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  1. See if these two threads give you a hint...
  2. Try Wavepad. Clips or the entire audio track can be exported from Videopad, corrected, then imported back to the timeline. This thread may help.
  3. update version

    This may answer your query.
  4. If possible, please upload the new project and link it here, so someone can check it. FILE menu|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT. Zip it if necessary.
  5. cant add audio file

    Mp3s will play now...if VP recognizes their encoding. The original (unplayable) is at the left; the converted (playable) Mp3 is at the right. Properties
  6. Click on the OPTIONS icon. Under the media tab check the "automatically normalize audio volume" box and see if that does the job If not, an external audio editor, such as Wavepad, may be your best bet.
  7. After making the appropriate project backup, try FILE menu|IMPORT CLIPS FROM ANOTHER PROJECT. That succeeded here in importing not only the clips but the sequences from the other project. Thereafter, a new sequence could be created and existing sequences copied to it.
  8. It appears that your file differs from Rowerfal's in some manner. Put your project up on a server and link it here and someone may analyze it for you. Use the FILE menu SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT and zip it if necessary.
  9. Sequence 4 showed up as the far-right tab above the timeline, and was empty. Why it was there, and labelled #4, is unknown. Glad things worked out for you.
  10. That's how. In the media window delete the yellow FULL FILM folder. Above the timeline click on SEQUENCE 4. (You can right-click this tab and rename it "full film" if you wish.) In the media window, right-click on each sequence (except #4) in the order you want them, and "place on timeline." Each will show a green check mark. Click EXPORT|VIDEO, chose your Mp4 resolution/format. Tested successfully here as an .flv (YouTube) and a number of Mp4 video files.
  11. Seems that only the VPJ (data) file is on the server. In VP use the FILE menu to save as a portable project, then upload the folder. If it's large, zip it first.
  12. What happens when, instead of using VP's YouTube uploader, you create an Mp4 and upload it directly? For someone to take a look at your project, please click the FILE menu and upload the project to a server - DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc. Post a public link here.
  13. The Mp4 video was created from the project files that you uploaded: two clips and the.VPJ data file. Starting with a clean slate, try this approach... Apply effects to the master clip until it is scaled, rotated, cropped, etc. just as you want it. Crop out any random pulses at the top of the raster. This is sequence #1. Then click the + sign on the tab above the timeline to create a new sequence. The timeline will be cleared. Up in the media area click the SEQUENCE tab and load sequence #1 onto the timeline. Now make your cut/s, and then export this completed sequence #2.
  14. There are two clips in your project. Though you state that they were from a single source they appear to have been processed slightly differently: clip one has pulses at the top of the raster that may have confused the uploader. This downloadable test was at 1280 x 720, 29.97 fps with default encoding. No sizing difference. Try uploading it to YouTube and see if the problem recurs.
  15. Keep.