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  1. When will wavepad be updated? I just purchased it & switch & express & "I'm so lonesome......I ...could ..cry....."
  2. I too had this problem I loaded a bunch of tracks burned using express burn it took a while then it checked them then there was nothing there , haven't tried it since ,too frustrating but I do need to burn some data dvd's soon thanks Dale
  3. what approach should I make to removing the hum from phone or buzz how can I center in on the Freq to remove it I purchased wavepad & switch , I am a trial & error learner but am getting bogged down ..help.....please ...ty Dale I have tried numerous things to get rid of the ( sskgggggg.........) noise lol I can hear the voices in there it is layered material evidently because they have a few different statements in the same area yes these are forensic files I hope for help , I will continue to tinker ty
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