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  1. I too have tried to use the musicbrainz and no luck. Everything worked fine until that popped up and tried to take over. I stopped it and had to find the place to get rid of it but the freed db does not work now either. When I first started to use the Free Express rip over a year ago, it worked fine. But since the middle of August and I had to have it reinstalled on a new hard drive, it has not worked since. I even purchased it and it does not work. I make CDs on a Roland VS2000 recorder and the CDs worked fine till I had a new harddrive installed. I could not find the Express program on the old drive I had purchased so I purchased it again. After trying to use the free version. Neither has worked for me since. I know it is not in my CDs but something in the program. I just tired to rip a store bought CD and it worked fine, but the ones I make it will not recognize them as it did before. I believe it is a glitch in the NCH product that has been changed or has a bug Any one with something new please help me. Thanks, Kathryn
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