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  1. basssix

    IVM FINALLy working

    send me your full email address and i'll get it to you
  2. I was sent this link to the "fixed" version. http://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/ivmsetup.exe . I have not tried it. GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. basssix

    IVM FINALLy working

    Please provide a direct link as I can not find anything following these vague directions. Under the help tab in IVM there is no Technical Support link
  4. basssix

    Call Counter

    I have the as much as I can being logged. I don't know anything about writing plug-ins. What I want to be able to do is to daily reset the call number in: "09:56:13 Answered line [4 "CAHTA 3"] call number [2816] cid [] did[CAHTA 3] drn[0 (0ms)]"
  5. basssix

    Call Counter

    I am looking to reset the count of incoming calls to IVM. I don't see an options tab or such and there is nothing under settings that I see.
  6. basssix

    Call Counter

    Is there a way to reset the call counter so I can easily check the number of calls in one day?
  7. basssix

    IVM FINALLy working

    Your email doesn't want to let the attachment through. Do you have another address?
  8. basssix

    IVM FINALLy working

    I just got IVM v4.08 from a friend and installed it on the machine I have been trying to get v4.11 working on for several weeks. IT WORKS. NCH needs to take a serious look at v4.11 and see what the problem is. If any one would like a copy of 4.08 let me know and I will send it.
  9. Does any one have this board working (properly) with IVM 4.11?
  10. basssix

    IVM and CAHTA

    What version did you try?
  11. basssix


    Any word on a solution?
  12. I'm begining to think there is a real software problem here. Duffy
  13. basssix

    IVM and CAHTA

    I am having almost exactly the same problem. I have 16 lines and only line 1 will actually pick up. I have the same boards (2) Did the previous version of the software work? Can I get an older version and try it? This is a real problem. Duffy
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