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  1. guess i'll answer my own question since no one else has. apparently a 750 athlon is just too slow. put in a 900 & it rips fine. of course i could get rid of my slot 1's & slot a's but that probably won't happen. (still have altair mits )
  2. works fine on new(ish) athlon but on old abit ka7-100 700 mz will create one empty file then quit. if i hit play, the blue stop button lites for an instant, then goes gray. no sound. cd's wind up for a moment when i hit rip or play. gets and lists cd info w. no problem. both machines run xp and have full gig of ram. Switch works fine. can, of course, work around the problem, but am baffled by it. am sure one of you can point to what idiotic thing i have done.
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