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  1. After downloading and installing videopad, opening any kind of video file causes XP to crash dead cold to blue screen of death. Then I closed everything including PCtools and all other software. Tried it in safe mode.
  2. Hi, I searched this forum and can't find a specific answer. Also, it wont allow me to use 3 or less characters in the search so I can't use key search on 3 character file formats. Please advise how to do this. My problem: I want to save an MP3 file changing the compression settings and still keep the MP3 tags in tact. I load an MP3 file, edit it, then save-as another file name. Unfortunately, it does not keep the original MP3 tags, they are totally lost. I tried to use the standard save (not save-as) but it did not allow me to change the compression settings as I can when using save-as. Thanks. Bill
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