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  1. The limitations of the non-licensed version after a trial period are not readily apparent. Perhaps marketing will see fit to clarify. License your copy and you.should have no problem. Or you might over-install with the latest incarnation and see if exporting is available. It may not be. In any case, first click FILE menu and back up the project.
  2. problem

    Issue resolved
  3. problem

    Using VP 5.01, exported your files: Mp4, 320 X 240 NTSC with H264 codec default settings. Took about two minutes. Audio was normalized. No hitches.
  4. Created a transparent "test_template" just like yours, Here's the path: "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\VideoPad\EffectTemplate\test_template.vfc" You should be able to delete there. The effect showed up below most others, in the TEMPLATES section. Clicking on it applied only that effect to the clip - there was no "fade in/out." "Clear Mask" was also listed, but it didn't appear to alter the effect.
  5. problem

    That appears to be only the VPJ file. The individual files (video/audio/etc.) will be needed in order to reconstruct the project. Test it with the latest VP version.
  6. Worked here on non-contiguous titles. When they are, clicking the PREVIOUS FRAME button after clicking the title brings them up, but that is an extra step.
  7. To see the subtitle text, first click on the top entry THEN on the title you want. Odd, but it seems to do the job.
  8. problem

    Nat's observation is echoed here; I've experienced the same. You might test a deletion of the temp cache files, under OPTIONS|DISK. And be sure you're using the latest version.
  9. problem

    VPJ is data - it tells Videopad what to do. It's not a video file and cannot be converted to Mp4. EXPORT (produce) the project as Video File, then choose Mp4. SAVE your project for later retrieval an editing. THAT will be a VPJ file. You can upload directly to YouTube as well. Check out the HELP (?) menu for particulars.
  10. In the media area (top-left) select them all <ctrl-A>, then drag or use the PLACE button to drop them into the timeline.
  11. They should. Once the create-text box is closed the text file should automatically add itself to the next video track. If you have only a single video track, text will be above it as track 2. Same thing for a narration file, but it's added below the video. Those individual files appear in the media area (top-left of the VP window), under the AUDIO RECORDINGS tab. Can't say why the text file is under that tab and not IMAGES tab, but that's how it appears here.
  12. Please explain more fully what you mean by "revalue."
  13. Where is info on the specific differences between the FREE (trial) version of VP and the PROFESSIONAL incarnation? This would be helpful in clearing up confusion.
  14. Looks good. But at what point does the program become 'bloated'? Is it marketing's aim to compete with Premiere or even PowerDirector? Or instead to focus on being an easy to master tool that has just enough bells and whistles to satisfy the average home movie maker.
  15. You tried reloading the program?