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  1. About half of the phone calls that IVM Answering Attendant picks up ... when people leave a message it is recorded properly. But the other half aren't recorded, and the log shows this: "Recorded message discarded because it was too short" Is there a specific setting that I can adjust so this will happen less frequently? Thanks
  2. I'm trying to get Voice Attendant to play a specific OGM when a specific guest calls in. So this guest will call in, when he hears the default OGM he should be able to key in his unique remote code, and then the outgoing message I specifically recored for his mail box should play. I've recorded a specific OGM for his mailbox, but can't find a way to make it so he will hear this message when he keys in his remote code. I'm sure it's a simple option I'm missing. Any ideas what it is:-) Thanks
  3. I wrote the manufacturer of the modem I'm thinking of buying and they replied: "it is TAPI compliant and is a half Duplex Voice modem" Is this what I want to hear or should I be worried about the "half duplex" instead of "full duplex" if there is such a thing :-) Thanks
  4. Any ideas if this modem is compatible with IVM? HiRO V.92 56K Internal PCI Data Fax Voice Modem, Microsoft WHQL approved, Vista Compatible, RoHS url: http://www.hiroinc.com/2008/H50006.htm Features & Benefits: Latest V.92 Standard Protocol: Faster Connection Up To 56 Kbps Less Time To Establish A Connection Can Answer Phone Call During Active Connection Modem-On-Hold Feature Receive Phone Call During Active Internet Connection Without Termination FaxTalk Communicator Software: Allow Your PC / Modem To Serve As Your FAX & Voicemail Machine Highly Compatible With Various Operation Systems From Dated Microsoft Window 98SE To Latest Vista 32/64 Editions Specification: Modem Protocol: ITU-T V.92/K56Flex, ITU-T V.34bis, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.21, V.23 Bell 212A/103, V.80 Fax Compatibility: 14.4 kbps Send / Receive, G3 Compatible Software Compatibility: AT Command Set Compatible Error Correction: MNP2-4, V.42 Data Compression: MNP5, V.42bis, & V.44 DTE To Modem Data Rate Max: 115200 bps Data Interface: PCI BUS 2.1 Voice Function: YES, through FaxTalk Line Interface: RJ-11 Modular Jack, Line & Phone System Requirement: Pentium II 266 MHz or higher, 1 CD-ROM Drive, 1 Available PCI Slot Supported Operation Systems: Microsoft Window 98SE, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP, XP Professional x64, & Vista 32 / 64 Editions RedHat Linux RoHS Compliance
  5. Using an Aopen FM56-PX Controllerless PCI modem with WinXP Pro SP3 I can make an outgoing call and record it and play it back. But IVM Answering Attendant won't answer an incoming call. The modem shows up as a Hardware Device in "My Computer" under the Modem title. Says it is working and driver is from Aopen and not Microsoft. Don't have Caller ID set to flash when call comes in, and don't have Auto Hours selected. When setting up software I am given the choice to record my outgoing message via the modem or via my computer sound board, so I assume that means the modem is recognized by the software. And the modem does show up as a device in the "line devices list" I can play the outgoing message and listen to it through computer speakers. (didn't try to listen to it via the phone) And in my tests the software will successfully email a test outgoing call that I recorded. Have I missed something obvious :-) as to why software won't answer phone? Thanks
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