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  1. Hello!   Newbie here.....I'm brand new to transcription...I have downloaded the free version of Express scribe..I purchased a foot pedal...The brand name is Anchor.    I'm trying to install the foot pedal..however, Express scribe doesn't seem to recognize it. Like I said, I'm brand new at this...and a little overwhelmed.. I was hoping someone would have some advice for me. How should I proceed?   Thanks in advance!



  2. Please help me in setting the paper size of the express invoice for thermal printer

  3. hi

    I bought express invoice last year and worked perfect.now I bought new computer and lost all the invoice record.

    by mistake I forgot to back up. kindly advice me what to do ?

    many thanks for your help

  4. Thank you for the additional information. I have reported the reconcile issue for review by the development team. Robin - what platform and version are you using? I have looked at the most recent Windows version (1.17) and importing from your bank should not be automatically reconciling, only automatically clearing. And you can definitely edit cleared transactions.DJ
  5. Hi. Can either of you confirm the version and platform - Windows or Mac? Windows version 1.07 just released on the 25th can you confirm the issue is 1.07? Thanks. DJ.
  6. Hi. It is a feature that is in the development stage. Cross-platform data integrity is a top priority, and not easy to implement/control for transaction and system states. I am guessing but Q1 2014 for the ability to migrate between platforms is a good possibility. Apologies but I do not know where Mac data files for MoneyLine are located - support could probably help with that...
  7. Catwoman - the first step is to confirm the username with your bank and get the password changed to something you know is correct. Each bank is different but in many cases nowadays it is the same username and password that you use to log into your bank accounts online over the Internet. Having the accurate information should at least get you past the signon error. Mruss70 - it could be as simple as setting the last retrieval date under Accounts > View > Edit for whatever account you have setup with online access. By default I think the retrieval date is set to todays date when you setup
  8. Hi. BAS reporting is in the development work queue and has been for several months, as well as VAT return reporting. The list of additional features queued for future releases of Express Accounts is a long one and I do not know where BAS is prioritized, but I can say it will definitely be there in a future release.
  9. Hi. Unfortunately there is no official technical support on these forums. They are patrolled by NCH staff and answers are often provided when they are known, otherwise please go here for official MoneyLine support - just select the product under technical support and respond to the prompts - you will get to a support ticket form that gets you into the technical support ticket system and you should get a response fairly quickly.
  10. Hi Brumby. If you have selected an account that is set to a credit card account, "deposit" transaction type (drop down) are treated the same as payments to your credit card, and "debit" transaction type (drop down) would be the same as a charge against your credit card. For credit accounts a charge makes your balance go up, and a payment makes your balance go down - opposite of what happens if you do the same thing in an account type of checking or savings. You probably already understand this, but I have checked that the software is working properly so I am not sure exactly what you are havin
  11. - Ce forum est un lieu où poser des questions sur notre logiciel de MixPad. - Ce forum NE DOIT PAS être utilisé comme votre moyen principal de contacter NCH. Si vous souhaitez nous contacter, veuillez le faire par le biais de nos pages de support technique et le FAQ (Forum aux questions). - Si vous souhaitez poser des questions ou discuter de certains sujets avec d’autres membres de la communauté NCH toutefois, n’hésitez pas à poster vos messages dans ce forum.
  12. - This forum is a place to ask questions about our CardWorks Software. - This forum is NOT to be used as your primary means of contacting NCH. If you want to get in touch with us, please do so through our tech support and FAQ pages. - If you would like to ask and discuss various things with other members of the NCH community, however, please post in the forum.
  13. Hi Please disregard the last item I posted of the instability I had 2 bad mice with bad scrolls imagine that. I am still wondering of why they took out the "test listen" on the adjustment files? take care I will get some pics & post them thanks Dale S

  14. - Dieses Forum ist ein Ort, um Fragen über Express Burn zu stellen. - Dieses Forum kann NICHT als primärer Weg verwendet werden, um mit NCH in Kontakt zu treten. Wenn Sie mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen möchten, tun Sie dies bitte über unsere technischen Support- und FAQ-Seiten. - Wenn Sie allerdings Fragen stellen und verschiedene Dinge mit anderen Mitgliedern der NCH Gemeinschaft diskutieren möchten, dann sind Sie herzlich willkommen, dies hier zu tun.
  15. Submit a Keyblaze Suggestion Submit a Keyblaze Bug
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