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  3. No playback audio

    I had a similar problem when first running Crescendo v 3.00. I use Win 7 Pro 64b and had an old version of Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth as my default midi sound font handler. When I upgraded it to rev 2.3.0 more than one midi application could play my midi files, including Crescendo. Sound font I use with it is: "FluidR3_GMfont.SF2"
  4. Hello, i'm looking to make a time-lapse video of my photoshop creations. For this i need to capture static screen, one that won't zoom in and out while i do. This is a nice feature within photoshop, but to be able to use it i need to be able to put this particular screen behind another screen (i have 2 computer screens, 1 to draw, 1 for reference pictures, leaving me one screen short). The problem is: Once i select this secondary photoshop screen it will record, but as soon as i put another screen on top of that (internet or a reference picture for example) it will record that too, something i obviously don't want it to. Is it possible to record only one screen? Even while it's behind another? And if so, how can i do that? Thanks!
  5. Tried to change .aiff, .wma &. m4a sound files to .mp3, however the software is not recognising the files. Is there some setting I need to select or change? Thanks
  6. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Hi OK. Found it! "Enable track solo.." If anyone else can't find it, it only appears when you have more than 1audio track. Oooh! It's so logical!....a single track IS solo and doesn't need to show the button. Nat
  7. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Hi I mentioned "Save Sequence Audio" ...step 3 in my workaround above ..but......Where is the tab with the "3 little men" please? I can only see Minus/Speaker/ Lock at the left end of the audio track although Mute/Solo/Lock/Collapse come up on a menu when the area is right clicked. (VP Professional version 6.0 Licensed.) Nat
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  9. NCH Debut - No Sound on Preview

  10. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Holy moly, that I never saw the 'save sequence audio' option before now is embarrassing. I don't make multiple sequences and so never used that tab. Thank you very much notadev! Saves me a lot of hassle.
  11. Fast forward

    Hello there! New here today. I have used the free version of Debut linked to a webcam as a basic CCTV. Fine, great playback, excellent even, but... WMP only has one 'fast forward' speed and that is so slow. So, two questions please. Can I use, on Debut settings somewhere, a motion detection utility to save me from having a lot of video? Is there a feature or NCH program [ I have Videopad also ] someone can recommend that I can swap the video over into and fast forward at a much greater rate please? I did try Videopad but the download from one to the other is very slow and, I don't know if I can fast forward or just edit. Help! Thank you in advance. Enjoy your day! Eddie.
  12. Letter boxing overkill

    Put one of your raw, unboxed mp4 files that has the problem up on a server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive, make the link public and post it here. Someone will try to dupe your results.
  13. Letter boxing overkill

    Your video pad software occasionally/randomly takes my mp4 video shots and adds letter boxing. How do I SHUT THIS OFF. Can't seen to find it anywhere. I searched the forum. Nothing. thx
  14. Accounts Receivable

    Hello Chilana, I know this may be a silly question but have you confirm if there are any filters in the report or details you are pulling? Express Accounts usually have filters for dates and this may be why you cannot see the rest of the transactions you have recorded. In the event you have further issues you may want to consider contacting NCH Software support team directly for further assistance.
  15. NCH Debut - No Sound on Preview

    Hi, "the recorded MP4 file DOES have the sound, just not the preview...Debut preview of the video" By "preview" you referring to the list of recordings? when you play the .MP4 from the recordings list of Debut? please confirm. Debut has no Preview window/option, you can record from the main window and play the recording from the Recordings list. Regards,
  16. Video Runs Slow in Preview Window

    Provided to me by NCH support.
  17. Tails Getting Truncated

    Hi With this new clip loaded...In VP 6.0 both the clip in the bin and on the timeline appear at first sight to play correctly and show a duration of 2.600 seconds. This is correctly synchronised and tracks finish together. The last sound being "Shi". However in VLC the soundtrack does have a further1/2 second of sound and finishes with the word "electri.." The initial section has sound.. "So what do we or..." but no video movement. It seems that it might be a codec problem within VP???? I converted the mp4 clip you uploaded to an mpeg2 and played this in VP....It played correctly to the end and finished apparently correctly with "electri..". There did seem still to be a tiny portion of moving video missing from the start however with the sound.... "So what do we or.." NCH might take a closer look at you example clip as the last bit of sound there is definitely present in the file you uploaded. (At least when converted to MPEG2) Nat
  18. Accounts Receivable

    I am a new user and was not part of the setup of Express in our company but we have been using the program since 2014. On the balance sheet my accounts payable balances are incorrect, if I open a spesifik account it only gives details until 08/03/2017, from there on none of the invoices or payments received reflect in the account. Does any one know why this is happening and how I can fix this?
  19. Suggested Subtitle Fix

    I've tried and couldn't reproduce the Start/End editing problem. I'll investigate more. Current subtitles don't related to clips. However I understand the need for subtitles sync with the A/V. We'll review this feature and find a ways to solve the problem. You can do that in Subtitles dialog, File menu, Save SSA File or Save SRT File.
  20. Video Runs Slow in Preview Window

    @johnywhy Hi, Mind I ask how did you get 6.01? It's in testing and still being changed every day. Thanks
  21. using mask

    If you want to move / animate an object that has been isolated using the mask effect using "Mask Inside" and a transparency effect, you then need to apply a "Clear Mask" effect (the button next to "Add mask" with a red x, and you can then use the position, rotate, motion, whatever effect as you wish. You can also move all points in the mask at once by drag-selecting all the points (click down, drag rectangle over points, release mouse button). Note that you can also add masks after a clear mask effect, or use a new mask effect without clearing to change the shape of the mask.
  22. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Nice approach NADWW describes! Dissecting it further, individual (unlinked) audio clips can be dragged down to a new sequence, which would then be handled as above. The NORMALIZE effect would then be applied, and affect only - but all - of the selected clips.
  23. 3d export

    When exporting as a 1920 x 1080 3d file from 3d SBS input files the size of the output image is half what it should be. This doesn't happen with regular video export. How to fix?
  24. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    To do this, on the audio track you want to export, click the third button from the left (the one with 3 little people on it, between the lock and speaker icons) to toggle "Solo" status, meaning only this track will be played / exported. Then, in the clip bin, you can go to the "Sequences" tab, right-click the relevant sequence, and click "Save Sequence Audio as New File". VideoPad will import this generated file as a new audio clip. Note that the "Solo" status is just a toggle, so you can click it again to get all the other tracks playing again. You won't have to match up any peaks or anything, just drop the new clip onto a new track at the start (the clip perfectly matches the length of the whole sequence), and it doesn't bother exporting or importing any video content. Because it exports the audio to a .wav file, it also imports back into VideoPad much quicker than a compressed file format.
  25. Video and sound out of sync how to fix?

    6.01 is still in testing and not yet released.
  26. using mask

    Thanks Nat for pointing it out. I've filed a suggestion that adding widget handles to move/rotation the mask in a whole.
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  28. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Certainly these workarounds aren't great and I hope you're able to figure out a way to normalize multiple clips to each other (emphasis on "to each other," just doing a batch normalize like echo and flanger operations will not produce the desired result. I presumed this was why the program doesn't do it.) What I've decided to do in the meantime is quieten the outro music track to about the same level of the voice track, export, new sequence, import rendered file, normalize audio, then finally re-export losslessly, which goes quickly. This introduces some fiddly problems and I really don't like the wait of importing twice, but I'll live.
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