the slideshow program I want to use it in, that program is still "seeing" the whole 5 minute file. How can that be? So I am wondering why my Media player will play the shortened part...but the slideshow program sees the whole file. Is there another setting or anything else I can try with Video pad?
  3. I have a video I am trying to edit into shorter segments. It runs several minutes, but I only want to use a short part of it in a slideshow. So I imported this rather large file into Video pad, and managed to edit the sections I wanted into four different clips. I can right click on each one of the clips, add it to the sequence, but I can't right click again to rename each different clip so I can save them as separate files. In other words, even though I can type in a different name for each edited clip, the large original file name remains "untitled". So I want to name each clip differently and save them separately in "My Pictures", but am unable to do that, because it says " that file already exists at that location". I am probably not explaining this well, but while I can edit this video to the length I want it, I can't rename just that part and save it where I want to in my computer, so what am I doing wrong? And why does the sequence remain "untitled"? Can't you name or label each sequence, if so how? I would appreciate any help you can give.
  4. I tried that, Prism says it cannot open the host file. But I only have the free version of that too, would the paid software version open that? A VTS.vob file? I was told BUP is the information file that goes along with a video clip or something like that. These codecs are a real nightmare to figure out. My recovered video clips look fine and the properties still say they are .avi files. But apparently they are a different .avi after being compressed with the recycle bin. And the properties of those files tells me nothing. So I'm stuck. I have those files back on to my computer doing it both ways, recovered from the bin, and ripped back from the DVD slide show. And I nothing works to convert them to either true mpeg or .avi.
  5. I did try Video pad, and although it did open the files and it the properties say they have been converted to either .avi or mpeg, my slideshow program will not open the files once I get them to it. The clips appear as thumbnail pictures like they normally would, but nothing opens them to play. I also tried restoring the files from my recycle bin which looked sucessful, but Video pad nor Prizm will open them. I think I got a message that "it could not open source file". So what ever was used to compress the file makes it unusable to me so far. I can insert the DVD formatted slide show into my computer and rip the video clips back to my computer and they are stored in my documents as VTS_01.VOB files, but so far nothing opens them Would the purchased Video pad software open this file? Does it have more features than the free one does?
  6. I have digital camera video clips I used in making a slide show, and it was burned using a DVD format. While I can make an identical copy of this slide show, I wish to edit and use some of these clips again, and unfortunately deleted them( the raw format) from my computer with the recycle bin. So while I can copy that show back to my computer, I cannot open these files since they are are now video_TS.BUP files. So I downloaded your free edition of Prism, and managed to convert them back to an .avi file that my slideshow program will accept. But it seemed to convert them all in one file together, and I do not see where the options of editing or cropping are, to maybe crop and section this file back into individual clips like they started out to be. I did purchase your Wavepad for audio files, and there are clear instructions on how to shorten and edit these files into the lengths you wish them to be. Do you have to purchase your premium edition of Prism to do what I want to do, or will the free one work to edit this file? I hope I have explained this correctly. I am upset with myself that I did not save the raw format of these clips from my camera. Thanks!
  7. This is what I have tried to do. I tried to email you this file, it was too large at 21.9mb and I got an error message from Outlook saying it was too large to mail. I called my IP and asked for their help, they told me it was not within their support area, referred me to Microsoft. Called them, I would have to pay them a $59 fee to get my question answered about making the file smaller so I could email this to you. My HP computer is 2 years old, and I can't get free help either. So as I told you in an email, I downloaded a Quicktime program to my computer, went to that file, selected "open with" choose the Quicktime option. I got a message that it did not have the right codec, and it lead me to a Quicktime site to download the needed codecs. It looked like I needed something called XVID. Downloaded and installed that program, and it does not seem to make any difference in how that clip opens. My Windows will open it, so will Quicktime, but I can't find the right program to edit and convert it to an avi or mpg file. And you suggested I take another shorter clip and send it to you, but this did not come from my camera, I used the media sd card from that Kodak camera that took the original clip and downloaded directly to my computer. I even downloaded a Kodak Easy share software cd hoping that it had a place in that program that might save and view it in another format that would work for my slideshow, but all I could do is get it copied to a cd that I could possibly mail to you by postal service? Or else is there a free program like Winzip that I could get and zip the file and mail it to you? I also opened Wavepad again, and I can get the audio only to play of this clip. Would it do any good to run that and shorten the file and save it, then email you an audio only file? I also thought about opening Prism and cutting the file in half, but my free trial period is over for that. So I have been trying everything I can think of. I don't mind paying a fee to get this file converted so I can use it. I would not have gone for the Wavepad upgrade if I would have just gotten a message like "cannot encode this file". Instead I got a message that I would need to purchase the Master's edition in order to do that. So being desperate and on a deadline to finish my project...I did that. Without that message, I would not have upgraded. I am not even sure if an upgrade to the Prism software would work. Is there any guarantee that Prism would convert this file? I hesitiate to keep paying for upgrades when I am not sure if it would work. And then I went again to the Quicktime website and checked out Quicktime Pro. It does say that it will convert files to avi....but I am finding out the hard way there are many different ones of those too. I would pay the $20 upgrade fee on that if I knew it would work, but hesitiate to throw more money down the drain for something that won't do the job I need it to. And as for you comment "you can choose to turn it off" ??? What exactly do you mean by that? I am trying to get this to work, or find the right program that will do it. I simply inquired if Wavepad won't work for me and if Prism would, if I could exchange the license key and have a program that works for me. I hope this explains my situation a little better....and if you have any suggestions on what further to do, I would like to hear them also. Thanks
  8. I can see where you think that, I never claimed to be anything but a novice at computers. But I did get the file converted with Prism, but it dropped the audio portion of the file, so I opened Wavepad to see if there was anything it could do for it. And if I wouldn't have gotten the message to upgrade to the Masters edition was needed, I wouldn't have tried it. That gave me some hope that it might actually work on it, after trying 4 different programs that wouldn't. Why does a message like appear on a file it won't work in the first place? A little misleading, if you ask me... And I was really trying to get a slideshow put together and use that clip the day before the Thanksgiving holiday....I was getting a little desperate. And there you have it.
  9. I mistakenly upgraded to Wavepad Master's edition because I thought it would convert a Quicktime mov video clip that I could not convert for a slideshow program. I had the free edition of Wavepad, and since I was missing the audio on one conversion try, I thought I would try Wavepad. When I opened Wavepad and tried to have it open my video clip, it said I needed the upgrade in order to do that. So I paid the $48.00 and it still did not open that file. So I have since found out that I should have upgraded to the Prism software instead. Since the Wavepad is of no use to me, is it possible to exchange the Wavepad upgrade I paid for and get the Prism instead? I felt a little mislead, since the Wavepad indicated that it would open that file if I paid for the upgrade...and it didn't. Thanks.
  10. I did want both audio and video for my slideshow. While VLC will open the file and play it, it will not convert it, it says it cannot decode it or something. So I guess I will have to give up on this. I also have a complaint, not that you can help with it, but not only did I think that I was purchasing Wavepad because I thougt it would work for my project and it didn't, I have gotten my charge statement, and it is for more than $8.00 more than the price that was listed on the download page. So I paid $47.58 for a program that is worthless to me, and I feel ripped off. I certainly will pass this along to my friends to stay away from this, so they won't get burned like I did.
  11. Michael, I did download the VLC program. I then went to media/opened the folder, and the video clip I want to convert does play with it's audio in the VLC window. Then it got a little confusing, not as simple as the Prism converter. When I select convert, nothing seems to be happening. It asked where to save it, and nothing does. Isn't there a progress bar or any indication that the file is being converted? When I open it with VLC, it just starts playing, so do you stop it, and then click on convert? I added it to a playlist, tried to save it in my slideshow program files, and I got a error that it wouldn't open the codec. So I guess that means VLC won't work either?? So could you possibly tell me step by step on how to convert this file to an mpg/videompeg2/bit rate128/audio sample rate 48000 or even an avi file that will have the audio, and how to save it? I know my slideshow program will accept mpeg and avi files. If you could help me with this, it would be very much appreciated.. And this is the only video from a Kodak camera I have ever worked with, and it has been the most frustrating thing I have ever messed with.
  12. Michael, I have XP Media editon 2005. And it will open the video clip I got from my daughter's camera, but it opens in it's own window with controls at the bottom instead of just playing it. I copied it several times, and in different ways, and I did get it through Prism as an avi file, and that does show up in the slideshow I wanted to make, I just can't get the audio to come with it, no matter what I try to do with it. At Prism I even tried to make it to an mpg, video mpeg2, audio-sample rate 48000, bit rate:128, still no audio. DVDPixplay is the slideshow program I have and I know it accepts wma, mpeg and apparently avi because I asked for their help also in converting this. It seems to be a codec problem. Do you know if you have to have Kodak's easy share software on your computer to share their pictures more easily? And my windows media says it does not have the codec to open the file after it has been converted. The first thing I tried was media-convert, didn't work. And I also tried Zamzar, and it came back with a failed attempt also. It's a 21.9 mb size vid clip taken with a Kodak camera, and I have a 56k dsl line, so would that be too large a file to email? Otherwise, if I mailed you a link to where I have downloaded it to Photobucket and it's public, could you download it from there? On it's properties, it just says it's a Quicktime movie, so I don't know why it came from a Kodak camera like that. And I tried to open your link to VLC, but I got a security warning not to do that, so I didn't. I have used a mixture of video clips and still images in slideshows many times before, and have never come across anything like this. And I would just give up on it, but it's an important video clip, and I really would like to incorporate it into this slideshow. I ran across this link that might help explain the problem I am having with the audio and Kodak cameras. If after reading it, you have some suggestions other than buying Quicktime Pro, I would really appreciate it. I am not that computer savy, so if you can help, that would be great. kodak problems So if you could get back to me about emailing you a file this size, or getting it from Photobucket, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks
  13. I have a video clip with audio that I wish to use in a slideshow. However, it uses Quicktime to open it, so I converted the file to an avi output with Prizm. I was able to convert the file, and it will play in the slideshow, but it does not have the audio with it. So I tried to open my free version of Wavepad and try to do something with the audio. It prompted me that I could not do that without upgrading to your Wavepad Masters edition. So that is what I did, and registered it. So I went back to open that converted file, and now Wavepad said it could not open that type of file. I feel like I just wasted a lot of money, since it did not do what I wanted it to do. I would not have upgraded had I known this. Makes me very unhappy.
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