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Found 23 results

  1. Hello MixPad community, as you can guess by the title of this topic I am having some issues with recording anything in MixPad. The recording randomly stops, with no pattern whatsoever. I think at this point I have seen almost all the possible combinations. I tried figuring out the issue but even with no inputs whatsoever it still behaves like that. I am recording with an Audio Interface, using its ASIO driver and everything, in terms of recording itself, is working properly. I checked the processor while recording and it used about 4% of it's capacity and there is a sudden spike to around 10% when it stops recording. At this point I am at a loss because I tried everything I personally could think of. I tried spamming the record button, I tried recording an empty track and then record another real one but without any effect. The second one stops recording randomly again. I can confirm that this issue has to do with MixPad because I downloaded a free recording software just to see if it was my interface and the stopping didnt occur then. But of course I want to use MixPad to record and mix. With the random stops I cant work properly so I hope that you can help me solve this. It is frustrating. My regards
  2. Hi When recording from the PC (from Soundcard via WAVE/MIDI/CD), I notice that there is a slight tinny sound to the recording quality. This is noticeable when I play back what I have just recorded, and remains it is saved as a file. This does not happen when using other editors to record. However, I do not want to switch to another editor, as I really like Wavepad and feel comfortable using it. Does anyone know why this could be happening and how I can remedy it? I am recording in 44100Hz in Stereo. Hope someone can help.... Guy
  3. After posting http://nch.invisionz...udio-interface/ yesterday, I have found that the issues exist with not just the Helix but also with my UA Apollo Twin. When using an external interface: 1) I can play pre-recorded tracks until I record - see 2; 2) I can record on tracks but when I attempt to replay them the system locks and will not play back any tracks. 3) On reaching this point MixPad will not play back or record any tracks unless I close and re-open Mixpad - then I am back to stage 1. The problem appears to be the audio device setting under Mixpad, Preferences. If this is set to built-in, Mix pad works even if recording from an external interface but to listen you have to use the computer output. It will also work on the default output setting IF the system is set to use its inbuilt audio. Any other setting here causes the chain listed above. Mixpad is not practical for me to use to me as it stands but I think it will be an excellent software choice when it does work so hopefully you can help! Has anyone else come across this issue on MacOSX? Thanks.
  4. We're using Debut just fine, capturing both video and audio, but the audio through the speakers is only heard prior to starting recording and on playback of the recording but not during the recording. As soon as we click Start Capture, we cannot hear the audio and we need to. Can anyone advise a solution that allows us to hear the audio *while* the recording is occurring ? The PC has Windows 7 Pro on it. I have heard some stories that Microsoft might have reduced some of the audio functionality when it comes to recording from external devices. Others indicate that we should be using the Listen option inside the audio configuration panel for the Line In, but why does the audio cut off in the first place when recording using Debut and is there a configuration setting within Debut that can allow audio output to go to both the capture file and to the PC's speakers at the same time while recording ?
  5. I have an Aspire 6930 Windows Vista laptop. Using the Crystal Eye camera I downloaded Debut Video Capture in January but it now stops recording after about 90 seconds. I get a window that states: Unable to record. Encoder error: check encoder options - I never had that problem before. Having looked at the encoder options I do not see anything wrong but something might have changed without me knowing(?) This is why I downloaded NCH Debut Video Capture today, thinking it would correct the problem but it doesn't record at all. I have an Aspire 6930 Windows Vista. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi, I try to record at 48000/44100, but get the message "Continue recording at 96000 samples per second". What is wrong? I have tried reinstalling, changing sample rate etc. User error or bug?P Henrik
  7. Just made my first recording - 42 minutes from TV. But when I play bach. the picture disappears after 12 minutes, and instead this text shows up: Screen Recording Mode. And another problem: If I use pathfinder to click at the file, there is no picture at all, only sound.
  8. Hi, Can someone please help me with this: I am thinking of buying a new tablet but I need it to be able to play files that are similar to those used in museums. It is a file that will be activated in the touchscreen tablet, with icons to be selected and the respective audio/sound recording will play. Please tell me what kind of file name/format this is?? Need to be able to communicate with the sellers online before I make the purchase of 8 tablets!! Many thanks!!
  9. Can anyone advise me if this possible and, if so, how it can be done ? Thanks. Robin.
  10. I adore this program, although that prompt is the worst part of it. Most "recent" (v 6.05), I recently downloaded it.
  11. I adore this program, although that prompt is the worst part of it.
  12. Hi, I wish to record very long speeches (8-10h). In the recording options the longest "maximum recorded file length" is 360mins. Do you know if it's possible to change this parameter until 600mins? thanks! PY
  13. Since we went to a new soundboard I have noticed a 6-10db record/playback level difference between the L and R channels. How can I edit the Right channel to match the volume left of the Left channel until we get our soundboard fixed?
  14. I am using Debut for time lapse recording which it does well. However, I would like to record continuously up to 99 hrs in 1 video file, as I would like to include a recording time stamp on the file. The problem with the 10 hr time limit is that each time a new file starts to record then the new time stamp resets. In my case the video files are small so there should be no problem with file size.
  15. I can record from my cassette player, but I can't hear any sound while it is recording. I can hear it if I play it back on my computer, but I can't hear while it is recording. Is there a way I can hear it while it is recording?
  16. I can't figure out how to record a song that has both regular level and belt level volumes I have the Rode NT1-A Microphone (it's amazing), so I'm wondering if there's something I can do in the mixing software to help eliminate fuzziness, echoiness, and just flat out different quality from when I sing soft vs. loud. HELP!! Please and thank you
  17. Good day, forumites. I was trying Debut Video Capture Professional 1.82 to record stuff from the screen, like gameplay from old videogames, and found something strange. The emulator, DOSBox, hides the mouse pointer and uses one of it's own, locking the original within the frame of the emulator and hiding it. For some reason, Debut Video Capture 1.82 still records the mouse pointer as if it was there, which is a major letdown, since I can't record gameplay without the system pointer obstructing the view. Tried downloading and testing Debut Video Capture 1.68 and it doesn't have that problem. And, before you chastise me as a dyslexic or a lazy man, mouse pointer highlighter was off on both tests. Besides, mouse highlighter is not even remotely similar to mouse pointer. Edit: I also tested Debut Video Capture Professional 1.74. It has the same problem.
  18. I'm looking for a program to use for changing and recording voices to use for dubbing cartoons. I tried this but I don't know if I'm not using it right or what. First of all I can't figure out how to record. and Secondly all I hear is static and chaotic echoey noises. HELP!!!!!
  19. I have a problem with Debut and Windows 8. When I record a video, all the window borders and colors continue to flicker and change from a lighter to a darker tone. Is there a setting I need to change? Thank you
  20. Hi I'm french so i'll try to do good sentences.. Thank for Mixpad, very good, but i have a problem I have a electric guitar with differents effects (distorsion...) not the effect in mixpad but externals When i record it with no effect no problem the sound is good When i record it with distorsion (good hard rock!) the result is that the beginning of recors is good and in a few second the volume level shut down and there is a metallic sound ; it sound like if mixpadwould try to limit volume and power but the result is that volume fall to quasi 0 with an horrible back sound of metallic/robot and sound is change completely. Some ideas ? Thank from france !
  21. hi, This happened once before but I can't get it to work again now. I looked online and followed the fix instructions, but it didn't work. I recorded a podcast, saved it. Opened it again and there is only a flat line. Thinking this may be a program issue, I updated the program, but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  22. Hello, I have read through your website and am not technical enough to understand if what I want can be achieved by any of your software please help me. I am a current customer of yours. I run a Mac on OS X and will be upgrading it to mountain lion soon. Currently I have Vonage service installed in my home. Their modem is located in the basement to my network and through their modem I am connected to every telephone handset unit in my house through the normal internal telephone wiring. So, every regular handset that is plugged into any normal phone jack is actually on Vonage through my computer. Currently I use a very simple system called VOIP RECORDER from Pen Bay.They will not be upgrading to mountain lion and I am looking for another solution. In my office 3 stories above I have a switch hard connected to my wall rj45 jack to the modem located in the basement . My computer is connected directly to that switch. It is that simple. The software detects the VIOP phone signal automatically when it is turned on and it records every call inbound and outbound. What I'm trying to achieve is to record each inbound and outbound call made from any phone connected to my VOIP system which is prewired to my house automatically. If you can guide me as to what you may have 2 achieve this and how it could be used and installed I would very much appreciate it. Regards Selinsky
  23. The default Recordings folder installed with ST (Prgram Data...) was never visible in the Windows Explorer tree and the Search couldn't locate the wav files I'd created. I could only find the files via the Find & Play menu in ST. I made the mistake of changing the default folder to one that I could actually find (My Music...) in Explorer but I neglected to copy the wav files from the default folder and now of course I can't find them even thru Find & Play. I tested the new default folder and I can find recordings there but I want to retrieve earlier recordings I made. I have searched on file names, *.wav, folder names, dates, etc. but nothing works. Are the recordings wrapped up in the ST app somehow and thus not visible? Thanks