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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. Here is a little info to help you get started or finished. God bless! Shut down all unnecessary programs running. (each creates noise) 1. Record the tape to cp at the lowest volume possible , yet still hear the conversation. This will eliminate some of the hum & recorder noise. It may take several tries & is not a bad idea to do a couple takes. 2 make a back up copy of what you just did. Then backup the backup…lol crazy.. u may understand this later, if you never need it.. you DID have a backup though. Lots of mistakes are made between “here & there” 3. Now in the Wavepad program on the command bar there is an effects go there effects/ DC Offset correction Highlight the piece your working on & run that, always listening to the data before & after you edit. Your ear is usually the best instrument. USA is 60 htz other is 50 htz. U can run somne of these fixs several times if your ear does not like what it hears. You can always backup I think 10 times in wavepad. Note; I believe in lots of backups I run a file say file; DB112210_1 the DB is what it is. the 122210 is the date & the _1 is the take. _2 , _3,_4…ect.. backup takes 2 seconds a “redo” ?? minutes – hours ? Trial & error is the name of the game. 4. Now your ready to edit; Go to Effects click on “High Pass filter” set that to about “250” / highlight your piece & run. This cuts out lows THen Go to commands then click on; Effects then Noise reduction, then to grab a piece of. 1. You only want to grab a small piece like about .180 or .300 of a second much more the program will create its own “artifact” Highlight that portion then click the ; “Grab noise sample” in the noise reduction dropbox. DONE. 2. Highlight the whole file or just the noisy section you want to clean. Then open the noise Reduction & click on “APPLY” Then listen to the section that you applied it to, IF you hear what sounds like a bunch of “Squirrels”, Your SAMPLE was too large. Use the undo feature & go back to the point of grabbing sample & redo it. It is trial & error till you learn to “Ride the pony” ..lol How many times can you do this? There is almost an infinite amount of tonalities, focus on the noisy sections And repeat the above. Note; on the furnace section you can use the Freq analysis to find it then use the filters in effects/ equalizer to lesson it. I battle "Abuse of police Powers" There is only one God.
  2. Hi I am running "build 4.24" Which they do NOT label the file with, anyway business at hand. 1 Manual click/pop repair won't work 2 I highlight 3/100 of a second it says "the selected area is too large" 3 I simply click on the screen & hit the Manual click/pop repair & it says the same..anybody know whats up with that? thanks cut
  3. My Wavepad won't record I think I was hacked in the registry I get this from there "C:\Program Files\NCH Swift Sound\WavePad\wavepad.exe" "%L" my question is what is this? "%L" If that is normal why won't wavepad record at any setting? thanks cut
  4. Hi. Yeah I just copy the whole program folder off to a flash drive along with the code. They really need to "ID" their files better, I mean having to run an install to know what it is is rather dangerous for one 2 it is antiquated compared to the others BUT my biggest gripe is the bug fix issue, they should fix what they sell so it does what they say it will do, over rating does nothing but hurt their bottom line. I use numerous others DC7 -8 & a couple other free ones that are remarkable for what they are, I do audio forensics & some are real good for free lol.. take care. cut
  5. ---------------------------------------- Hi I had a problem with freeze up with 3.27 or something like that & I went looking for a fix & the site took me to that download which I thought was a "fix" it was a fix alright, it down loaded a whole new "Build" & neutralized my keys - I sent in a note & they gave me the keys for the mix up You are correct though we should not have to buy a new program each time they fix a bug with their program? Like "Pay to play"? I have purchased it a couple times. I am using 4.24 It seems to work with the VST & longer songs don't seem to freeze up. That is the bad part when a work freezes you loose it, no way to recoup, it is start over. They need a BUG FIX download section/ they need to mark the builds so you can see what it is before you unwrap it. Clients should not have to guess what they are getting lol... take care. cut
  6. Hi I am using 4.24 & it seems to be working. I have experienced the "Hang" you speak of with larger files, pits to lose work. I searched the cp for the repository that holds such files but I do not know where it is. It seems that XP Pro with lots of memory seems to handle the math better than vista or win7? XP is what "Diamond cut"(Sound CO) recommends. . I have been striping down the bloat on the programs I use in Vista & that seems to help also running all the memory you can install seems to help a lot, I am kinda of sold on putting on as much ram as possible on any laps I run mow , world of difference. I use The VST program for a noise program I have & it puts a "spike" (pretty wide spike) in at the beginning of the edited part sometimes. I use DC7 & 8 also but those who hack me seem to know that program too well & I cannot get anything done with it unless I am in the Faraday cage & then I only have battery time to work anything & that's only about an hour which is not much time for this type of endeavor. I paid for 8.00 worth of support & have not gotten that, rather frustrated with co's that don't respond, I guess the time difference is a problem but oh well. keep on going till ya can't go no more lol take care.
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    Hi I have posted this subject before. The new program does not have the feature below “Preview” (This picture is from wave pad build 3.27), which had this valuable feature I could check the edit before applying To the “whole File” now with the latest program I have This feature has been excluded & I have to run the effect On the whole file JUST to see if it will work? So if I have a 5 minute piece, it takes a minute to apply the “new edit” if it is not correct I have to “Undo” the edit which is another minute or so. Very time consuming. Isn’t this called “Backwards engineering? If so why? There are other things but this is at the top of the list. Thank You Dale S I couldn't get the picture up sorry
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    Hi YES a download section for bug fixs. I also paid 8.00 for support & have recently gotten a little but I went to add to the posts & their gone.?..lol Why was the advance listen removed from the file change programs the pop up boxs ? I used to be able to make a change , listen to it, change it a little , listen to it , change it a little, then if it was good make the "Global change" to the file now it is a global change just to hear the adjustment? that is rather antiquated to the earlier programs, build 3.27 one could do that. Also why can we not reduce the program to the task bar when we are recording something? I could with build 3.27 , not exactly sure if that is the right build but it was a year ago or so....why is the program going back in time as far as usability? It's a good program, but management needs to have a little bit more to do with their CO. ok done bi***ing thanks for the space, cool feel better already, program is still getting mousier though. Have a good day Spain.
  9. Hi Please disregard the last item I posted of the instability I had 2 bad mice with bad scrolls imagine that. I am still wondering of why they took out the "test listen" on the adjustment files? take care I will get some pics & post them thanks Dale S

  10. Hi It is the adage "garbage in garbage out" when it comes to audio. there are a few forensic programs that have cleaning programs but its pretty hard to change the original input. take care. cut
  11. Hi yes it did & still does. I have version 4.27 & it does not handle large files. AND if you "bookmark" very much when you hit the "save button" it may "freeze up" stability is very questionable & if you are working important files make sure & have a backup of a backup. Do NOT send in bug reports, & click on the "download this it MAY have a fix in it for this problem" because you will have to pay for the program again. I have been using this program for over 3 years & am quite frustrated. I have been told to go to another program..? Thats not the point. If one is going to SELL somethng it should work for what it is advertised to do. Have a good day. cut.
  12. Hi. I am using 4.27 (Paid) This program has bugs & when I sent in the bug it said download this "Patch" it was not a "Patch" & it wanted me to pay again... The program freezes when doing bookmarks & when I use the VST plug it cuts the highlighted portion in 1/2..? The vst DID work till I tried to down load the "Patch" after I uninstalled the "Patch" (which was new version 4.28), I reinstalled the version that I did have which was 4.27, then the VST did not work ? I am frustrated with this, why do "patchs" have to be a NEW program? why cannot bug patchs be installed singularly ? When I buy a new car do they just give me a new car to fix a problem? I sent an Email to "AJ" a couple weeks ago but have not heard any response, I posted here but got no response? I have purchased 3 programs from this Co. & I have purchased wavepad several times, why such confusion? Express Burn (Plus Edition) Registration and Activation Code: Name: cut Location: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Express Burn ID - Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Switch Sound Format Converter (Plus Edition) Registration and Activation Code: Name: cut Location: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Switch Format Converter ID - Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WavePad Sound Editor (Master's Edition) Registration and Activation Code: Name: cut Location: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WavePad Sound Editor ID - Key: (xxxxxxxxx) << old keys. New wavepad code xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Have a good day cut
  13. Hi I have had a bug going for a while( locks up when I am doing book marks this has been happening for over 3 months) so I took a chance & sent it in , they said they had a fix, I downloaded the file installed it & I have to buy the damn thing AGAIN?? why can't there just be a bug fix to down load? Frustrated..again! Dale S I own 4 of your products & have had to purchase ... I used this link : New or Fix Version Available A new version 4.28 of WavePad is available which has fixed many reported bugs (probably including this one). Please download the fix version using this link: http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/wpsetup.exe It is a small download. Just run the file after download and it will install over-the-top. If the problem persists after you have installed the patch version please resubmit this message using the Help menu of the installed new version.
  14. Thanks, I downloaded, 4.26, deleted the desktop & installed with no problems. thank you "cut"
  15. Hi I recieved the 4.24 as a fix for problems on the 13th of july . I just checked for updates & it says it has 4.24 out?? are there some fixs beyond what I recieved? I am afraid to update this thing anymore since I had to buy it over again. If I down load & install the "New" 4.24 over the old 4.24 will my old registration work? dumb questions but excuse me for saying NCH is a little paranoid in their protection of product. ty Dale
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    ---------------------------- Sorry to hear you lost your HDD to sewage, hard to replace "intellectual property" I use the wavepad to pull sewage OUT(death threats & such) of sermon files & other audio & video. I have tried many different audio programs & wavepad seems to be the simplest to use, I won't name the others out of respect for the "Mothership site" I am posting on..lol I use it everyday many times a day to "capture" audio Anomalies that were injected into files for intimidation purposes. Incest is a very sad problem in today's society & it is even sadder who tries to cover it up, "a hint" they use your tax dollar. This is all I will say as this is not a "society Ill's" bitch site..lol. There is one improvement I really like & that is the ability to reduce the program to the taskbar after you begin to record, it frees up the desktop. Keep trying it & it will work, Perseverance is the keyword. later "cut"
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    HI Yeah they need to put the builds or versions on the installs so you know what it is, because you may have to pay for an update. I had build 4.03 & that kept doing what you are talking about. I then got the 4.24 build & that seems to be working other than a few bugs here & there. I agree there needs to be a page on here with downloads of different versions I started with 3.05 There have been many improvements since then. cut
  18. Hi I am current (4.24) thanks also I commend the programmer for fixing the wavepad so that it could be reduced to minimal. before when I recorded I could not reduce it to the task bar now I can ! GOOD! before it clouded my desktop availability There are still issues with the highlight function , after highlighting it goes back a bit before the highlight & plays , on the second click it starts at the highlight. The program has only frozen once in numerous cleanings thanks "cut"
  19. 4.23 just "numbered wrong" & I will have to prove or disprove? oh ok kinda like a "Jane1" & a "Jane2" which is the real one? .. little too scientific for me.. lol jk kinda.... well when they get the #'s figured out let me know so I can update for reference. thanks cut
  20. Hi I down loaded the 4.23 & it is the 4.22 . It is the 4.22 version at each location I tried to update?? There was nothing changed on that file it still even says "4.22" while installing it.
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    Hi I have been using the wavepad for a couple years, I like the functionality & ease of use. I do not much care for the inability of connection to the mother ship so to speak, nor having to purchase support to maintain functionality of a purchased program. I wish that NCH would download the "fixs" for the bugs as they arrive at the completion of said fixs. I run several different audio editors, the other being DC7 from Diamondcut productions, I have about 700.00 into that program with "added plugs" I do commend the techs for the effort in my latest bugs & the speedy replies thereof thanks a bunch! "cut" 4.22 is not nearly as buggy as 4.03 was.
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    Hi I c there is a update available. I am NOT going to go through the route of clicking on it & paying for the program again (paid twice now) this program (4.03) is not working at all ! all it does is freeze up? I was told to contact a person on here when there was an upgrade out but I could not find that email.. I am waiting , I have not been using this program as it freezes up when I try to normalize the file the files I am working on are irreplaceable so I can not take a chance with a defunct program. Please get back to me thank you Dale
  23. cutdeep46


    3.Click 'Normalize to optimal level' then it goes into it's 'not responding' phase and freezes or crashes however you want to describe it and you have to task manage its termination to loose your recording and start all over again.<<<<< _________________________________ I have 4.03 & I have the same problem I just lost 1:15 hr of surveilence audio I did not have the freeze problems like this with the previous version either... I was told that there is an update coming soon, coming soon, coming soon...I hope. getting tired of this though. later
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    Hi. I sent in several emails inquiring about it & never got an answer so I purchased the program again. I do not believe it is right to have to buy it when those should be "fixs" for the software glitchs of purchased software that is not yet completely functionable ? If we are to be "paying subjects" to find glitchs then we should get the fixs for said glitchs whither it be 3 months or a year. I know you sell alot of software & wavepad is a good program, it is the only one I keep up now. I had the burn program & another but they "ran out" . If you are going to ask people if they would send in an email with the problem....to help the architect's with bugs, then I believe that there should be a warning on the down load with the bug fix, because I did that as they asked me to & I had to pay for it AKA Repurchase the program because it had been 6 months since I had purchased it, not right. not good advertising. I run several audio programs for cleaning & enhancing, the other is Diamond cuts DC7. ANYWAY... I hope they get the freeze up problem figured out on the 4.03 I have sent in several emails about it . thanks.
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