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  1. Thanks Guys. look forward to next version release to include invoice discount option via web access.......
  2. Hi All. When using Express invoicing web access via a browser I can apply a discount to individual items but I cannot apply discount to the overall invoice total..? This option is available when creating an invoice using the full software version and is visible as an overall discount item when viewed via web access. How can I apply an overall discount to a invoice using web access without applying discount to each item listed in a invoice....?? Any feedback welcome. thanks
  3. Hi All. I noticed a fundamental issue when changing/amending invoice items (using item description field). Whilst in the main application (not web) I created an invoice and selected the items using the item description. Once selected the system populated the correct product code, cost etc, but, then I needed to make a change to an item using the item description the system did not update the 'product code' (Product code / Item description mismatch). The more changes/amendments made to the invoice the more errors flagged up, which caused lots of errors on stock levels etc. It was only after I compared product codes with Item description that I identified the problem... To work around this issue I simply selected and remove the item from the invoice and add a new item (using the item description). Alternatively you could change using the 'product code' field which will update the correct Product description (but who know all their product codes). An easier way identified is to use the express web interface which will allow you to make changes to an invoice and update correctly using either product code or item description. I hope the latest Software update resolves this problem...... Let me know if there is patch or fix to this issue. M
  4. Thanks for your reply, appreciated. I assume this applies to both Android and IOS devices...
  5. Problem downloading Express Invoicing Android APP from App store. APP store reports incompatible error with device.... I am using a Samsung S5 (SM-G900F) running Android OS version 6.0.1. Can you let me know which Samsung mobile and OS version will install and run this APP. Any feedback welcome. Thanks.
  6. Hi All. I recently installed and configured web access to express invoicing which works, but I would like to personalize the web portal to reflect company profile. How can I change the blue logo 'express invoicing' (top right corner) to reflect own business name or logo. Any ideas appreciated. Many thanks