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  1. Hi, From the bottom left corner of the software window, there is a "Select Recording Window" section, click the square that has four arrows pointing at each corner, this will allow to record from the entire screen once again. Best regards,
  2. Hi, Please elaborate on " It is allowing sound on sound "... basically this is the software main functionality, it allows to record and mix tracks, when you play it, it will play all the tracks at the same time, regardless if the sound overlaps the previous or next track. Please review. Best regards,
  3. Hi, After you have installed the software, proceed to restart, this is a must. When ready, confirm which is your Windows default recording device, then set this device from Voxal Options menu. From Preview Recording Device: Select the recording device (such as a microphone) you wish to use for previewing your Voxal voice effects. This is the microphone you will speak into when the "Preview" function is switched on. From Preview Playback Device: Select the playback device (such as your headphones) you wish to use for previewing your Voxal voice effects. This is where you will hear your voice when the "Preview" function is switched on. Preview Mode: You can choose one of two methods for previewing your Voxal voices. The Spe ak and Listen method is selected by default and allows you to say a sentence into your microphone and then when you are finished play it back and listen to how it sounded. The Live method means that Voxal will playback the voice as you are speaking. Some types of hardware don't work well using the second method, so if you are having troubles, try changing to use the Speak and Listen method. Best regards,
  4. Hi, Does it happens when using any item? OR just with items that start with letters, for instance "C12345"? please confirm. Also, make sure you are not getting a stock/quantity error, based on low stock, as this is normal functionality. Best regards,
  5. Hi, It does not, Pixillion is an image file converter, you can add text captions to an image but it does not reduce texts from the original image file. In case you are looking for a text document converter, click here > Best regards,
  6. Hi, If the issue persist on both versions of the software, and both version were registered, meaning: showing a "Licensed" status at the top of the window, the case could be related to the foot pedal device and not the software, specially if the issue persist when using the pedal on other systems. Please review. To review the foot pedal devices that we recommend click here > Best regards,
  7. Hi, Open the Chart of Accounts window > double click the account you are referring to > add the opening balance and click OK to save changes. Best regards,
  8. Hi, Credit notes will change the customer account balance, if the invoice was already paid, the account used to allocate the invoice won't be changed. As a workaround you could enter a negative value on the invoice, using as Item: Credit, Description: the reason for the credit and date, and Unit Price: the amount that was paid by the user, so it goes back to $0.00 If there is a payment for the invoice, you should delete the payment from the payments list window. Best regards,
  9. Hi, Please be aware, Copper and Express Accounts do not integrate... As a workaround, you can use the Report > Transactions report(from Copper) > save the report as a .CSV file, and then import the transactions on Express Accounts. Best regards,
  10. Hi, There is no need to modify 600 entries, you can go to Options(Preferences if you have a Mac) > and from the Invoice menu change the Layout and Style of all your invoices. Please review. There are also templates that you can use to take advantage of business templates. Best regards,
  11. Hi, Please confirm the software version you are using for us to advise and assist... If you are using v5.00 and yet the issue persist on the same Mac where you have the application, download and install the diagnostic version, for us to gather more data of the case, click here > 1. Open the program, 2. Click the Ignore tab until the Express Invoice window open(you can use the "Don't show this message again" option). 3. Close the Trace_ExpressInvoice.txt window. 4. Go to the Web Access interface and reproduce the issue so the trace reflects the error. 5. When done, from the Help menu, select "Open Diagnostic trace" tab and highlight all the text to copy(Command + C) and paste (Command + V) on your email reply. Best regards,
  12. Hi, 1. Are you working with .MP3 or .WAV files? please test other files. 2. What type of image file you are working with? please try with other formats. 3. Have you tried to play it from other players, to confirm if the issue is related to the player? Best regards,
  13. Hi, To get the sales report, use the Reports menu > Transactions, filter your daily transactions and click on Generate. In regards to the stock, from View(top menu) > Items, you can review the list of items, but Copper has no quantity record, if you wish to manage your stock based on quantity, you'll need to have Inventoria. For more information click here > Best regards,
  14. Hi, Yes, you can adjust the rate by clicking on the "Video Options" tab or by going into Options(Preferences for Mac) > Screen capture > Limit frame rate. In case you are referring to capture devices or network cameras, you'll need to refer to the device settings in order to change this. Best regards,
  15. Hi, Please be aware, the synchronization is between Copper and Inventoria or Express Accounts/Express Invoice and Inventoria. Express Accounts does nor integrates or synchronize with Copper and viceversa...the synchronization is based on Inventoria only. Best regards,