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  1. When exporting as image sequence, did you choose "PNG 32bpp"? That's the one preserving the alpha channel.
  2. I've entered the suggestion to the team. Thanks.
  3. Hi @neurotix Are you getting this problem on every project or only some particular projects? What happen if you start a new project?
  4. help

    @Zack You can achieve the same result by combining Position and Zoom effect.
  5. @fredgolightly Could you also send the trace log to me?
  6. We are planing a darken look for VideoPad (in fact, for all NCH products). To get an idea how it would look like please check out PhotoPad. At this stage, no decision has been made yet.
  7. Thanks for reporting the bug and the suggestion for adjusting line spacing. I've filed them both. It won't be able to move individual lines though. It can be done by moving separated clips as Borate suggested.
  8. Video encoding and decoding are very CPU intensive jobs. Upgrading your PC will definitely helps a lot.
  9. @FELIX FELIX We have no problem playing H.264 with WMP here. I think @borate is right so please install the codec pack and let us know if it works.
  10. release note

    Fixed missing clips when loading projects.
  11. @FELIX FELIX Please export a short mp4 video which works in VLC but not Windows Movie Maker. Upload the file to a server so we can have a closer look.
  12. release note

    Update: We've reproduced the issue. We'll get it fixed and release VideoPad soon.
  13. release note

    @EricCawley Yes, please upload everything(including media files) if you can. @Ivan187 Could you please share your project too?
  14. release note

    @EricCawley Could you please share a project with the media files via Google Drive, Drop Box etc. that has missing clips. We'll investigate. Thanks.
  15. release note

    New: Ability to preview video clips in 360 degree mode by click on the "360" toggle button at the bottom of the preview windows. Added "Place in 360" effect which can be used to overlaying normal 2D clips on to a 360 degree video. Re-implemented how image sequences work: An image sequence are now represent a serial of images(in alphabet order of the file names) in a folder. Sub folders are not taken into account. An ISQ (file extension) file is created in the image sequence folder after imported. ISQ files can be opened and added into VideoPad as a video file. Image sequences can now be imported into VideoPad without being converted to AVI. Image sequences can now be lossless when saved as images with lossless compression (e.g. PNG). Ability to import/export image sequences with transparent background. Alpha channel of the images are preserved. Fixed: Fixed exported video freeze in between the gap of two clips with effects applied. Fixed exported DVD freeze at some point.