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  1. Prizm is a one to one file converter and does not need to process the images in the video stream. It use a totally different pipeline to VideoPad. You can't have overlays, effects and transitions etc. in Prizm. We are always working on improve performance. We will make adjustments as soon as we see a chance to make it faster without breaking something else.
  2. The hardware acceleration requirement is support for shader level 2. Yes, most of the Intel chips support that. However there are still a few effects are not done in GPU, including the censored effect you've mentioned. Since they are actually more effective if done on CPU. Faster CPU would definitely speed up everything.
  3. It sounds like it would happen if you used an older version to open a project saved by a newer version. If that's the case try use the latest version open the project and the transitions will be recovered.
  4. We've found a few bugs related on this issue and working on fixing them.
  5. VP uses more then one process. For example If you export to x264 you will see x264enc7.exe running when you export. It depends on your project. For example, if you export a video without effects and transitions you will see x264enc7.exe taking 7x% of the CPU and VP only uses 2x. But if you have a lot of effects and multiple tracks, the codec process would only take a small amount of the CPU. Also, don't forget we recently put many effects on GPU to reduce CPU workload. So it's normal the VP main process dose not occupy 100% CPU and it does not mean it's slow. I would say it should worth the money to have 16GB RAM. Although VP is built 32bit, which means the main process can only access maximum 4GB of RAM. However most of the video and audio codecs run on different process. Also the OS and other processes would use fair bit of RAM too.
  6. @WTF I tried subtitle editing myself and found it is working okay. The cursor stop at the end is actually intended for adding continuous subtitles since new subtitles are always inserted at cursor position. The only problem I can see here is that the text didn't show up when you click on a subtitle. I can't see this happen in the latest English version. I just noticed you are using a non-English version which is not updated as often as the English one. Please try the latest English version. This issue might already been fixed.
  7. problem

    Can I also see your export settings please?
  8. problem

    The vpj file doesn't seem to have complex editing. So yes, I think we need to check the video files used in the project.
  9. Yes, you can delete and rename saved templates by clicking the "Edit effect chain template" button which next to the save template button (looks like a pencil).
  10. Sometimes we want to keep the number of threads limited. More threads means more resource(mostly memory) required. We've added a mechanism recently to detect if memory is running low, VP will reduce the number of threads to ensure the export can be finished. Also, when you say 30% - 70%, do you meant the overall CPU usage or VP process only?
  11. release note

    We increase the major version number each year. In fact there were always been big enough changes for a new release. Sometimes the changes are more on the underlying engine and less noticeable by users.
  12. release note

    This is a polished version of the last release with various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  13. problem

    Hi Grumbo, Is it possible to share your project files to us so we can find out what happened? You can upload them to Google Drive or One Drive etc.. PM me the link if you can do so. Thanks,
  14. Yes, it will be fixed. Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. Can't see that happen here... My best bet is to try clear the cache. It could be some cache files from the old versions causing that.