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  2. Hi, I've moved over from serif movie plus x6 which was discontinued. I don't have the original install files anyone and I was wondering if you are able import media clips using their project file (as is xml)? I understand that things like effects, keyframes, transitions etc would be lost but anything is better than nothing. If anyone knows of a workaround, as I still have x6 installed on an old pc it would be appreciated. Many thanks, Ian
  3. Share a sample that looks degraded in VP. Upload to a free server - MS OneDrive, Google Drive, IMGR or the like - make the link public and post it here.
  4. I am trying to increase the size of the text when you ad a watermark to an image what is the largest you can go up to in size .
  5. Hello, i try to use VP on video captured by FRAPS, I make first compression video with ffdshow - Mjpeg for have a file not so heavy. I reload it in VP, after I end the process by usng avi compression in H264 but the result is always look whashed, no contrast, deep black are degraded, I don't know why, may I do fix that with some filter ?
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  7. There's no setting. Upload the project and someone will take a look. http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/ Is pan/zoom being used on a still image or video? Nat's alternative should do the job.
  8. Hi Borate, I have a licensed version of 7.11 and Pan & Zoom doesnt work. Maybe a setting on my Laptop I shoud check? Kerry
  9. Testing the 7.11 free (lite) version here, pan and zoom is exporting both still images ... and video clips correctly, which is what Nat was referring to... However, at last test, 7.12 beta was not exporting pan and zoom stills.
  10. Hi Nat, Loving this forum. Will try as you suggested later today. Just one question - I'm new to videpad so still getting used to the jargon, above you said "P&Z works with If clips however both in preview and export" . What are "If clips" thanks kerry
  11. Hi .Currently in 7.12 P&Z effect fails (on export) with images although preview works. P&Z works with If clips however both in preview and export. If you find Pan and Zoom effect is not working in 7.11 just use the Zoom effect with keyframes In brief... Click FX and and select Zoom from the effects list. Place effects red cursor line to the left of the graph(start of clip (or where zoom is to start) and adjust the Zoom rectangle to your starting outline Click the keyframe button (small plus with red line) Move cursor line to new point in the clip (end point of zoom/pan) Adjust the zoom rectangle to the finish zoom area and move rectangle to final panned position Create a second keyframe This will produce a zoom with a pan. (Thisis not detaled but refer back to the forum if you find it might be useful.
  12. Hi Nat, Reverted back to 7.11 as Borat suggested but Pan & Zoom still doesnt work. Am going to do a simple one photo project and upload to drive so you guys can check it out. Thanks Kerry Dont think the Zoom effect works either?
  13. how do I add more than 1 invoice to a customer, as I can work at multiple sites for the same company
  14. Hi KerryB Pan and Zoom work OK in the Beta version of 7.12 Best to remember that this is still being checked out and is pre-release. If you do find any problems with VP 7.11 mention them and NCH can check them out and make sure the Beta version has been corrected. Nat
  15. Hi Not sure EXACTLY what you you looking for...... However to insert some audio.... With your project on the timeline place the red cursor where you want to insert your extra audio. No need to split anything. Select the audio clip in the audio clip bin with a right click. This opens a menu of options. Choose the option Place on Sequence at Cursor. This will insert the audio into the timeline audio track creating a gap in the Video track. As the cursor line will stay at the start (left end) of this gap you can simply place an short image/still clip at the cursor in the same way as you did for the audio clip. You can now extend this by placing the cursor at the right hand end of the image clip and pulling it to the right. This will fill the space created by the sound clip insertion. Probably better is...Instead of inserting your still clips at the cursor you can simply drag and drop then onto Video Track 2 and then move them over the gap created in Video Track 1 Now extend them as above so that they overlap the gap below . They will then play as an overlay. The audio track will play up to the join then continue onto the inserted section and then continue with the audio of the original clip. Is that how you want it to work? Nat
  16. Thanks! It looks a little better than my exports. Mine had a few more pauses than this.
  17. An update. I was still having the issue. “On starting VP 7.11 the “Welcome dialog” window is closed by a message window “Loading effect and transition icons”, thus the links on the welcome dialog cannot be used.”, when I noticed a beta VP 7.12, so I installed that and this issue went away. I then read there were some bugs in 7.12 so reinstalled 7.11. Low and behold my issue was still fixed. Perhaps something in 7.12 stuck. Before I had tried going back to 7.03 and even to 5.11, but that had not helped. Anyway, my issue seems to be fixed.
  18. Rob M

    Fit to Fill

    Is there a way of creating the slide show, where I have a known piece of music, and a known number of slides that it can make the slides duration match the music? Thanks
  19. Hello, I have the same problem, express invoice send with the same email address but i have 2 business, anybody can help us?
  20. So, I've always had this major issue with VP. Let's say I need to insert some sound and I need to extend the video to match it. So, I find some point with still frames and I want to extend that ("play it slower") over the extra audio duration. That is not what happens. What happens is I split the video in still frames, for a clip consisting entirely of still frames. I extend it to the desired length. It REPLAYS video that would have been in that position before the audio pushed it out. Yeah. So it literally plays the video that was there before the audio was inserted, over the duration of the inserted audio, and video then REPEATS when the extended clip ends and the original video resumes. No idea why and it's super aggravating. I've looked for settings, some kind of secret knowledge so I know why this happens and how to make it not happen. No idea. Help!
  21. Is it possible to burn DVD in loop mode. I use copied DVD in Aged persons Home Waa able to do this on DVD Flick but find EB is much better regards John Kellow
  22. A few clips do pause momentarily at their head. On a project of this nature it's tough to tell whether that's an error.
  23. The link to 7.11 is in the post above, or simply download from the Videopad home page. Licensing info is here... https://www.nch.com.au/support/reg.html
  24. I'm using 7.11. I have mp4, png, and wav files. Here's a link to the files. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fnLXsytpA41y8i_FsMgrtbU0dQJrbPzO?usp=sharing
  25. there's a file that i edited and want to send in an email. i enter who i want to send it to and then press send, but nothing happens. i've tried many times to send the file in email but whenever i press the send button, nothing happens. i have wavepad on iphone 8, what should i do?
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  27. Hi borate, No link? Also is the licence code the seven number code provided with the reciept?
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