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  2. Hi gang, I've just tried to upload a couple of videos to YouTube that I edited in VideoPad 4.48 on a Windows PC: a 5 minute clip from a recent comedy show I did, and a full one-hour video of the whole show. The 5 minute clip uploaded without problems. The one-hour video though came up with "Failed" in the export queue after spending over an hour generating and uploading. It seems like something went wrong at the very end. When I view the video in YouTube Creator Studio, I see a blue bar at the top saying: "Thank you! Your upload is complete. Refresh the page once the video is done processing to see the video player and thumbnails." It's been like that for over 7 hours now so I don't think it's ever going to complete. My workaround is to export to a video file and upload to YouTube separately, but I was wondering how to diagnose this. The error message isn't all that helpful. I know I'm not running the latest VideoPad version, but my use has been a bit sporadic and so my version is more than 6 months old. I've already paid to upgrade a couple of times and don't really want to pay again just to see if this is fixed. If there was an option to pay extra to get lifetime upgrades, I would have done that originally. My YouTube account is verified, so that's not the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks, Graham
  3. I know it's been ages since this was implemented, but I just wanted to say "Thanks! VideoPad is even more awesome now!" Cheers, Graham
  4. WavePad will no longer open or edit a full audio from my Tascam DR-05 recorder. The recordings are in Mp3 format. So I tried recording in Wav. and the same issue occurs. Example WavePad will only upload 3:36:976 minutes of a 2:00:17 file. I've used the PAID WavePadMastersEdition for the last 3 years with no issues.However, when I use my default player Windows Media 11 it will play the entire file.
  5. multitrack videopad

    http://www.nch.com.au/kb/10205.html https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/support.html
  6. HELP! Time Codes and TCBI

    You can right-click on the file name and go into Dictation Information and set the "time offset" to your time code burn in.
  7. multitrack videopad

    thanks.I loaded it and it now says unregistered.I put my registeration code in and it says the code is for ver 4.xx software i remember paying to upgrade for multitrack version but don't remember getting a new code.unless it was for an older multitrack version.I think i bought it early 2016.
  8. HELP! Time Codes and TCBI

    Is there any way to use the keyboard to input TCBI (Time Code Burn In) from video files?
  9. multitrack videopad

    Download it from here.
  10. multitrack videopad

    thanks for the info. yeah my version is 5.11 , so I guess i will have to regress to 5.20 and not keep taking the ugrades.How do i get 5.20 back on my laptop again?
  11. Green Bar Thickness could be increased

    Hi Sam No problem. Thanks for replying. Nat
  12. Grabbing a 2 minute soundbite

    Glad I could help. Welcome aboard!
  13. Losing material when uploading to Youtube/Vimeo

    The "glitch" at :33 was visible from both downloaded and Vimeo videos. Just a thought: The back frames might be too short and last just one frame, some of the frames might lost when Vimeo/Youtube re-process the video. You can try: Make the black clips longer. Try make them last at lease 0.1 ~ 0.2 seconds. Also the duration between black clips should be similar length. You shouldn't see difference as it plays. Output to a higher frame rate.
  14. Green Bar Thickness could be increased

    Hi Nat, The green bar is something that we shouldn't have to look at all the time - it's not part of the editing. We made it less obvious to avoid users being distracted from editing. Thanks for the suggestions and discussions are most welcomed.
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  16. Green Bar Thickness could be increased

    Hi NCH The light green load bar showing the clips loading to the timeline now seems so narrow that it is almost invisible. Is there any way that it can it be made wider or more contrasty? Currently it shares its width with the blue area that darkens when the clip is selected.Both then appear very narrow My suggestion is that it could be positioned along the bottom edge of the timeline thumbnails where it would be thicker. The top of the thumbnail line would then be a wider blue bar that darkens to indicate selected clips. I would also suggest that a more contrasting colour be used ...say GREEN instead of the current LIME shade. Currently it looks like this...Even with the timeline made wider it is not easy to see.....and the "selected"clip (swans) blue line is also narrow. My suggestion would look more like this.... Nat
  17. Losing material when uploading to Youtube/Vimeo

    The black strobe at :33 is evident in the video above. But what is the intent of the vertical black bars at :25? To analyze the project, what's needed is the result of FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT. Zip all the files, including the VPJ, and upload to a link that can be made public here.
  18. Losing material when uploading to Youtube/Vimeo

    It's at the :33-:34 mark Drive : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7a-j9XXT0_0VmxubEowNDYydVk Vimeo Link :
  19. Losing material when uploading to Youtube/Vimeo

    Let someone take a look. With the project loaded click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload the result to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make the link public and post it here.
  20. Hey! So I added a small "glitch" to my video for visual effect to tie the music to the clip. Basically just a few .5 second black flashes over the existing clip. When I export the file and watch on my computer, it's there. But when I upload to Vimeo or Youtube, it disappears. I shifted the "glitch" over to another clip to test it out, and you can see it then. What can I do to fix this? Thanks
  21. Can I get any other voices?

    Are there any other preset voices available to put in the Voxal software or can I get a custom voice made from my voice? I bought the program.

    When I want to get a specific account in a JOURNAL list ( CLICK HERE TO ALLOCATE AN AMOUNT TO ACCOUNTS ) , I search through all the names ONE BY ONE . Is there a simpler way?

  24. Customer name in Receipt

    It’s bad option. Because I want the costumer name on the top of the receipt. Especially when I make it to another company or to a government one.
  25. Grabbing a 2 minute soundbite

    Hi...I'm working on a PC as well and have to thank you for taking the time to find a work-a-round... I'm sure once I learn more about Wavepad, I'll be able to use it to isolate these sound bites. In the meantime, your suggestion worked like a charm and got the job done (and I didn't waste another couple of hours trying to make this work.) So again, thank you and your help is greatly appreciated.
  26. Grabbing a 2 minute soundbite

    I use WavePad every day, but primarily with .wav files. While it would seem that your project should be very simple, I admit to having a difficult time myself working with mp3 files in WavePad. I have done some trial and error to try helping you out, and without getting into too much detail about it all, here is what I would suggest…. (I work on a pc) Open WavePad. Drag the original full length file into the project window. Place the cursor at the point you wish to begin your soundbite, and left click and drag to the beginning of the file. Then delete the selected part. Next do the same at the end of your soundbite, dragging and deleting everything that follows. Now – most important – save this new soundbite file with a new name, so you do not alter the original! (File menu > Save As) I would recommend saving with the attributes of the original file. You should be able to attach this file to an email. Hope that works for you.
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  28. 1/8 notes in 3/4 time

    Hello everyone, I am writing a song in 3/4 time. I have 3 quarter notes in the bar for the treble hand and want to add 6 one-eighth notes to the bass clef. I have tried to add the notes, but as I add the third and consecutive notes it joins all the notes in that bar. I do not want them joined and would like to know if there is a way that I can break them up into groups of two-eighth each...and not have 6 all joined together. Thanks for any help anyone can provide..!! Don
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