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  1. Hi Daniel. I am not sure if there are options to remove? If you do not receive any response from our customers, please check in with official technical support - hopefully they can help you get things the way you need them.
  2. Hi franc and brko - bug reports go straight to development - there is no response - it is not meant to be an interactive process. Rest assured they are received daily, and an attempt is made to reproduce. If reproducible they are fixed. New releases are usually not focused around a single fix so I understand that timeliness can sometimes be frustrating. Our VideoPad developers keep a close eye on all channels where bugs and issues are reported, including this one, but their forum participation should not be an expectation as they are busy coding, and our forums are not meant as an official NCH Software technical support channel. If a developer or subject matter knowledgeable staff member sees your post and has a quick comment or question, they will sometimes respond, but not on a regular basis, so please don't plan on formal technical response or feedback here (although as you can see from previous posts from one of our VP developers, it does occur). I can tell you that getting VideoPad 3 performance stabilized is their number one priority and they are working hard to get all issues fixed and released as regularly as possible, and are paying close attention to the technical aspects of what you are reporting here, and through our software bug reporting interface. Hopefully there might be users that can help you directly, or respond on a more immediate basis. DJ
  3. Technical support should be able to help you with this...please follow the prompts starting at this link. There is a good chance that the version you downloaded is more recent than the version that you purchased - and maybe there was a fix implemented which is why you don't see issues with the recent version. There should be no differences in quality within the same version, regardless of registered vs unregistered - the only differences between registered and unregistered would be available features. You can see the product version under Help>About. Again please follow the link above to log a technical support ticket for additional help on this issue. These forums are not for NCH technical support - they are for users helping users.
  4. Hi. If you don't receive a response from the user community, you should try working with our support techs. Your purchase should have come with a registration card that also includes a direct contact to our technical support team specifically for retail purchases. If you can't find that card/link from your box then use this link.
  5. You should not have paid an upgrade fee. We even have a formal policy where if you report a legitimate impactive bug you get a free upgrade. I will turn our support manager onto this link to get you an upgrade refund. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Hi. Unfortunately there is no official technical support on these forums. They are patrolled by NCH staff and answers are often provided when they are known, otherwise please go here for official MoneyLine support - just select the product under technical support and respond to the prompts - you will get to a support ticket form that gets you into the technical support ticket system and you should get a response fairly quickly.
  7. Hi. There is no formal technical support on this forum, only users helping users, and I am not personally familiar with this issue. If you do not get a helpful response here, you can get formal technical support through this link - just answer the prompts and ignore the suggestions to download and/or purchase the product if you haven't already...
  8. Hi. MoneyLine is a relatively new product. The second release should be live by early-mid August. New features include split categories (what you refer to above), recurring transactions, budgeting, and other key features...
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    Hi, try this link .
  10. Hi. You would only need to get a static IP if you are providing access from the Internet and don't want the URL/IP to ever change. If that is not a concern then I would not worry about it. Without a static public IP the URL your Road Warrior is using may stop working and need to be updated whenever your ISP refreshes your public IP address for any reason through their DHCP system. If this is a concern for you contact their tech support directly and ask them how often your public IP address changes and make your decision from their answer. If you are getting a login prompt from EI then it sounds like you are not having problems with your web access setup, but I am not official tech support and really can't help you any further directly. Go to our technical support and select EI as the product - answer the prompts - you will still be able to enter a support ticket at the end despite the encouragement to purchase the product and review FAQs.
  11. Hi. So... 1) you turned on web access in EI, set the desired port number, and created a login account and password. 2) You set your internet router for inbound traffic to forward the EI port number that is set in the EI web configuration to the IP address of the computer running EI (e.g. port 96 set to forward all traffic to ip for example if that is the IP of your EI computer and port you set). 3. Your internet IP is hard coded with your ISP? If it is not then your public IP address will change and this will be a problem. For a fee most ISPs will provide you with a static public IP address. 4) From the internet you are entering into a browser your public IP address followed by colon and port number/logon (e.g. in your browser). If this is all setup correctly then you would get a username and password prompt to login to EI. On your internal network you would enter for example. Also you should know there is a bug in current, recent free versions of our software that will prompt you to buy after certain time periods or certain usage - this is not intended for the free home-use limited versions, it was only intended for the trial full version and commercial use. and was introduced to free versions as a recent bug. It will be several days (possibly a week) before we are able to get this corrected for our free software versions that are available for limited home use only and have the truly free version files available for download.
  12. Hi Judy. The next release (sometime this month) will include both recurring and split transaction functionality. Split transactions will allow you to have multiple categories (and sub-categories) per transaction. Recurring transactions will allow you set up transactions to automatically appear for entry based on a regular schedule setting (e.g. weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.). To edit categories, just go to Manage>View categories, select one and click edit (or double-click).
  13. Hi Brumby. If you have selected an account that is set to a credit card account, "deposit" transaction type (drop down) are treated the same as payments to your credit card, and "debit" transaction type (drop down) would be the same as a charge against your credit card. For credit accounts a charge makes your balance go up, and a payment makes your balance go down - opposite of what happens if you do the same thing in an account type of checking or savings. You probably already understand this, but I have checked that the software is working properly so I am not sure exactly what you are having problems with...? I can tell you that when entering a transaction the default is "deposit" - you can open the drop down and change it to whatever you like, but you are not able to change the fact that it "locks" to "Deposit" for each new transaction entry. If you have selected a credit card account and you enter a "Debit" then your balance will increase in MoneyLine. If you have created a savings or checking account type then the impact on your running balance for a deposit is to increase it, and debit to decrease it. I have entered a suggestion to change the MoneyLine account type "debit" to be "charge" or "POS" in order to reduce any confusion when switching between a credit card account type and a checking or savings account type. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi. Make sure you have gotten the home use only free version here with the limited feature set. The trial version will expire and request purchase after certain usage parameters have been met. Hope this helps.
  15. The development team is aware of this thread. Fashamil. What I was trying to communicate is that you will not receive any communication back regarding your bug report and file submission. It goes straight to development and is used to sleuth problems but there is no direct email response regarding the outcome. If entered as a bug you should receive an email stating when a release goes out that has addressed the bug. For a refund request or any technical support please use the link I included above. While these forums are frequented by staff, there is no formal technical support here unless a staff member sees an issue, knows the answer, and decides to post. There was no condescension - your comment "Also, the customer/technical support sucks big-time..." was neither constructive or accurate since these forums are not NCH Technical support. I am certain that these issues are being looked at aggressively, especially if they were believed to have been fixed in a previous release.
  16. fashamil. Sorry for your frustrations. Your "feedback" has been forwarded to development. To set your expectations properly for future interaction bug reports are not interactive and this is not a technical support forum - this is users helping users. For technical support you would need to click "support" at the top of our main web page and go here and navigate to PhotoStage technical support.
  17. These issues have been addressed in the latest release V2.21 out on May 25, 2013. Download the trial here: PhotoStage V2.21.
  18. Hi Lars. If you treat it as a partial refund there are options on how to handle it. Usually deposits are refunded? If you have to handle it as other than a refund, Copper will not manage it directly for the exact reasons you mention above. No negative items and one coupon. The only positive is that Copper will have the ability for more than one coupon per transaction in a near term future release. But I really can't tell you the timing on that - could be a month or 6 months. The scope of what you want to do may be outside the scope of a simple POS system? It almost seems as if you would need an inventory system to manage the bottle as a separate sale and inventory item - have you tried the Inventoria trial to see if it might help with your issue? I am definitely not an expert but wanted to at least give you some things for consideration. DJ
  19. Hi Pete. At this time it is not possible. MoneyLine is a brand new product just released in the last month - and it's free. Our next release within the next 2 months will include recurring transactions, split transactions, budgets, report drill-down, and many other new features. The initial release 1.0 has very basic functionality while we get feedback from customers including comments and bugs. The next release will have major feature additions and usability enhancements.
  20. Hi. Please go here for Registration help and here for technical support. The link at the bottom of the Registration FAQ page will get you to the Registration support ticket queue. There might be a user on the forums that can help you here with your technical inquiry, but your best bet for faster response is to use the formal links I listed.
  21. You are correct. I have notified the development team.
  22. Hi Brian. You need to go under Customers and send them a statement. It shows them their account activity including the purchase and the payment. Here is our formal channel for technical support.
  23. Beta released. After some beta feedback should not be too long for a new release version to go to QA. QA can take 2 days to 2 weeks depending.
  24. Hi, I am not tech support, and this is not our tech support channel (that would be here )...but when you apply a credit note, it is applied to the customers account balance and can be seen on the customer statement. You can reference an invoice for the credit note, but the credit note itself is attached to the customer account, and reflected in the balance for the customer account, not on the invoice that it may reference. If you are using it to refund, then add the credit note and also a negative payment in the amount of the credit note once the refund has been provided. Hope this helps.
  25. Hi, 1) Issue a credit note - it doesn't matter if you have a paid invoice against the customer or not, but you must have a customer account setup at the least. 2) Enter a negative payment for the customer. This negative payment amount should default correctly when you create the payment if the customer has a negative balance now based on your issuance of a credit note. So now for the customer statement you should show a paid invoice and a payment from the customer against the invoice (or not if you are only processing refunds through EI), a credit note for the amount of the paid invoice, and then a negative payment against the customers account. The customer now has a zero balance (barring other activity against the account). DJ
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