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  1. Hello, It will be create to have a scheduler for day/time recording. I see this like space saver. Enaar.
  2. enaar

    video codecs

    try to download k-lite codecs work for me. one more thing, if you have more then 1 cam connected and recording, dont use the same codec for the multiple webcams, you will get error, or in my case, having 3 web cam, the 2, and 3rd cam will go white. Set defrent encoders for your cams. enaar
  3. enaar

    multi-usb webcam

    can you tell me if the webcams are the same models..? we had problems with same webcams models, now we have 3 defrent webcam models and it work fine. looks like windows 2000/XP doesnt share the same drivers for the same Webcam models. the webcam tested was 3 logitech fun and failed, now we have 1 Creative Webcam, 1 Logitech Fun, and 1 PC@X (Chinees) web cam enaar.
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