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  1. What media is being used - DVD-R or DVD+R? -R is likely the most compatible with older players. Tried different brands?
  2. Humm... upload the video/image file itself and someone will check it out.
  3. First thing: click the VIEW menu in the toolbar and RESTORE DEFAULT SETTINGS. Having an image not centered in the preview window is odd. Please take a screenshot and link it here. The procedure is explained in the 'sticky' post at the top of this forum titled "Tips for getting help on this forum."
  4. The distinction between the home and master (licensed) editions is often a source of confusion. Trialware might be a more apt description for the unlicensed version, which also may limit available export formats. Here is what the company states. Here is a Wikipedia article.
  5. See the last entry in this thread.
  6. Switch to storybook mode and verify that there are no gaps. If that looks good, please use FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT to create a folder that you can place on a server, such as DropBox, Google Drive or MS OneDrive. Make the folder or files public and link them here. Someone will try to duplicate your results.
  7. Click on a clip in an audio track and it will open in the preview window. You can then drag the blue horizontal line downwards, to decrease volume. Click any point in the line and drag down or up, to create keyframes. The blue line on the audio track will echo the results, so you can see where the audio dips vs. narration. You might also test the HIGH PASS audio effect, which may screen out some undesirable lower frequency notes.
  8. Right-click on the track and CUT or DELETE. The clips in the media bin (top-left) won't be affected.
  9. It does. Loading will be affected by project complexity and the PC's available resources.
  10. Click on the clip in the media bin prior to each 'slice' and you will see the PLACE button. So someone can duplicate your results please use FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload the result to Google Drive, MS OneDrive or similar server, create a shared or public link and post it here.
  11. Seemingly similar behavior has been mentioned. Search here for "Export Effects." Does it make a difference which export format is chosen? To rule out cache problems, open OPTIONS|DISK tab and clear unused files. What are the specs of your PC: RAM, CPU, GPU, free disk space, and the like? Video editing is resource intensive.
  12. If possible let someone take a look at your project. Click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload the result to Google Drive, MS OneDrive, DropBox or the like and publicly link it here.
  13. Try a lower preview resolution as well, to tax PC resources less. Right-click in the preview window. While the presentation may degrade somewhat, it could render more smoothly.
  14. As a test, export the project and see if the freeze occurs when it's played.
  15. Even though you're on a Mac, please share your project if possible, as noted above. Someone will check it.