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  1. I've just upgraded Verbose free version to purchased license. The three voices standard to this package all sound the same -- male generic -- even the female voice. How do I correct this? Also how do I find and install third party voices? I want to create narrations to videos and need at the least American English male and American English female voices. Thank you.
  2. I belong to several online freelance sites. I bid on a job for verbatim, time stamped transcription of 'entertainment' videos. The instructions were I needed Real Player and Express Scribe, and was given the links for download as well as the download link for the test file. The file went into Express Scribe perfectly, but would not play. I could not get it into Real Player. The employer's support line did not respond. Obviously, I failed the test. Has anyone else had to combine a video media player with Express Scribe? If successful, how did you do it? Thanks for reading this post.
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