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  1. The DVD I was burning was going ok until it came to 'Verifying the burn'. Then the disc tray constantly opened consequently the photos came out all blurred. Please, what is the problem, thanks.
  2. Hi, yes I am creating a slideshow. Many thanks for the info, there's certainly a lot to learn with this programme. You learn something every day.
  3. Great, many thanks.
  4. So far so good. I have over 200 photos to place on the Video track 1, is it possible to 'drag' them all together, or does it have to be done one by one.? Thanks
  5. Many thanks guys, much appreciated. I'll work on it this afternoon.
  6. meaning that the text and/or narration doesn't show up on the particular photo I'm adding too
  7. I've been using another program for about 5 years, it was a great programme until Microsoft got their sticky hands on it, hence my purchasing VideoPad which I'm finding not as straight forward. I can't figure why when I type in the text on a video clip I can't revalue it, the same goes for any narration that I add. Please, what am I NOT doing right.? Oldest activity firs