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  1. Hi john_trypaluk252, Can you give a bit more information about your laptop? What OS are you using and what method are you using to record (eg inbuilt mic, USB interface etc)? Also, could you please explain what you mean when you say the sound gets "messy"? Regards, Ben
  2. Hi KMNJ, How long are these mp3 files you are trying to open? Regards, Ben
  3. Hello IDB, Unfortunately it appears to be a bug. We have it noted and it will be fixed in the next release. Regards, Ben
  4. Hi GINGER20, What you are trying to do is what Crescendo refers to as multiple voices. For something like guitar music, it is common to have a bass line and melody line written on the same staff. In Crescendo you write these two parts as two different voices. Voices in Crescendo can overlap each other. To change which voice notes belong to, go the "Voices" menu and select Voice 1,2,3 or 4. Any notes you add to Crescendo will now be part of that voice. If you have already added a note and you want to reassign it to a different voice, then you can right click on the note and go to the "Voices" item in the pop-up menu and select the correct voice. Regards, Ben
  5. Hi mainer104, I'm not sure what the problem could be - it is working for me here. Are you making sure the notes are selected? They should be high-lighted blue when selected. From there you should be able to just right click and change the direction as described above. Regards, Ben
  6. The currently released version available from our website contains the fix.
  7. Hi TommieL, Can you give me some more detail on the format of the file you are editing and what format you are saving it to? Regards, Ben
  8. Hi Zenesz, Amplifying an audio file will simply increase the amplitude of the file by a set factor, so any audio which is close to clipping and distorting is likely to be pushed over this limit. This is especially so if your audio contains a large dynamic range of soft parts and loud parts. I would suggest using the compressor to reduce the dynamic range of the audio file and then using the normalize function. Let me know if you need more details. Regards, Ben
  9. Hi diatonis, Unfortunately WavePad doesn't have this option. I will add it to our list of suggestions. Regards, Ben
  10. Hi Skippster, You can open your video file in WavePad and then simply the save the file as an mp3. Then open your other project and open the mp3 file you saved. Regards, Ben
  11. Currently you are not able to do this, but this feature is on our list of things to add in the future. Regards, Ben
  12. It sounds like the driver installation may have failed for some reason. Could you please try uninstalling and reinstalling Voxal? Please take note of any errors which may show during the installation. Regards, Ben
  13. Hi hlpmepls, Can I please ask you to confirm that you rebooted your computer after installing Voxal? Regards, Ben
  14. Hi all It turns out there was a bug in the code signing process which affected a small number of users. This issue has been resolved now. Regards, Ben
  15. Hi Ed McAskill, Can you please describe your recording process? What kind of hardware are you using and what options have you selected in the WavePad settings dialog? Regards, Ben
  16. Hi Tim Prosser, Generally you shouldn't need to adjust for latency - MixPad should do it for you. But if you are having troubles with your hardware then MixPad allows you to specify an offset. Since this is a manual setting, you may need to experiment with the correct value. If you can describe your hardware setup I may be able to give you some suggestions on how to improve it and get better results. As much detail as possible would be great. Regards, Ben
  17. Thanks mjocyp We'll have a close look at it and see what we can do for the next release. Regards, Ben
  18. Hi Sparty70, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll have someone fix this. Regards, Ben
  19. Hi there, If the clipping is due to the volume being too high you can either turn down the microphone input, or you could add an amplify module and use it to reduce the output volume. Regards, Ben
  20. Hi bookandsong, In this case WavePad will simply copy the mono channel to both left and right channels. Regards, Ben
  21. Hi boblite, Thanks for the update on how you solved the issue - makes sense. Regards, Ben
  22. Hi boblite, SoundTap will automatically create a new recording whenever a stream stops and restarts again. It does not do this based on silence detection as this can be unreliable and cause breaks where there shouldn't be any. Some streaming services restart the stream for every track/song they play. Other ones just keep one continuous stream going. I'm not sure why you got two different results from the same source, but it seems like they were using different methods to stream on each occasion. Regards, Ben
  23. Hi Twync, If you still have the licence codes they should work fine. Regards, Ben
  24. Ok glad it's working for you. Thanks for the update! Regards, Ben
  25. Hi anotherbreed, Thanks for your feedback. I am going to raise both of these items as features to be added for WavePad (the loop points and adding the loop option to the batch converter). Thanks again, Ben