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  2. Dear Chris, I did see more than one with same issue, so I guess is the programming Pit
  3. buen día, eh estado probando el paquete plus de negocios y tengo algunas dudas de funciones del programa que quisiera que me resolvieran si alguien pudiera se lo agradecería enormemente. lo primero es sobre algunas funciones que requiero en el programa y no se si se encuentran tengo un listado. 1. relación en retención de la fuente? 2. genera o no certificados de retención en la fuente? 3. genera informe de exogena? 4. donde encuentro las notas contables o de credito.
  4. Extremely Slow Preview

    Save as portable project should have created a folder containing all files used in the project, including the VPJ control file. They are all needed.
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  6. Express accounts Partial payments?

    Thanx for the info, but I can't seem to understand clearly. The partial payments on customers work perfect, just as I wanted. In fact on the SALES when we open the INVOICE option, we can see the info as: Customer, Salesperson, Amount and Due. On the due we can see right away the pending balance and the status beside it showing partially Paid etc.. Now, when I buy/purchase order, I many times advance 10% of the total cost and sometimes more, later on when I sell, I pay the remaining 90% or the balance I owe. If in the purchase order it does not reflect the balance due like in SALES, is extra work to take note of the advances I gave and try not to forget, with invoice sales, the info is handy, clear and simple. If I open Purchase orders we see the same amount, but some are wrong because I advanced 10% of that purchase order already. I am not trying to distribute payments to different invoice, each invoice has more than one payment, some invoices are 100% so is ok. Same thing I would like in the purchase orders. How would you do if a some suppliers asks for a 10 or 15% down payment before shipment on a purchase orders? Thats the thinggi.. Thanx a lot Pedro
  7. Trying to convert pdf to jpeg

    I am new to Pixillion and I am trying to convert an 8 page pdf document to jpeg but I can only get it to convert the front page! I originally wrote the document (minutes of a meeting) in Word but I can't post Word documents on Facebook so I converted it to a pdf and then tried to use Pixillion to convert it to jpeg. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  8. Extremely Slow Preview

    Okay, so I did the File\Save\Save as Portable Project" and that's all I got from it. Am I just supposed to upload the footage and the song used too now?
  9. FX, Sound & Link icons - How to turn on / off

    AFAIK there's no way to do that. But you can expand the timeline horizontally with the slider at the bottom-right, or use Storybook mode, which may help move them out of your way.
  10. On each track there are those three small icons for FX, Mute, and linking of sound to video. I'm not sure how to key in the question into YouTube, but all I want to do is temporarily turn those off because they are in my way for editing. How do I do that?
  11. Hello, This type of issues require specific troubleshooting on a case by case scenario, so the best thing in this case is for you to contact NCH Software support team, and although there is the option to pay for priority support it is not required for getting assistance since NCH Software offers free email support for all their support.
  12. Express accounts Partial payments?

    Hello, Notice that Express Accounts is designed to apply payments to the oldest invoice of a customer, you can't apply partial payments to different invoices as the payment will accumulate on the oldest invoice due, so you won't be able to start applying payments on new invoices until the oldest one has been fully paid.
  13. Extremely Slow Preview

    As Jish notes, you need to upload the complete result of FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT, not simply the VPJ file, so the project can be reconstructed by others.
  14. Coverting Sony .ARW files to JPEG

    The batch editor in Photopad is used to apply filters and effects to multiple images at once. You can convert the file to a different format but this is not it's number 1 functionality, specially if you are converting a lot of files. We offer a different program called Pixillion Image Converter Software, exclusively to convert images. You can try the free version from this link: http://www.nchsoftware.com/imageconverter/pixsetup.exe
  15. Extremely Slow Preview

    you need to send the footage and the song so that we can see whether it is laggy for others. I have the exact same problem with gameplay footage myself and I want answers as much as you do
  16. Extremely Slow Preview

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/829bzt2dx3aaxgx/Csgo Video.vpj?dl=0 If there's any issues just let me know, but I think it's good to go
  17. yes i purchased the product. But if you want tech support they want more money
  18. bluray disc crashes

    Are you using the Windows or Mac version of Express Burn? The Windows version should certainly have File-->Options Here's a screenshot: https://pasteboard.co/GGQwvid.png
  19. Extremely Slow Preview

    Make the link to the file public and post it here.
  20. Extremely Slow Preview

    Yeah, I actually did try that, it definitely helped but it's still pretty unusable. It shows it's loaded/rendered but every time, no matter how many times it "loads" it it always freezes up.
  21. Extremely Slow Preview

    Okay, I believe I have it in a dropbox, do you know of anyone, or maybe yourself that could take a look?
  22. なるほど、そうでしたか。 やってみたいと思います。 有り難うございました。
  23. Has anyone managed to fix the issue with the Backup Scheduler not working? Is there an update/workaround/fix? Do I have to use another piece of software to backup the Inventoria Stock Manager folders?
  24. Extremely Slow Preview

    Hi Try reducing the preview resolution under Tools/Options/Display if it is set high it can slow display times down and produce that error message. Try 512 x 288. (16:9) and see if that cures it. Nat
  25. Extremely Slow Preview

    It may not be your laptop, but the project itself. This will allow others to take a look.
  26. Extremely Slow Preview

    Test it, as in see if it's just my laptop or it lags them aswell? It's super basic but I can try
  27. Extremely Slow Preview

    Another user had what may have been a similar problem that was eventually remedied. If possible, please click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT and upload the result to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make it public and post the link here. Someone will test it.
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