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  1. I tried to add some music from the library to my video. In the stock list, all are less than one minutes. Do I need to pay for the longer ones?
  2. Thanks. I re-install the programme and it is functioning as expected
  3. Thanks for the idea. I am using VideoPad. Because It works before. I suspect my programme may be corrupted during the recent Microsoft update. Can I redownload the VP again? I just bought it two weeks ago
  4. MP4. After I removed some segments within the clip, say 4. On the timeline, I can clearly see four parts in the audio wave, with four long vertical lines. After 'export', when replay, the music will stop at the first long line, but the pictures still playing till the end
  5. I was editing a clip with music, and deleted some part in the middle. After 'export', in the resulting file, the music after the deleted part is missing, even though the clip is playing. The 'delete' I used was using 'trim' marked 'start' and 'end' then 'bin'. I did try 'delete' tab. The outcome still the same. Is it something dealing with 'link' and ;unlink'
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