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  2. Express Invoice is not designed to add, remove or change the invoice columns, you can just edit the header's text, but that won't change the type of data you're entering. We recommend using the Comments section at the bottom left of the invoice edition text field. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about our products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/
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  4. Can anyone advise how to record unallocated funds as a liability. I have customer/members who often make advance contributions by paying up front and building up a sum of funds of a period of time. These funds are not my Clubs funds and should be recorded as a liability. There is no invoice(s) in existence for these to payments to be applied to. These payments all currently go to accounts payable. How would I go about changing this or isn't EA capable of doing this? I can't issue a credit note for an item that does not exist yet.
  5. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    I just want to sign this statement. It happens for me all the time as well. I've spent $60 on a software, and the developers should put all their effort in improving the preview video. It has never been an issue when I used Adobe Premiere Elements, which is somewhat comparable to VideoPad in many aspects.
  6. Couldn't you just enter onto the invoice your item by its item number which will display the description & price. Double click on the text in the description and this will allow you add free text eg your date. So you could then have multiple items of the same item number and cost but with dates alongside them. Hope that helps
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  8. Soundtap does not record with Windows 8 and 10

    Hello, The issue you are reporting here could be a driver mismatch that is causing this issues, what you may want to try is to reinstall the audio driver on your computer, To do that you may want to contact the computers manufacturer and check for the latest audio driver for her computer model. Also, test if the issue happens when you try to record the stream from the same source?
  9. Unfortunately Express Invoice does not offer this option. We have another program that´s called Express Accounts that can do this. Please download the free version from this link: http://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/easetupfree.exe
  10. Is it possible to get foldback while recording vocals?

    Hello Tim, Yes, even with the latest version you need ASIO drivers to be able to use the Monitor feature, they handle better latency issues and should allow you to record and playback at the same time.
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  12. Help needed, please. I am a small sporting group organiser. I am trying to work out the following scenario for entry. The Club uses a facility for sports practice and our individual members may also book/use the facility for their personal use. The facility manager requires that it be done through us and that we collect the hire fees and pay by bank transfer to them. So, all is going through our books as well as theirs. I need to be able to record the debt to the facility, as well as the payment to us by the user to pay to the facility and the payment to the facility. I have created an item for "Individual Facility Hire" to distinguish this apart from our Club use (if I need to use that for invoicing). I have categories in my chart of accounts for "Facility Hire by Individuals" under Income and another under Liabilities. Should that be under expenses? How do I go about recording the process? This is what I thought, I am assuming I must first create an account payable by the Club to the supplier (the Facility). When the individual hirer pays to our account I record their payment but don't allocate it as their is no invoice from us. How do I link their payment to the purchase from the supplier? Obviously the unallocated payment needs to be applied to something (being an invoice from us) Is it simply a matter of us creating an invoice for the hire and recording that payment from the user, then paying the facility and recording that expense. Thanks.
  13. Is it possible to get foldback while recording vocals?

    Ah...thank you very much, Chris 75. So, does that mean that, even if I were to upgrade to the latest version, I would still need ASIO? I downloaded ASIO some time ago, on advice to sort out latency problems, but deleted it again soon after because I found it useless.
  14. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    Hi, Please share the project files (on Google Drive etc.). We take a closer look.
  15. any way to perform employee's claim their business spending and payment for these type of cost ? we call it pettycash in our area. await yours. thank you
  16. Soundtap does not record with Windows 8 and 10

    I had the exact same issue on Windows 10. Same screen shot. If you helped him with his ticket can you post the answer for everyone else? Otherwise this fine product will go out of existence as everyone migrates beyond XP, 7 etc.
  17. Also, it would be great if we could have interpolation settings such as Nearest Neighbor (blocky) Bilinear (standard) Lancoz (nicer but more expensive) Bicubic (same as above)
  18. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    Been using VP for years and been having the same issue. No matter the computer, hardware, or preview setup, performance is bad. This is because unlike the rest which uses real-time processing, VP processes all effects and what not, then encodes them for preview (at least that's what I can infer). Sadly I don't think they utilize hardware encoding which makes lives soo much easier for us. QuickSync and alike is very common today. Everybody should be able to duplicate the problem.

    Is it at all possible to somehow add Virtos Noise Wizard to WavePad? I used it many years ago in another editing software program. I found it to be an excellent tool and hope to be able to use it here with WavePad.. Would appreciate any suggestions as to how to get it to work... Thanks
  20. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    If practical, click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT, zip the results and upload to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make it public and link it here. Someone will try to duplicate the problem.
  21. I'm also can't change the direction of the note stems - one at the time or by highlighting several at a time. When I click on a singe note and right click, I see the option of Stem. but the down and up options are greyed out. When I highlight several at a time and right click, the Stem option is not there. How can I get this to work? Grace
  22. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the cache. Even after I let VP do all its caching and the cpu has enough free time, I have the buffering problem as described above.
  23. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    Hi For options... Click Tools/Options....... Nat
  24. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    Thanks a lot for the answers. I read your replay. Where is the Options dialog? I found in the Preferences/Display the Preview settings. But I cannot find the Options Dialog. Many thanks
  25. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    Hi "Meaning that when the playhead is passing from the provious clip to the next I don't see smoothly on the project preview window. I tried to insert a very short transition (0.1 sec) between them and the result is much smoother. Why? " If you are using the Clip preview to edit and have used the IN marker to shorten the clip followed by the "Place" tab to move it to the end of the timeline, the join between the timeline and the newly added clip should be instant as this method will not leave a gap. If the action on the two clips is similar, perhaps moving in different directions, playing over the join can make it appear to appear to jump. Adding a short crossfade can make this look smoother. In some cases where a large chunk at the start of clip2 has been blanked off there may be a detectable delay whilst, I guess VP calculates the new start position. Try this as an alternative... Place your edited clip (Clip 2) on Video track 2 (The overlay track) Drag it back a little so it just overlaps the last clip on Video Track 1 (Clip 1) Play the timeline. You should see an instant change from Clip 1 to Clip2. This should look exactly like the change mentioned above using the "Place" tab. Nat
  26. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    Not certain this answers your query, but there are two arrows under the preview window ||< and >|| that will snap to the beginning or end of a clip. As to smoothness of presentation, check this out.
  27. Ghost Recon on Steam

    Hi can't get a pic to record from this game, might it be a setting Other Steam Games seem ok thank you Simon
  28. Pathetic

    I honestly regret buying this software... It really is disgusting how you sell buggy software at retail prices... I was using express invoice by itself and there are definitely some features that I could recommend but all and all not bad and user friendly but now that I bought copper and inventoria and I started having problems and I started trying to resolve it by doing research, I see just how many people have the same problem and people don't just post about problems, they try to figure it out first so those are just a fraction of the people having problems. Why do the apps even connect to each other via ip protocol when it should be able to be used locally on the same pc without any issues! I have literally been spending half my day, EVERY DAY trying to get this to work and I managed to get it to work but then it bombs out again. I can't fix this sh*t every day!!!? "The server application has no locations defined or does not support locations." - Wtf!? It was working yesterday..? Yes, I did follow the instructions! Yes, I did look at the forum for sollutions! NO, you didn't even comment on the other person's post who had the same problem. Yes, I have the right ip address, port and password in inventoria, express invoice and copper... In fact, express invoice doesn't work either unless I make copper a server for other installations of copper (which I don't have) and also then the stock doesn't get updated on Copper then... That's another issue just by the way, how do you update other instances from copper if copper can't update from inventoria!? I am very unimpressed to say the very least!
  29. Copper and Inventoria Intergration

    I have the same error. Any resolution on this yet?
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