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    Hi, I've a problem related to Debut software. I've connected two PC via wireless network. PC1 perform streaming (I've tried with different software VLC and Windows Media Encoder). PC2 use Debut in order to record every 10 sec from network camera. Using VLC on PC2, I can view what PC1 camera shows. Inserting same address in Debut, it simply doesn't work (Error connecting to IP Camera). Could you please explain step by step what I have to do? Please reply Thank you
  2. I saw all forum messages but a little bit number was answered by the staff. I hope my/users problem will be verified and solved because it attains to simple functionality of debut software and portability on O.S. . I have two major problem in O.S. Windows Xp: 1) I see black capture square when I try to record (I've tried with a DV camera - pc connection via firewire). Is it a DirectShow problem? I argue it because my dv camera is recognized with (Directshow vfW). 2) Time restriction for capture does not work and blocks the program (both real-time acquisition via camera and file source acquisition). Thank you for your attention. I look forward to your answer, because I have to deal with a lot of videos. Ironwill
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