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  2. Now that I've read the entire thread (I apparently should've done that first) I realized that I skipped a head a couple projects.... I was able to create the gable ends of the home design before attempting the porch design. It's been too long so I don't remember how I connected the dots on that one but I do seem to remember not running into failure until trying to add the porch roof.... Sorry, I wish I could help more- Good luck! -Paul
  3. Hello, I tried a number of ways within the software to create a vaulted ceiling porch roof with the software. It appears there is a necessity within the code to have supporting walls in place before creating a roof. I was looking at supporting posts integral with a deck system and the software would not play nice with what I was thinking so I went old school and hauled out all my dad's drafting tools and started populating paper. I was able to scale everything properly and the deck and porch roof are now standing. Soon railings and new steps will be in place and it will be populated with family and friends. The software was very valuable in planning interior remodels as well as looking at exterior finish options on the house but fell short on the porch project.
  4. When working with parts, is there a way to adjust the bars independently? When I select a bar line on the second staff it also highlights and moves the bar on the first staff which creates a space problem due to variation of note types on the staffs. I am hoping someone knows of the trick to select a bar on one staff only (like holding the control or shift key - which didn't work for me)&nbs
  5. When working with parts, is there a way to adjust the bars independently? When I select a bar line on the second staff it also highlights and moves the bar on the first staff which creates a space problem due to variation of note types on the staffs. I am hoping someone knows of the trick to select a bar on one staff only (like holding the control or shift key - which didn't work for me)
  6. I am looking to do 1/2 stories and or sloped roofs as well. This post has been around 3 years, is there really intent to produce this feature? Can you share with your community a road map at least to see what is taking priority on your to do list? Thanks Jay
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  8. Awesome! M
  9. I dl the free version on 17 march. The terms do not say anyting about limited duration. I try a few tests, not knowing there are time or usage limits so I don't try to make every test count the most. I find some bugs then by March 20 I get the message asking me if I want to buy the progtam or user the free version. I use the free option then but today I do the same but when clicking record, I get a message demanding that I buy the program or enter the activation key. So where is the free for ever version? I have not yet found the limitations to know if it is of much use.
  10. When exporting as image sequence, did you choose "PNG 32bpp"? That's the one preserving the alpha channel.
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  12. I've entered the suggestion to the team. Thanks.
  13. Still having issues with exporting an alpha channel. Even a .png sequence contains a black background that has seemingly overwritten the alpha channel apparent in the editor.
  14. Hi, Please change to STEREO before applying the effect, you probably have it on MONO. This can be change from the bottom menu bar below the playback controls, please review. Best regards,
  15. Not precisely what you want, but a workaround would be to save an effect template (fourth 'page' icon from the left in the effects window). Then delete the effect - in essence disabling it until it's needed again. When that time comes open the effects window, scroll down to the saved effect and click on it to restore.
  16. Is it FALSE advertising to say that Express Scribe "now supports ds2 files" when clearly there are a lot of problems. Stop advertising that it works for ds2 files. IT DOES NOT. I've spent nearly an entire day of my life trying to get the software to work and get my work done in a timely manner. (It either won't load the file -- just sits there trying to load the file until it crashes, then the counter flickers and no sound comes out when it does finally load, but never works). Codec installation does not help. This is a nightmare. Do you need $20-$50 USD from a low level, low paid typist that you have to deceive them into buying your software and cause them to lose what little income they make by investing precious time trying to find a "solution" for your bad product? I am thoroughly disgusted. And to tell me to buy another software to convert the files? No, how about you do the right thing and either make the software work, or give the paid customer the conversion software (Switch) for free, or just give me my money back. The internet is full of scam... is this "Works with DS2" just another one?
  17. Thank you Nationalsolo, but I think you misunderstood what I said. I'm aware of the remove/delete X beside each effect. I don't want to delete/remove them... I want to be able to temporarily bypass/disable them. I would like to do this for individual FX and/or for the all of them attached to the clip. This is a useful ability that exists in other programs (editing and compositing). You can look at AfterEffects or the free Kdenlive for this sort of thing (there were a couple of others that I tried... but now I forget what they're called). Thank you, M
  18. What kind of pictures? .JPG stills? Click ADD FILE on the VP toolbar, then locate the file and OPEN it. The image should appear in the Media area, at the top-left. Note the various tabs, which are bins that hold different types of media. If you right-click in the preview window there should also be a choice to change preview resolution.
  19. Hi, i cant seem to upload pictures to video pad, they just come up pixelated and i cant see them at all,no matter what the picture..can anyone help? Thanks
  20. Hi Chris Thanks for your reply. I know it can be easier as for many years I didn't have a problem with printing or saving invoices - that's the issue - I do not know why it won't work as expected anymore. I have to email a PDF in order to save the document etc... The web access - I can't even access remotely from the other desk top next to the one I run express invoice from - so in terms of accessing anywhere else is a mystery. I also do not know how to transfer the history from one desktop to another so that all my invoices are stored in the same place.. I have no clue - everytime I follow instructions I just don't seem to be able to connect it up.... Thanks Majella
  21. That's interesting (and what I have been waiting for - I'll give it a try tonight and see if I get the same result). UPDATE I tried updating from 5.01 to 5.03 and my .mp4 video of 30 minutes rendered in 23:08 mins at 20fps, 8192kbs, 128kHz audio - I think this is the same as in 5.01. Additionally, CPU did not exceed about the 42% mark (overall CPU utilisation at the time 76%). Oh well, maybe the next release...
  22. I didn't mean it backwards at all... it wasn't using the full CPU of my system before. Now that it is, encoding is almost 4x as fast.
  23. I think you meant that backwards.
  24. To anyone wondering if they should pay for the upgrade from the 4.x train to 5.x, it is absolutely worth it. For me, encoding a 45 minute 720p avi has dropped from 2.5 hours (4.56) to around 45 minutes (5.03) [windows 10, i7-2600]. Same settings, same filters. CPU utilization went from 25% to 99%. Thank you!
  25. Hi @neurotix Are you getting this problem on every project or only some particular projects? What happen if you start a new project?
  26. help

    @Zack You can achieve the same result by combining Position and Zoom effect.
  27. You can submit a support ticket to so one of our specialist in Express Accounts can assist you with your request.
  28. When I use the amplify feature, it only applies my changes to one channel (the top or L channel).
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