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  1. Hello, if the issue is only happening with the latest version of the program then you may want to contact NCH Software support team to check on the possibility of getting an older version installer for testing.
  2. Hello, the program does not have an option to automatically apply any effects when shortening the file, however you have the option to apply any of the effects offered manually before you save the slideshow or video.
  3. Are you using the latest version of the program? if so, you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further details on this regard, or after installing Voxal on your computer you may want to reinstall the Audio driver on the computer, and to do that you may go to the device manager, click on the audio, video and game controller and then right click on the audio controller and uninstall it, restart the computer and let Windows reinstall the audio driver.
  4. I have tested the program and have not been able to replicate the issue you are reporting, when adding the watemark on the images it did not change the file size. So, this may be a particular issue that you may want to check with NCH Software support team may be a better option for you to get support from. You may want to contact them online so they can provide you with further assistance.
  5. I have tested Pixillion converting PNG files to PDF and then from PDF to Jpeg and have used images with lots of graphics and other with little and they all convert with no issues. For this particular case it would be better if you contact NCH Software support team to get further assistance.
  6. Printing or emailing your invoices should be easier than that, if you open Express Invoice and go to View > Invoices and then click to select the invoice you wish to print or email and then select either option from the icon's menu at the top of the Window. You can also use the option Save to save the invoice directly as .pdf file to your computer. Regarding the Web access feature keep in mind that your Router needs to have the ports open so you can access the program remotely. Also, the computer where the program is installed needs to be on, and the program running.
  7. Jirm, this issue seems to be happening just to some devices, NCH Software support team may provide you with a diagnostic version of the program that you can use to provide with more technical details about the issue. Contact NCH Software support for further assistance on this matter.
  8. Just to confirm are you able to connect to the camera and see the video on Debut or when using a web browser to open the IP camera stream? When you try to connect to that camera what error are you getting on Debut? Remember that for further support NCH Software offers technical support through this link
  9. For this particular case it would be better for you to contact the NCH Software support team for further assistance. you may create a support request through this link With the limited information you are providing here it would be too difficult to make an assertion on what the cause of the issue maybe.
  10. Sadly the program would only be able to create a single record for each serial number or Mac address, so if you have 50 pcs the program will crate 50 line items as each barcode scanned will be read as the Item code.
  11. When you synchronize both programs you need to select the location or warehouse you are syncing with, if the items you are trying to edit are not stored in the same location you have selected during syncing then you would get this type of errors. If you already checked and confirmed you are using the right warehouse or location and the issue remains then you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance.
  12. This issue was already reported to NCH Software's developers and testing is going to be done to try finding the source of the issue. At this moment there is no estimated time when the issue would be addressed but is likely that with a new version it will be resolved.
  13. Sadly the program does not have any option to change the aspect ratio to fit your images. Most likely what is happening is that your images have 4:3 aspect ratio while the program will export using widescreen 19:6 so in order to fit the 4:3 images to the 16:9 ratio it adds those black strips on the sides or top and bottom, that is called boxing. As mentioned before at this moment the program does not offer the option to change these aspect ration but the NCH Software developers have been notified of this mismatch.
  14. You may want to check the format you are using to record the videos in your computer and confirm if this issue happens with all formats or just with one. Also, close all other programs you may have running in the program since video rendering is a process that takes a lot of your computer resources from CPU, video and memory. If you wish to get more personalized support you can always contact NCH Software support team.
  15. This is an issue that was reported to our developers recently and they are working on it. If you wish to get a get an email update once the new version of Voxal is available you may subscribe to NCH Software newsletter from this link