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  1. @Aresby Yes, we are actively working on performance improvements.
  2. @DBF68 Please upload the files if you can, we are still investigating this issue. We could not reproduce the problem with @rowerfal's files.
  3. @Josh2901 Could you please describe the problems in more details, e.g. missing files or crash.
  4. Lower fps will definitely exports faster since you have less frames to be generated - the time to generate each frame is fixed regardless FPS.
  5. Thanks for the clarifying.
  6. @EricCawley Could you please upload the project files (the .vpj file and video/audio files used in the project)? Bug fixes will be applied to the next release. We normally make a new release in 1-2 months, sometimes longer though if big changes are applied. I can't tell the exact time for the next release but we are trying to make a new release in 2-3 weeks.
  7. Update: It turned out that @Bamboo's problem was completely different to @GTCulbreth's. We've got both problems taken care of. @everyone If you encountered the same issue please upload and share your files if you can. Maybe your problem is different from the one we fixed. It will also help us to confirm that the problem was fixed. We'll return free license key of the new release to users whom provided files or information to help us fix bugs.
  8. You can try other players like VLC.
  9. Have you tried clear the cache (check Options > Disk > Clear all cache files on exit and exit VideoPad)?
  10. Does it still corrupted when you export again? If so please upload the file on Google Drive/One Drive, we'll investigate.
  11. Sounds like an encoding problem of the .srt file. If you are using an editor like Notepad to edit the srt file, check the encoding option when you save.
  12. @Bamboo Thanks for uploading the files. Could you please also upload the .vpj file?
  13. It seems like the file is corrupted. Please try export again.
  14. What about your local hard disk?
  15. There are a few others also reporting similar issues and we are investigating the problem. Have you tried export to a disk file? You can manually upload the disk file to YouTube if succeed.