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  2. Stabilize video doesn't work

    Ok, thanks Marc
  3. Photo information

    No - PhotoPad can't read, edit, or write EXIF metadata yet, but it's high on our priority list of features to add.
  4. College Image Size

    Images get cropped when their aspect ratio doesn't match the aspect ratio of the collage rectangle it's in. While there isn't a way to shrink an image inside of a collage rectangle, you can try using the 'Auto Grid' layout option which tries to make the collage rectangles match the aspect ratios of the provided images. This should prevent parts of your images from being lost.
  5. Missing Originals

    Saving your edited image as a PhotoPad Project (*.ppp) will store the original unmodified image along with the layer list of changes. This allows you to edit or remove layers later on. PhotoPad is the only program that can open .ppp files though. To save your edited image as a .jpeg, you'll have to do as vapors says and use the 'Save As' dialog.
  6. Panorama Override

    Unfortunately we don't have a way to continue without enough matching points, or for the user to manually align the photos. The preview is generated by downsizing the input images and stitching those together. So if it was able to generate a preview, you may be able to get the stitching to work by reducing the scale of the final image.
  7. Free or Not Free

    Hello bgharvey, if you wish to install the free version for Mixpad then you may want to download from this link http://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/mpfreesetup.exe Regarding the latency issues, keep in mind that you can set the offset hardware latency by clicking on Options > General > Audio Recording and specify the latency in milliseconds.
  8. Saved draft

    Hello Noha, sadly if you deleted the draft there is no way to recover the data from Copper.
  9. Mic Not Working after Uninstalling

    Hello iCakes, the issue you are reporting could be related to drivers conflicts and even though you updated the drivers you may want to uninstall Voxal and then restart the computer, upon restart you may go to the device manager > Sound, video and Game controllers, select the audio driver and right-click on it, select Uninstall Device and confirm you wish to uninstall it. After the device is uninstalled you may want to restart the computer and upon restart Windows should detect the audio device and update the drivers. Once the drivers are updated you may want to restart again and then test the mic. In case the issues remain after that you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance.
  10. Free item

    Hello Jessica, the latest version of the program does not offer the option to have blank values for the items and that is why it adds 0.00 for the price. Probably you were using an older version of the program that had this option and if you wish to rollback to use the older version that offers this option you may want to contact NCH Software support team and provide them with the registration code for that older version you were using and they will be able to assist you getting the software version you need.
  11. Free item

    Hi, I've been using express invoice since 4 years. I've changed pc so have to download it again. My question is how do you do to remove the price next to an item which is free or a description where there is no need to put a price ? Having 0.00 after each description is not visually beautiful. On my old pc i was able to do this. Please help. Thanks
  12. No effects in exported video

    Hi I looked again very closely at the test export I made here. and Cam 1 shows an almost imperceptible jitter. It's hardly noticeable I have to say. and overall the export is excellent. But I have an idea regarding this. The camera used is in a different place in in the room. How solid is the floor in the recording area? I have a similar video I made with two cameras (no zooms though) where the movement I made playing my violin caused the second camera tripod to "bounce" very slightly on the wooden floor. I notice the thing here is present even when Cam 1 doesn't zoom making me think it's the artist perhaps tapping a foot or something; his right leg does move... In fact looking at the unedited Cam 1 clip there is a definite judder near the start when he sits down.This is edited out of the finished film. BTW I had hardware acceleration ticked for this test export. Nat
  13. Videopad crashed as I added an image to my video

    If the image causing this problem, you can rename the image file or copy it to somewhere else. Try open the project, VideoPad will ask you to locate the image. You can either bypass it or replace it with another image to get the project opened.
  14. No effects in exported video

    @J_Nintendo Hi, what's settings in Options -> Editing -> Use hardware-accelerated video effects? Try toggle it and export.
  15. As I tried the software itself, it's really fun and all. However, I noticed that my microphone doesn't work when Voxal is not running. It's hard for me to run software due to low specs. Thus, I decided to uninstall it. Unfortunately, my microphone can't be picked up any more. Even if it does for some programs, it is VERY soft. I changed the microphone volume and the boost but it didn't change the volume. I restarted and updated all my audio drivers (Realtek & Dell Audio) and nothing changed. I am currently using Logitech G231 Headset with its built-in microphone.
  16. No effects in exported video

    Strange. I viewed the file at DropBox as well as downloaded it. Jitter in both presentations on Cam 1. It's a subtle, intermittent, primarily vertical shake.
  17. No effects in exported video

    HI Well, I couldn't preview either clip directly from the dropbox site and had to download it. (Might be a Firefox setting possibly). Nevertheless, I have just carefully reviewed the exported MPEG4 with the High quality setting mentioned and confirm that it was in synch smooth and without any jitters. Nat
  18. Last week
  19. No effects in exported video

    The jitter is evident here on Cam 1 when played directly from your server - before being loaded into VP as part of your project. Hummm...
  20. Stabilize video doesn't work

    Using a PC, did you right-click on the video clip in the media bin (NOT on the time line) and click on STABILIZE VIDEO? That should create a new stabilized clip.
  21. Stabilize video doesn't work

    Hi, I'm editing a movie but some parts are very dancing. I want to solve this using Stabilize Video but the button is blind. How can I make it clear so I can use it? Grz, Marc
  22. Videopad crashed as I added an image to my video

    Does this thread help?
  23. Hi, Urgently needing help -- I saved my project file in Videopad but it crashed and now it won't open the file for me to finish my project. I was 98% finished and was about to export when it crashed. I've read other forums to try and find answers but nothing has helped. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it hasn't worked. Please help?? I need to have this project done in less than 24 hours and don't want to have to redo all my work. Ellie
  24. No effects in exported video

    Hi It took some time to download your files and a long time to cache and export but I found the image clear; the cuts, dissolves and zooms pans etc. smooth with no jitter. The main problem here was that the sound was way out of synch.. Exported as as a 1920 x 1080 avi. The playback of the sequence within VP was very stop/start though with frequent "Building preview" warnings. I don't tend to get that with my videos during editing but suspect it might be my PC. I'll try another export with different settings......... Later.. Exported perfectly (and much faster) as lower quality mpeg4 1920 x 1080 29.9 fps with constant frame rate ticked. Exported perfectly as high quality mpeg4 1920 x 1080 29.9 fps with constant frame rate ticked. Both playing in VLC Nat
  25. Saved draft

    I have accidentally deleted the saved draft which stored some amount of a data in a month n is it possible to retrieve it back as evry software used this type exception handlings
  26. Area calculation

    How to visible the measureament of the object, if i want to print out.
  27. The error message "Error opening file - Unable to create the new file" appears when the rip reaches certain tracks. It stops the rip until the problem track-files are unchecked. It has happened with a number of CDs. Express Rip performed OK to start with and the error messages only began to appear after I decided to buy a software licence. Now it prevents a few tracks on most CDs from being ripped. The track-files that create the error message do not present a problem for Windows Media, and they work with the Play functionality in Express Rip I have raised a support request but would like to know if anyone has experienced and solved this. Thanks
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