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  1. Blurring edges

    Hello. Photopad does offer an option to use local focus and it blurs the areas outside the focal point you select. To use that feature you may open Photopad and load the image you want to work with, then go to Effect > Local focus and set the size for the inner focal point and the outer are that is going to be blurred. for more details about this feature you may follow this link http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/photopad/win/layer_localfocus.html
  2. Wavepad problems

    Thank you for the update.
  3. Hello, the audio source you are recording is it your speakers or a microphone? I have tested using the speakers option and the audio was recorded fine on the second and subsequent recordings. Also, if you are using a USB microphone you may want to check if the issue happens when you use a different USB port.
  4. Microsoft Edge Browser

    Hello, I was not able to find any information on the Windows updates details about security updates done on Edge specifically, but it is likely that there could be a security update that has cause this to happen only with that browser. I tested myself and was not able to replicate the issue but I'm sure the July 31st update has not been installed yet. In any case you may want to check with Microsoft what changes they may have applied to Edge and check if there is a setting in the browser that you may need to change to allow screen capture.
  5. Hello, when you say the website I image you are referring to the Web access, if so, please open Inventoria and go to Options > Web Accounts and add a new user with administrator privileges for you to test. Once you have created this new user please test again the Web Access feature, and if the issues remain you may want to contact NCH Software support for further assistance.
  6. Remove gap on MP3 file

    If the disc you are trying to rip already has gaps between songs then Express Rip won't be able to delete or trim those gaps, but if the original disc does not have them then you may to to Options > Other Options > and make sure the box to add short silence to the start of tracks is not checked. Other than that there is nothing else that could add or delete gaps to the songs on the disc you are ripping.
  7. Thanks Chris for your information regarding controlling the zoom speed for Photostage.  At least now I can let the issue go and just deal with the zoom speed available.  Iv'e noticed that Ken Burns uses variable zoom speeds.  I will check out the the application you recommended.  I had given up on getting the information until I got your E-mail.  Thanks a lot.  


  8. Vary speeds of zoom fast slow fast

    Hello, sadly PhotoStage does not offer the option to control the speed while applying other effects like zoom, nor you can select to apply different speeds on the different image. That type of editing is offered on Video editors like Videopad where you can split the video and apply different speeds to each piece of the video. Back to PhotoStage, the zoom effect only has one speed which will depend on the length of the image, for example, if the image last 3 seconds then the zoom will be done within that time, while if the image last 10 seconds then you will see that the zoom is done more smoother as it has more time to run.
  9. Spectrogram of a song

    Hello, Wavepad offers two type of frequency analysis (spectogram) which are the Frequency analysis (FFT) and the Temporal Frequency Analysis (TFFT) and you can find more details about it here http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/wavepad/win/frequencyanalysis.html These two are the only options offered on Wavepad, hope this helps to answer your question.
  10. Changing multiple files

    Hello, when you are using the tag %Category% the program will try renaming the files using the category information on the files data, and if there is no category information to create unique file names the program will not convert the file names. If you try other tags like %Title% or %Track% you should be able to see the difference. In case you are sure the files you are trying to convert do have information for category then please contact NCH Software support for further assistance. You may create a support request here http://nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  11. Software that records speaker sound

    Hello, when you open Debut you may go to Options > Audio and there select the option for Speakers and leave the filter option as default (MMDevice) and click on OK to save it. That should get the program to record what plays through your computer's speakers. To change the audio quality on the audio you would record you may click on the Encoder options button on the main Debut screen and select the audio compressor and bitrate. Keep in mind that the compressor and bitrate options will change depending on the video format you are selecting to record the screen as.
  12. Paid Video Capture Software questions

    Hello, yes, Debut has a limit of 10 hours for the maximum time for a single recording, but it offers you the option to start a new recording when the time reaches it's limit. About the stream recordings, the option would be to record your screen while the stream is viewed, but you may want to keep in mind that some streams may have anti piracy security that may cause issues with your recording, so please make sure you are not violating any copyrights laws when intending to record the stream. Debut has a feature to schedule recordings using your computer's clock and set if the recording should be daily or weekly and select the start time and end time and which days of the week should the recording happen. You can find those options on Debut > File > Schedule recording.
  13. Hello Syd1, You did not specified which program you are referring to and that is key in order to better assist you. Also, could you check if this issue you are reporting happens with all the audio files you have on that Audio files list or does it happen with some? Also, for this type of issues you may want to contact the NCH Software support team directly to get further assistance.
  14. Splitting Files Using Bookmarks

    Hello, In this case you may want to manually split the file in Half (or anything close that will give you two files instead of one) and then try splitting the file again. In case the issue remains you may want to contact the support team so they can provide you with a diagnostic version of the program to try to determine the source of the issue you are reporting.
  15. Hello Peter, have you tried running Debut as Admin? To do that you may simply right click on the Debut icon and select Run as Administrator and test the program again. In case the issue remains you may also want to test if the issue happens if you select only speakers under options and confirm you are using MMDevice. If none of that solves it contact NCH Software technical support for further assistance.