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  1. If you find a bug and report to us we'll provide free license for the release that has the bug fixed. If you upload your project files on a file sharing server, PM me I'll try to export it for you - for this time only.
  2. HI, Could you please share your project files to us (put them on Google Driver or DropBox etc.) and PM me the link. I'll try it out. Thanks.
  3. Hi, This bug is fixed and will be applied to the next release.
  4. Is it possible to share your project files to us (on Google Drive etc.) so we can have a look?
  5. Please try the latest version if you didn't.
  6. The project folder is created when you open, save and backup projects. I can't think of why it still there after you uninstalled VideoPad.
  7. Please zip the backup folder and upload it on Google Drive or One Drive. PM me or post the link here. We'll have a closer look.
  8. @tsr Are you using the latest version (v5.03)? If not please upgrade. We've recently fixed a bug causing similar issues.
  9. processes

    Could you please post your export settings(resolution, codec settings etc.) here? Also, could check your Windows task manager, which process is occupying the CPU, VideoPad.exe or x264enc7.exe?
  10. Hi Nat, You can change the preview AR from Options->Display->Preview Format. The thumbnail images are always the same size and in 16:9.
  11. To avoid stretching, the AR of the rectangle must be the same as output(preview) AR.
  12. Hi Nat, The Zoom effect is to fill the output with what's in the rectangle. Therefore the output will be stretched if you have a rectangle with different AR of the output.
  13. It seems the GPU (graphics card) is the bottle neck. GPU is used when hardware acceleration option is checked.
  14. It sounds weird...Are you getting the same on other projects? Is it possible to share the project and the video file so we can have a look? Also could you let us know what's the codec settings you exported to?
  15. If that's the case, the encoder(e.g. x264enc7.exe) should use most of the CPU instead of VideoPad.exe. You total CPU usage should be almost full.