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  2. Hey, I already asked about this issue before, but it seems I have found the problem now, I just can't find a solution. I made a file and added transitions. Because I couldn't export the video (issue already resolved), I simply saved it. I came back to it today and found out scenes were added and transitions were lost. I think the main issue is that when transitions are added the last scene gets either added or extended to form the transition, but when the program gets rid of my transitions (for whatever reason?), and I add back the transition, the scene added doesn't completely get faded away, thus messing up my entire file. This has happened like three times before now and it's really starting to piss me off because re-editing everything is a massive job. I'll definitely save without transitions in the future, but for this project, does anybody have any solutions to getting rid of the "scenes" that were added without having to cut and delete every single part of them?
  3. We've found a few bugs related on this issue and working on fixing them.
  4. VP uses more then one process. For example If you export to x264 you will see x264enc7.exe running when you export. It depends on your project. For example, if you export a video without effects and transitions you will see x264enc7.exe taking 7x% of the CPU and VP only uses 2x. But if you have a lot of effects and multiple tracks, the codec process would only take a small amount of the CPU. Also, don't forget we recently put many effects on GPU to reduce CPU workload. So it's normal the VP main process dose not occupy 100% CPU and it does not mean it's slow. I would say it should worth the money to have 16GB RAM. Although VP is built 32bit, which means the main process can only access maximum 4GB of RAM. However most of the video and audio codecs run on different process. Also the OS and other processes would use fair bit of RAM too.
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  6. problem

    The upload works now! Thanks for all of the help, and I will credit all of you for helping me out.
  7. Same problem with a Turtle Beach Stealth 450 Turtle Beach wireless headset/mic
  8. problem

    I'll see how well these changes come out and let you know the results. I hope it works this time!
  9. The limitations of the non-licensed version after a trial period are not readily apparent. Perhaps marketing will see fit to clarify. License your copy and you.should have no problem. Or you might over-install with the latest incarnation and see if exporting is available. It may not be. In any case, first click FILE menu and back up the project.
  10. problem

    Issue resolved
  11. You may want to check the format you are using to record the videos in your computer and confirm if this issue happens with all formats or just with one. Also, close all other programs you may have running in the program since video rendering is a process that takes a lot of your computer resources from CPU, video and memory. If you wish to get more personalized support you can always contact NCH Software support team.
  12. Hey everybody, I just went through quite some trouble to make a video and wanted to export it so I could use it properly, but a pop-up told me this was only for the licensed version, which seemed quite strange because just last week I was still able to export with the exact same settings in the non-licensed version. Please help me out here
  13. I am new to this software. I purchased it because I am interested in being able to have information available on the road if necessary. I plan to issue/print all invoices from my desktop, but I would like to be able to check on accounts on my iPad. I understand that there is an iOS app for Express Invoice. Do I need to purchase the $14.99 app if I have already purchased the desktop version? Thanks Rob
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    Hi " I'm not sure exactly how to set this up how you did. If you can explain it to me, that would be much appreciated. " Click Export tab Click Video File. (Can be changed. There are a variety of options) Browse to a folder to save to. (Can be changed) File Format mp4 (Can be changed) Resolution 320 x 240 (Low Resolution) (Can be changed)..This is the lowest resolution Frame Rate 29.97 TV NTSC (Can be changed) Encoder Options ...Restore Defaults = H246 and Quality 18 (Different settings can be chosen) OK Create Crop or resize (If asked) You should now see the Export queue and progress bar. VP will export and save the Mp4 to the chosen folder. You can change the export parameters as required in order to get a different format and quality. Nat
  15. problem These are my export settings, I hope. I'm not sure exactly how to set this up how you did. If you can explain it to me, that would be much appreciated.
  16. On Windows 10, you'd have to set "Combine taskbar buttons" to Never in order to see the elapsed time on the Express Scribe icon. I've done that and the elapsed time shows.
  17. MoneyLine can import data from OFX, QFX, and CSV files.
  18. Unfortunately, there's no way to disable that startup screen.
  19. I've got it working most of the time. Much of the problem is me, assuming settings from last record attempt were still retained, and that's not the case for all settings. I still have occasional audio sync with video malfunctions; Terminating browser and Debut Professional, then restarting solves the issue!
  20. Hi everyone, I am trying to use my Diamond VC500 to record VHS tapes that I have so that I can back them up. I ran this one time and it worked beautifully on the first tape. On the second tape, it wasn't so great. Anytime that I get to the actually recording part of the wizard and click record, the video gets choppy and stops. When I click the stop button, the video plays just fine. I do not believe it is the device itself because CyberLink PowerDirector and other softwares recognize and record with my VC500 just fine. I wanted to try Golden Videos as I had heard good things, but this choppiness will not fly. I mostly made the switch because of the issues that PowerDirector has with thinking that home videos are copyrighted, but they are not. Could anyone offer up help?
  21. I am using a Diamond VC500 and a Lenovo T430S laptop webcam. Whenever I try to record from either, the screen is nothing but green. It is highly frustrating and I was wondering if anyone has run into these issues before. Basically anything that I use to record shows up green.
  22. I mean VP process varied between 30% - 70%. There was still capacity (% idle) left. Regarding your point about memory usage, I can totally understand that you don't want to my PC to run out of resources but I'd like to know how to increase the performance (reduce the export time). For example, I've removed what may be a faulty RAM stick from my PC so now I'm only running on 8Gb (barely sufficient for Win10 and VP). If I purchase another RAM stick to bring the total to 16Gb will VP increase the threads to take advantage of that extra memory or am I wasting my money? Any pointers gratefully received!
  23. Hi Sam Of course! Obviously got a blind spot! Thanks. I knew I had done it before. Nat
  24. @WTF I tried subtitle editing myself and found it is working okay. The cursor stop at the end is actually intended for adding continuous subtitles since new subtitles are always inserted at cursor position. The only problem I can see here is that the text didn't show up when you click on a subtitle. I can't see this happen in the latest English version. I just noticed you are using a non-English version which is not updated as often as the English one. Please try the latest English version. This issue might already been fixed.
  25. problem

    Using VP 5.01, exported your files: Mp4, 320 X 240 NTSC with H264 codec default settings. Took about two minutes. Audio was normalized. No hitches.
  26. problem

    Can I also see your export settings please?
  27. problem Here are the three video files, in the order of which they appear.
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