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  1. Hi, I will suggest to update the customers account before running any report, Open the Customers list, mark all customers, from the top left corner of the window, click the Customers menu > Recalculate customer balance option. When done, re run the balance sheet or income statement report using the same date as you are using when running the Account inquiry report and confirm. Best regards,
  2. Hi, Unfortunately no, you can only set fixed prices to items/products or services, but not customers accounts. As a workaround, you could have the same item with a different code for different customers, for instance: ItemA for customer A $100.00 same item for customer B $200.00 same Item for customer C $300.00 Best regards,
  3. Hi, Unfortunately the option to change or add your company logo instead of the Express Invoice title(on the web access portal) is not yet available. You can re brand the name of the software it self, but not the web interface, for more information, visit the next site> Best regards,
  4. Hi, 3D image clips and / or 3D video clips can be added to any project, using the instructions in Loading or Creating Clips. When loading a 3D image or video file, you will be asked to select its stereoscopic format. Check the Use this format for all 3D files I load check-box to set this as the default. The default format can be changed later in Options: Export. To change the stereoscopic format of a clip after it has been loaded, use the clip properties dialog. Saving 3D Videos Follow the instructions in Saving, Sharing, or Burning a Video. Select the Stereoscopic 3D output format, as shown in Output Video to Stereoscopic 3D. Stereoscopic Formats are: Side by Side, or Over / Under Information for the left and right eyes are stored in separate parts of each frame. If the frame width or height is set to half, then it means that the output will be shown stretched as if the input 3D file were squashed to half width or height. Anaglyph Information for the left and right eyes is stored together, by shifting colors. Glasses with different colored lenses are required to view the 3D effect.
  5. Hi, I will suggest to report the case to the NCH support staff > , and to include the ClickCharts project file for them to review. Best regards,
  6. Hi, It could be related to the other application you are using, conflicts may occur when working with this type of applications, however, I will suggest to contact the NCH support staff for assistance > Best regards,
  7. Hi, If you split the file into 10 separate files, each file will be a new or separate iBook. If you need further assistance, contact the NCH support staff > Best regards,
  8. underwater

    Hi, What type of files formats are you working with? You can see the list of supported files from > If the file(s) is supported, my advise is to download and install a difference version, click on the link below: If you need further assistance, contact the NCH support staff > Best regards,
  9. Hi, It is sometimes useful to print the actual period on the invoice to the customer to explain what period the invoice is for. When this option is checked, the text %period% in the Description field will be replaced by the date of the actual period of the invoice, in other words, what will be reflected is the actual invoice date not the current date. Regards,
  10. Hi, Certainly, the new version offers new features/options, Now, if you'll like to know the reason why things are done, most of the times is due to: a. Extensions based on functionality. b. Fixes of old bugs/application issues. For more information contact the NCH support staff > Best regards,
  11. Hi, Routing number refers to the bank institution routing number, this is a requirement for you to add the financial institution that is link to the account. If you need further assistance, contact the NCH support staff > Best regards,
  12. Hi, No, all data should be in the Library folder, still, possibly the data was at a different folder. On the old hardrive, look within > user/Library/Application\Support/NCH Software/ExpressInvoice, copy the "Express Invoice" folder and replace the one you have on the new system. If you need further assistance contact the NCH support staff > Best regards,
  13. Hi, Please confirm the Mac OS and application version you are using, and contact the NCH support staff > , possibly you will need to re install a software. I have tested this on Mac OS Sierra and it works just fine, either using the Open With > WavePad option(after right clicking) or by dragging the file to the application window. Best regards,
  14. Hi, Please set your Soundcard or "Stereo Mix" option as your Windows default recording device before trying again. Go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording menu > select your SoundCard or Stereo Mix and set as default. If these options are not listed, right click on the blank area, select "Show disabled devices", look for the option, select, click "Set default", click Apply and OK. When ready, go to Debut options > Audio > check mark Microphone and Speakers boxes and click OK, when done start your recording and confirm. Best regards,
  15. Hi, Zulu offers an online manual for beginners, I will suggest to review this before trying to use the software tools and options. Click on the link below > If you need further assistance, contact the NCH support staff > Best regards,