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  1. Increase track volume - already set to 100%

    Check out the functionality of "Automatically normalize audio volume." It's under the MEDIA tab in the options window. NCH Wavepad does a nice job of this as well.
  2. the I see where you're coming from now. There has been the suggestion that it would be handy to have the audio blue-line adjustable on the timeline as well as in the preview window. But in lieu of that enhancement, consider playing the timeline until it reaches the IN point where audio is to be adjusted. SPLIT the track at that point. Play to the OUT point and split again. Then click the newly split-out clip's audio track and you will see it isolated (in white) in the preview window, showing the precise IN/OUT points. Perhaps this approach will suffice for the time being. If you want to be selective, click the small chevron to the right of the split button to choose which tracks to split.
  3. DVD won't play on older DVD players

    Be sure to export as a DVD MOVIE file, not video. Are you running the latest VP version? You can also try burning with Express Burn. And this discussion might prove helpful..
  4. Please post a screenshot of the limitation that you're seeing. To do that see the "tips for getting help..." sticky post at the top of this forum.
  5. why can't i export

    While VP will continue to function after 30 days, some features, such as the available number of export formats and audio channels, are disabled. http://www.nch.com.au/action/reginfo.html#videopad Marketing might consider clarifying these limitations in the FAQ, to avert user confusion and frustration.
  6. How to use pan and zoom?

    Check this out.
  7. SImple Video NEED HELP

    If you want a title over blank video, ADD BLANK from the toolbar and choose a color. Place it on track one. Then ADD TEXT, compose your title and place it on track two (just above track one). Use the same next-higher numbered track method for superimposing text over any video. The ADD TITLE configuration box has scroll options. There are various ways to isolate a portion of a clip. You could place the entire clip on the timeline, then SPLIT the start and SPLIT the end of the desired portion - in essence creating a new clip within the original. Then delete the undesired parts and right-click, close any gaps. Or you might click on the clip in the media bin (top-left area) drag the scrubber (red line) to where you want to first see the clip. Click the START button. Then drag the scrubber to where you want the clip to end and click the END button. Now click the small chevron to the right of the PLACE button - under the preview window - to see the choices of where to place the clip on the timeline. (Note that the same button displays SPLIT or PLACE, as needed.) To sum up, once the video clips are in place, titles/text be added on the next-higher track. Sound clips can be dragged below the video tracks, where it says "drag and drop your audio clips here to mix."
  8. Can you add another audio over top of another audio?

    The licensed version supports multiple audio tracks, and all will be heard unless you mute them. The trial version is limited to two audio tracks.
  9. Totally new to video editing

    Click anywhere on the timeline and a small graphic pops up. Click it to create a SPLIT. Or click the SPLIT button. Or click the chevron to the right of the split button and choose specific tracks to be split. If you split at your intended start point, and again at the end point - in essence, creating a new clip - then that clip can be excised. Right-click on the new clip to see the options or click the clip and press the DEL key. Audio and video tracks can be unliinked from each other by right-clicking either track to bring up a menu. Click the UNLINK item. Thereafter, each track is independent of the other.
  10. Adding to sequence changes window sizes

    There's a difference in preview window size when toggling from CLIP to SEQUENCE mode, to make room for thumbnails. Otherwise, the window never changes size here, no matter what clips are added to the media area or to the sequence. Seek out an updated video driver from the supplier's WEBsite. Use the default/recommended/optimal value for DPI and resolution settings. You might try a reinstall of VP's latest as well.
  11. Error loading effects or transition icons

    Another thread discussed the issue, and suggested right-clicking on the VP executable and clicking RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. If that doesn't help, try deleting VP using this tool. Then install the latest VP version.
  12. Fade-out effect disappears

    A tad confused here as you note that "no other scene directly follows, yet there is a "break between two scenes." What are you changing within the video? Tested a single clip with a transition FADE and added an effect. Then cut out a portion of the clip. Neither the effect nor the cut altered the fade. Same result when a fade transition was between two clips. If a single clip has a fade, and another clip is added immediately following, the fade will vanish. To avoid that, add the fade after adding the second clip. In lieu of using a transition, try the TRANSPARENCY effect, plotting a keyframe curve to fade where desired. Here's how.
  13. Create splits at the points on the background (BG) audio track that correspond to the start and end of where narration is heard. Click on this split section. In the waveform window that opens drag the horizontal line downwards - to lower the BG gain.. Create keyframes by clicking anywhere on the line - to plot a slope that will make the volume level transition gradual. After doing this, the horizontal blue line in the BG track will reflect the audio adjustment. Also see this.
  14. Can't find files after exporting

    Upload the elusive project and link it here, at suggested in the earlier post. Someone will take a look.