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  1. Trial and error here honestly is what I've found works best. When I record with Debut, I do so at the more raw format possible, Microsoft Video 1 and PCM audio. Its a huge file but looks wonderful. Then I use Prisim to downvert to the MPEG4 and MP3 native settings. I do this because some of the things I want to record get a better frame rate with the MV1 and PCM encoders. Its an extra step, but it works well for me. Then I can delete the huge avi (10 minutes roughly equals 1 gig), and keep the converted avi which comes it at around 20% of that size. Hope that helps. If not, let me know. I've got some videos on YouTube that might be of assistance.
  2. (Here's the letter I was going to send to tech support till they wanted me to pay for it I got this software cause it was freeware, so I just copied it) My question is with frame rate. When I first downloaded this software and used it, I was amazed at the small program size, small output file size, but still the amazing quality I got with a high frame rate, it averaged at about 28fps. However, lately when I've been using the program I've been getting dreadfully poor frame rate 12fps or less usually. I have not installed anything new, nothing is running at the same time as Debut, I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the program. I've tried all different setting and options within the program itself. I have no idea what to do or try next. Can you help? Thanks, Jason - Also guys, I've used CamStudio had some major synch problems and I don't think a 10 minute video should be over 1 gig, as has been the norm for what I've been doing. I've tried ZDsoft, and it just crashses on my computer. HyperCam, same problems as CamStudio. Adobe's Captivate just sucked lol. So if able I'd love to keep using this software. Here's my system specs... from what I can tell Dell Inspiron 1720 Windows XP Pro Pentium Dual Core 1.60GHz 1.99gigs of ram Intell 965 Chipset Anyway, thanks again for any and all help you can give me. I've got this thing setup so you can email me if you need to ask a bunch of questions.
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