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    Creating playlist

    Hi! Unfortunately I haven't found a solution yet. I don't know if either the software available for downloading is not complete or if there is something I'm doing wrong. Whatever it is, I'll sincerely be very glad to hear any solution for this problem, that, is now being suffered by two of us.
  2. Joa92

    Creating playlist

    Hi, I've been trying the BMS for some days but it can't fulfill my requirements. I can ensure you that I've tried many posible solutions but none of them solved my problems. I've read the forum and some of the topics briefly give some solutions, nevertheless, I canĀ“t still find where the problem is. The main problem is that I can't play my announcements at an exact time while the music is being played. For instance, I add some music tracks to the playlist, then I add two announcements (previously configured with a time in which they should be played) as well to the playlist. Afterwards, while the first music track is being played, the announcement is supposed to be played, but unfortunately nothing happens. The announcement itself runs with no troubles if nothing else is added into the playlist so we can rule out the idea of being a wrong announcement configuration. All in all, this BMS Music and Announcement system, seems to be qualified to play announcements at an exact time or display both aonnuncements and music tracks. Thus I show you my problem and I hope someone can give me a solution. I will very glad to hear any of your suggestions! Thanks.
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