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  2. Audio/Video Sync on Timeline

    In VP's OPTIONS menu, under the disk tab, clear unused cache files, to see if that action affects the issue. Someone will check it out if you put the project up on a server, such as DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like... Load the project. Click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload all the results to the server, make the link public and post it here. If the project is lengthy, with many files, zip it before uploading.
  3. Audio/Video Sync on Timeline

    I am having trouble where VideoPad randomly looses sync between audio and video on the Sequence Timeline. This manifests itself by refusing to show the video under all circumstances; can't see it in edit, preview, play and nothing seems to bring it back. In fact, it seems VideoPad makes some kind of record that prevents reloading the video. I can't put it on another timeline, another sequence or anything else. Even if I shut the program down completely, start with a new clean project, import the MP4 video and try to view/edit it again, it remains blanked out. When I start, it's visible, in sync and everything works as planned, then all of a sudden it loses synchronization, the video goes blank with the exception of one still image and nothing I do gets it back. Is there someway to force a refresh so the system resyncs the audio-visual and puts it in a visible sequence on the timeline that I can edit? Ironically, if I choose "reverse clip" from the right-click menu, it appears again, in sync and I can even edit it, but if I reverse it back, it goes back to frozen on a still image and is uneditable. I can't find a way to attach a screenshot or I would.
  4. MAC and 64 bit

    I was reading that in Apple's next update for its OSX operating system they will be moving to full 64 bit only applications. When I checked my Mac applications it appears that my Express Invoice is currently running under 32 bit. NCH is probably all over this but if I am understanding this correctly my software will most likely stop working early next year. I just want to be sure that NCH is watching this and will have it ready in advance. I depend on this software and really have been happy with the needs it has met for my small business. Thanks in advance. Dave
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  6. Retrieve Transactions

    Can anyone tell me how to set up a connection to National Australia Bank? Where can I find the information needed to connect?
  7. Typing Letter V

    did anyone ever respond to you? I have this happen when using the software on my Mac but not on my Windows based computer.
  8. Tauqir

    Are you using a registered (paid for) version?
  9. Convert Quicken to Moneyline

    But it can't differentiate between a deposit and a purchase. It puts the purchases I the deposit column as negatives. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Tauqir

    Hi, I am stuck on invoices, I can’t make anymore, I think it freezed, any one help me urgent plz, because I need to send invoices to my customers, may be I issued 10 invoices, if he want to make more, wht shall I do? Help me plz
  11. I have reported this as a separate incident but dont hold out much hope for a quick fix. I have submitted Trace files but they have yet to give an indication of timescale to fix this, merely that they have sent the trace files to the software department - will keep you posted
  12. Cutting a portioin of video out/off

    Hi With the project on the timeline, left click in the Overlay area where you want your to end. This will move the cursor line to that point. Keep the mouse button pressed and drag to the right. This will draw out a blue highlight area on the portion of the timeline you drag over. Release the button at the end of your selection and right click the highlighted area. Click the delete button that appears. You can now export the section that remains. Nat
  13. Question how do you CUT a section of video and save the resulting file out? Example I have a video that's just short of 4 minutes in length, I want to CUT the last minute off of the video and then save the resulting 3 minute video out. I don't want to add in any FX or other stuff, just a simple chop and save. I've tried to use the start/end/split but it didn't do what I want. Also is there a tutorial in TEXT format?
  14. I migrated a Postgres database 9.1 doing 300K transactions/hour from a server with Red Hat OS, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz / 16 Core, 64 GB RAM, 240 GB x 4 Intel SSD TO Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz / 56 Core, 128 GB RAM, 2TB nvme PCI SSD, RANDOM READ 450000 iops, RANDOM WRITE 56000 iops. CentOS 6.9. Over a period of time the server slows down and the amount of data processed get reduced. If I clear the cache manually (sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches) then the data processing resume to maximum level. Again after some time with load, the performance deteriorates in terms of an amount of data processed. The cache memory shows it has been fully consumed. pg configuration : datestyle = 'redwood,show_time' db_dialect = 'redwood' default_text_search_config = 'pg_catalog.english' edb_dynatune = 90 edb_redwood_date = on edb_redwood_strings = on lc_messages = 'en_US.UTF-8' lc_monetary = 'en_US.UTF-8' lc_numeric = 'en_US.UTF-8' lc_time = 'en_US.UTF-8' shared_preload_libraries = '$libdir/dbms_pipe,$libdir/edb_gen,$libdir/plugins/plugin_debugger,$libdir/plugins/plugin_spl_debugger' timed_statistics = off archive_command = 'rsync -a %p slave:/opt/PostgresPlus/9.1AS/wals/%f' archive_mode = on listen_addresses = '*' log_destination = 'syslog' syslog_facility = 'LOCAL0' logging_collector = on log_line_prefix = '%t' max_wal_senders = 4 port = 6432 wal_keep_segments = 128 wal_level = hot_standby temp_buffers='50MB' constraint_exclusion = on autovacuum = on enable_bitmapscan = off max_connections = 200 shared_buffers = 32GB effective_cache_size = 96GB work_mem = 167772kB maintenance_work_mem = 2GB checkpoint_segments = 64 checkpoint_completion_target = 0.9 wal_buffers = 16MB default_statistics_target = 100 Thank you
  15. Project Restore from Cache

    Yes. Cache only store frames used for preview to make it faster. Autosave popup only appear when VideoPad terminated with un-saved contain. Please be aware of that it will also get overwritten each time VideoPad runs - If you choose not to load an autosave, you won't be able to get the autosave popup next time start VideoPad.
  16. VideoPad will try convert the VOB file to AVI only if problems are detected in the file. For example, there are no enough keyframes or time stamp mismatch etc.. Please upload and share the file, we'll check it out.
  17. Problem Adding End Point

    @solaristraveller We've fixed bug and the shutcut key was restored. We'll send you a notification when the new version is released.
  18. Project Restore from Cache

    Hi You need the .vpj file. Without it your project is lost in the event that an autosave was also lost. Using "Save" or "Save as" regularly will ensure that in the event of a crash you will still be able to get the project back....at least to the point where the save was made. The ,vpj file is basically a text file containing all the instructions that enable VP to reconstruct your project. names of video clips used, their locations on your PC, details of the various edits you made, effects and transitions etc. The cache file on the other hand holds copies of clips and thumbnails generated by VP whilst you were working on the project as well as any previous projects you may have worked on if the cache was not cleared at some previous point. (Tools/Options/Disk) The .vpj file will recreate your project as it accesses the clips from the cache making the loading faster as thumbnails etc. are already present and applies the editing steps it has stored.. Even if the cache has been totally cleared the .vpj file will still be able to recreate your project as it contains all the details of where your clips are stored, but it will take appreciably longer. It needs to find your clips from your PC now. load them, recreate the thumbnails and then apply all the editing steps you made. If you have deleted any clips from your PC or moved them to a different location VP will let you know and prompt you to manually find them. So, as mentioned at the start you should regularly save your work. Nat
  19. Last week
  20. Opening a five minute file only loads 2 minutes. Doesn't matter how long the song is it only is opening 2 minutes of the song. Vary frustrating as I have just bought this software. Please tell me a fix for this. I've tried deleting the wavpad folder as has been suggested but this does not work.
  21. "Open file" opens only 5 seconds of sound

    Im having the exact same problem. Opening a five minute file only loads 2 minutes. Any Other songs that are longer than 2 minutes only open at a smaller length. Theyre just MP3 files too, ive been mixing on a free version for s long time and this only suddenly started happening now as soon as Ive bought the software. Please help me with this?
  22. how to change stereo balance

    I can't figure out how to split channels into independent files either, and have often wondered if it was possible with WavePad, so I hope an answer is forthcoming. (I use audacity to easily do this type of thing.) But your inquiry got me searching options in WavePad again, and here is what I've found (so far...) Under the Effects tab, select Stereo Pan. This will open a new window, with anchor points at each end of the file. I selected one and (for example) dragged it up (left) - and then selected and dragged the other end to make the line level. Not a very exacting way to perform the task, but worth trying. Surely there is a better way to achieve this and adjust by a percentage as you are looking to do. Marking the thread!
  23. I downloaded the free version for Mac from the website which noted that Philips supported sound files would only work with the purchase of the Pro version. So, I purchased the Pro version, went through the process of registering my serial number and getting the registration code, entered that into my software as requested but still get notification that .dss files are not supported. Anyone else have this issue? Have I missed a step? My "About" says I have the Pro version (6.05) but don't seem to have access to the features I paid for (i.e. .dss file use). Help
  24. how to change stereo balance

    I want to amplify just the left channel by 15% or so. To express it another way: I want to change the stereo balance on an .mp3 file. Seems like an easy, basic edit. How do I do that? I can view the channels separately, but can't figure out how to select one channel and not the other. Please advise.
  26. Can't find the symbol that Wavepad is referring to for the keyboard shortcut for Repeat Loop. I have searched all the keyboard shortcuts documented by Apple. No such beast exists.
  27. Project Restore from Cache

    Or are the cache files only simply to do with the preview playback?
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