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  1. When you map your Hot-Keys, you should be able to map one to "Play (With Pausing)" but you won't be able to map the ESC key. You'd have to use another key.
  2. I'll contact you offline. It sounds like we might have to update our documentation.
  3. The reports are displayed in the program language. There's no Arabic version of Express Accounts. You can enter Arabic text into Invoices, Customers, etc.
  4. Express Scribe works fine on Sierra. We're testing on High Sierra now, in anticipation of its release in the fall.
  5. Our licenses are single computer/single user licenses. In order for a second user to register the software, you'd have to purchase a second license. We also offer site licenses, if you contact sales@nchsoftware.com
  6. You can view an image in full screen mode by pressing F11. That will show just the image, with no buttons.
  7. Please open a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html if you're having trouble installing/registering your software. You may be using a registration code from an older version.
  8. We provide support to anyone who has a question or problem, whether they've purchased our software, are using a free/trial version, or are have presales questions. If you open a ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html, you'll receive a reply.
  9. I'm not sure I understand. We don't put software on your computer. You installed SoundTap and ended up with an older version? Where did you download the installer from? If you install the current version, then you should be able to uninstall SoundTap normally.
  10. Effects can be applied to multiple slides, but the font must be changed on a per slide basis.
  11. Version 4.72 is fairly old. It was released almost 4 years ago. The latest version is 5.25 Upgrades can be purchased at www.nch.com.au/upgrade/
  12. If you're logged into the same account on the new device, then you should be able to install the paid version of Express Invoice if you search for it on the App Store.
  13. There should be a yellow sheet of paper in the box with your software, and there should be a license serial number on it, along with instructions for activating that serial number. If you don't have that sheet of paper, then please open a ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html and send us proof of purchase in the form of your receipt. Once we receive that, we'll send you a license for the software that you purchased.
  14. PM Sent
  15. It sounds like you don't have any customers selected when you go to View-->Customers. If you do, the Export to CSV (for Mail Merge) should be enabled.