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  1. You should try to uninstall Voxal, restart the PC, reinstall Voxal from (restart as prompted) and try again. If you keep having issues, you should open a support ticket after purchasing a license, at Keep in mind that NCH states that to receive the support you're supposed to have a license. The good thing is that they offer a 30-day refund policy at
  2. SoundTap isn't recognized as an output device, SoundTap is an installed program that will capture the audio being played on your computer and save it to where you set it by going to SoundTap > Preferences > Recordings Folder. To use SoundTap, play some audio on your PC, then click the "Start Recording" button, when finished click the button again, this time "Stop Recording". to Check the recording go to "Find & Play" or go directly to the location you set up as "Recordings Folder".
  3. If after going to "Options > Page layout" and all of the options under "Options > Invoice", you click on "Preview Layout" or "Preview Template" you see a correctly set invoice, but when you export it to PDF it looks different, you should enter a support ticket at Make sure to include your registration code (license), an attachment of a PDF invoice that looks wrong and a screenshot of that same invoice as it looks on the preview for comparison.
  4. You can try using the "Split Clip" tool under the "Clip" tab. Simply split the clip and take out the parts you don't want. Check the section "Editing Clips" from the MixPad user's manual, to access it go to Help > Help Contents or press F1.
  5. NCH Software doesn't support accounting issues, only technical issues with the program. You can review the check, and other transactions', numbering by going to Options > Accounting. The number that appears on the right side of the list is the next number the used, double-click it to change it. When looking for the check 211, go to View > Checks... and set all of the filters above to "All". If this doesn't help, you should enter a detailed support ticket at
  6. Express Invoice and Express Accounts only have the "Import from CSV" option in regards invoices, but neither have an "Export for CSV".
  7. VideoPad has motion, transformation, blending and color correction effects, but nothing to correct video noise. By watching the video you posted, make sure to check your camera's quality settings, make sure that there's enough light as low indoors light will cause pixelation, get some extra light directly on what you're filming.
  8. There are 2 ways you can save things from PhotoStage: 1- Exporting as a final video in like .AVI or .MP4 or 2- Saving as an editable .SPJ project file. When you export your slideshow as a video file, you're creating the final product, there's no way to have the editable version back. You can load it back to PhotoStage but as an individual video. This files can be opened with most media players. When you save your slideshow as a .SPJ file, you're saving the editable version of the slideshow that can be only opened with PhotoStage, a media player can't play this PhotoStage project files. If you don't see your slideshow in the recent projects, look for your .SPJ file at the location where you saved it the first time, as this is done manually you need to remember where it was saved and open it from there.
  9. Enter a support ticket at including your registration code so NCH Can provide you with the installer of the version that works with your license.
  10. When you go to View > Customer list, make sure the filters at the top are set to "All", then click on the header of the "Customer" column to arrange them in alphabetical order. Look for the "Cash Sale" customer. Do the same with the invoices, go to View > Invoices, set the filters at the top to "All", arrange the invoices alphabetically using the "Customer" column and look for the invoices of Cash Sale. If the invoices or customer are not there, you can try to restore the backup folder, but that will replace all your current information with the one on the backup, there's no way to not affect your current data. If further assistance is required, enter a support ticket at Make sure to include your registration code and version of Express Invoice (v #.##) located at the bottom left corner of its main window.
  11. It seems that you might be having a driver issue. Please make sure your Windows' or Mac's drivers are fully updated, also make sure to download and install the latest drivers for your Behringer umx610 from the manufacturer's website. If 2 different programs are not recognizing the keyboard then the issue shouldn't be with MixPad. I would suggest contacting the keyboard manufacturer for support, if they say everything is OK and works with fruity loops, you could try entering a support ticket at
  12. When working with parts in Crescendo, sizing and bar line placement will affect all of the other staves too, it is designed to do so, individual sizing or bar line placement is not possible. You can suggest NCH to add individual sizing and bar line placement at
  13. help

    Zack, Some effects are restricted to the paid version of VideoPad, so if you're using a very old version, the free or trial version or an unlicensed version you might not be able to see all of the available effects. You can also try to reinstall VideoPad to make sure every component is there. If nothing works, I'd recommend entering a support ticket at
  14. Make sure to use the Transpose option from the main window, that should affect the whole score, if it is not working, enter a support ticket at Transpose user's manual section:
  15. You should take screenshots of the error messages and enter a support ticket at so NCH Software tech support can tell you what to do.