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  1. Curious if are you a NCH developer as you're not showing under Staff...? Regardless, I'm sticking with 5.48 for the time being as all my music has been processed with that particular AGC. Using combinations of other filters wont give the same result as 5.48s AGC.
  2. AGC in 9.01 is not consistent at all. Has no-one at NCH got an answer for this? On image link below, not only is the AGC lesser with 9.01, the right channel is 4~5 dB lower. It's really pathetic.
  3. What on earth has happened to the Automatic Gain Control in WavePad? I'm still having to use 5.48 due to the problem that all subsequent versions of wavepad have ruined what used to be a good filter. Here's the same piece of music with AGC applied: 5.48 is at the top, 8.20 is in the middle (& the original file at the bottom for reference). It's as though the filter has not even done anything to the music. Please could the developer(s) fix it so that it does what it used to do?! Or at least have an option so that AGC's settings can be at least tweaked somehow.
  4. You simply install the previous version (back up is normally stored in Program Files>NCH Software>WavePad. Here's wavepadsetup_v5.48.exe: http://www.mediafire.com/?uw3rcpikbkag514
  5. What on earth have the developers done to AGC effect in 5.55? All was well up to and including 5.48 version. (I use AGC to process audio before putting it on my mp3 player so that tracks sound consistent volume wise). 5.55... 1) boosts audio far too much compared to previous versions 2) pumping in the audio is now heard 3) clipping (>0db) now happens Please fix this. Thanks. (Reverted back to 5.48 in the meantime). (I missed versions that fell in the range 5.49~5.54 so don't know when AGC was "broken" - or maybe the change was deliberate?).
  6. windows media player 10 converts audio cd's to mp3. that'll remove your step 2,and avoids you losing quality converting wma to mp3 in switch.
  7. i hope you backed up the NCH Swift Sound folder in the program files folder to enable you to go back the previous version before installing the updated version.
  8. audacity isn't a competing product. firstly, it is free whereas wavepad you pay for. secondly,although it does do some things which wavepad doesn't,audacity isn't as good at the things they both do the same. if you really think it's is a competing product,what on earth made you buy something you could get for free? go figure. regards.
  9. audacity isn't a competing product. but it does do something which wavepad doesn't do i.e. ampilfiy left and right channels individually. it may also do similar things to wavepad,but then again you could say windows media player competes with wavepad as it can play audio files. regards
  10. absolutely bizarre (why 7 'much's and 4 'far's?). if you have some info,then spit it out and stop being so mysterious and secretive. i hate this cryptic nonsense you spout.
  11. hi Ray, not in wavepad,no. audacity will do what you want for free (unless you use a program like adobe audition). private message sent with more details.
  12. what type of file was you working with originally? also,are you now saving it as a lossless file? try saving it as the same type of file/bit rate as the original. i had an mp3 at 192kbps that was about 4.3MB. i removed less than 1 second at the beginning,and about 3 seconds of silence from the end.the end result was a file of approx. 4.2MB. you two must be doing something wrong somewhere.
  13. try this press record,ok the new file if the settings are correct. then select your soundcard in the drop down menu. and either windows record mixer or wave out mix:
  14. i've not heard of or used soundtap. but in this program,what recording input is selected which does enable you to record audio from your sound card?
  15. google for audacity (it's free and very good) or check your private messages for the link to it. get your screen shot onto the clipboard (i press 'fn+prt sc' on my laptop). in your image editing software,you have to then do: file>new. name the new file if prompted.then choose edit>paste.then save. once saved,resize it to 600 pixels wide then save as (rename the resized file so you keep the original image just in case). or you may want to try irfanview for your screen captures (you can choose what part of the screen you want saving.and it can save the file as jpg,png and many others). download it here: http://www.irfanview.com/ then upload to tinypic.com. post the IMG link into your reply.
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