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    missing chart of account

    Hi Absolutecare. This is not a technical support channel - this is a user forum for discussion among users. Occasionally developers are reviewing comments and will respond, but not very often. If you are not receiving any feedback from forum users, please visit our support wizard and submit a support inquiry - just follow the prompts and at the end you can submit a free inquiry, even if you do not have paid support. DJ.
  2. djakober


    Hi Julien. You can use the original license code with the original program version on your new computer. Just uninstall the old one after you have transferred your data. You can use the web access feature to create a user account that your assistant can use to access the data directly on your computer from your local network or the internet. You could also setup an account for yourself if you like so you are both using the software through a browser. If you need help getting the web access feature working to your desires, please contact technical support through www.nchsoftware.com.DJ
  3. djakober

    'Open Invoices List' crashes program

    Please log a ticket with technical support (follow this link and ignore the upsells to paid support if you want to submit a standard free ticket). This is not normal, and the first time I have heard of this as a particular problem. There are so many factors between platform, operating system and os version, program version, hardware and other issues that can cause app crashes, I am not sure anyone will be able to help you out on this forum. DJ.
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    Registration issue

    Hi Graham. I will PM you right now. DJ.
  5. djakober

    Suggestion: item sorting options

    Thanks, sam-qu. I have added this to the product development suggestion list and added you as a watcher for when (if) it is approved and then implemented. DJ
  6. djakober

    Question about main window

    Hi, Katz. C is cleared - has posted at your bank. Anything you electronically download and accept for import will be automatically cleared. R is reconciled - you have reconciled this transaction against your monthly bank statement (or however you prefer to reconcile). Reconciled transactions can't be changed unless you first uncheck the reconcile box. Hope that helps. DJ.
  7. djakober

    Account reconciliation

    Thank you for the additional information. I have reported the reconcile issue for review by the development team. Robin - what platform and version are you using? I have looked at the most recent Windows version (1.17) and importing from your bank should not be automatically reconciling, only automatically clearing. And you can definitely edit cleared transactions.DJ
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    Express Invoice

    Just to clarify the free version is a special link (presumably now sent to you via PM). It will give you all Express Invoice paid features and then expire after 14 days. If you agree to the 5 user or less license at time of expiration, and then say “No” to an upsell to the paid version, you will now have a free version that does not expire, but limits some of the advanced paid features (and may try to upsell you on occasion).
  9. djakober

    Express Invoice

    Frank. Have you gotten with technical support yet? NCH Tech Support. You can navigate through the purchase prompts and get to the free ticket submission form. I am not technical support, but can you clarify "demo mode"? I am not aware of any status of the product that would allow you to access it but not send an invoice?
  10. djakober

    Split Transaction glitch?

    Hi. I have tried to duplicate this with the latest Windows version (1.15) and the latest Mac version (1.16) and I can't. No matter how I create/edit the split the additional lines and categories are saved correctly. 1) Are you on Windows or Mac? 2) Maybe if you can provide a more detailed serious of events (and even screen shots). DJ
  11. djakober

    Split Transactions

    Hi. For Windows. First make sure you have the most recent version - 1.07. There is a "split" option on the transaction entry/edit screen. You can also create or edit splits by right clicking on an existing transaction and choosing the split option from the drop down list.
  12. djakober

    Account reconciliation

    Hi. Can either of you confirm the version and platform - Windows or Mac? Windows version 1.07 just released on the 25th can you confirm the issue is 1.07? Thanks. DJ.
  13. djakober

    Scheduled Transactions

    Hi. I put you as a Watcher on this bug so you should receive an email when the product releases with the fix.It had already been fixed when I added you, so you should go under help and "check for updated version" every week or so in case you don't get the release email.
  14. djakober

    Scheduled Transactions

    Hi. Currently you can't post or skip transactions until the due date or after. This is being corrected to allow posting and skipping of any transactions in the scheduled list at any time. If you post or skip the next recurrence (if there is one) will automatically be added to the list in date order. This should be in next release (1-2 weeks estimated).
  15. djakober

    Backup Moneyline

    Hi. This is slated for next release. I can't provide an exact date, but it should be available before the end of the year, along with a number of other new features. Hopefully before the end of the month, but the development/test cycle is hard to predict sometimes.
  16. djakober


    We are still working on the correct fix that does not break other functions in IOS 7 - the recent 7.03 release created additional complexities. In a pinch you can still use FTP and iTunes to transfer your files.
  17. djakober

    Where does MoneyLine save its Data File ?

    Hi. It is a feature that is in the development stage. Cross-platform data integrity is a top priority, and not easy to implement/control for transaction and system states. I am guessing but Q1 2014 for the ability to migrate between platforms is a good possibility. Apologies but I do not know where Mac data files for MoneyLine are located - support could probably help with that...
  18. djakober

    moneyline on android

    Not currently but there will be, as well as iOS. Shooting for late 2013 but it may be Q1 2014. It is a new product so we have several more releases (stability, features such as investments, help) before we will start porting it to mobile platforms.
  19. djakober

    Retrieval from financial institution

    Catwoman - the first step is to confirm the username with your bank and get the password changed to something you know is correct. Each bank is different but in many cases nowadays it is the same username and password that you use to log into your bank accounts online over the Internet. Having the accurate information should at least get you past the signon error. Mruss70 - it could be as simple as setting the last retrieval date under Accounts > View > Edit for whatever account you have setup with online access. By default I think the retrieval date is set to todays date when you setup online access. If there are no transactions found posted from that date forward, you would not get any transactions - I guess an empty transaction list? (although there should be a message - I will have to check with development). Try changing the date to a week or 2 back where you know you have posted transactions. If you don't get additional help from our customers here, please use our formal NCH Technical Support.
  20. djakober

    New User trying out - reoccurring problem

    Hi Lior. Even the free version is meant to start off with full features and then implement the restrictions after the trial period is up. But the inability to "create a new invoice" is a concern - that should not be a restriction. I will follow-up with our internal team, but in the meantime you really should log an official support request here. Just in case you installed the paid trial version by mistake - here is the link to the free version.
  21. Hi. BAS reporting is in the development work queue and has been for several months, as well as VAT return reporting. The list of additional features queued for future releases of Express Accounts is a long one and I do not know where BAS is prioritized, but I can say it will definitely be there in a future release.
  22. djakober

    Contact NCH

    Hi. We only collect credit card information for payment for purchase. It is never required for a trial. If you have not purchased, on the last support screen for the "Have you purchased ?" prompt - select "can't purchase - explain below" and you can enter your ticket without buying. If you have a trial version and have already had it installed for 14 days, or used certain features frequently, you will be prompted to purchase when you run the program, but never for entering a support ticket if you answer the last drop-down question as I have noted above.
  23. djakober

    Express invoice and IOS 7

    Hi. The paid version was just released for sale on the iTunes store. It may take a few hours to show as available - version 3.91.
  24. djakober

    Express invoice and IOS 7

    Hi. Keep an eye out. I was able to get expedited review from Apple. It could be available on iTunes within 2 business days if they get to it quickly and pass it...still an unknown, but at least a possibility of a faster release.
  25. djakober

    Express invoice and IOS 7

    Hi. The iOS 7 compatibility issues have been fixed - we have had a notice on iTunes since release that it is not compatible with iOS 7 and that a compatible release was forthcoming. Apple usually takes 5-10 business days for their internal approval process. I wish I had better news on the timing, but Apple is very strict in their policies relating to removing existing apps, and publishing updates or new apps. There is a chance the new version will be available before 10/1, but it is not something to be counted on, and is out of our control at this point.