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  2. Enlarging UI text

    Hi, I have a UHD monitor and the icons and text on the screen are extremely small, especially layer names and the lower left corner zoom controls. Any way I can make those larger, besides lowering my monitor resolution? Thanks, Mike
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  4. Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    Good morning. I have messed around a bit and experimented with recording from a cassette tape deck into WavePad. You are likely aware of much of what I state here; I am just trying to find common ground to better discuss the process. I used a windows 7 machine with WavePad version 5.1. Sorry if I get too wordy .... Looking at the specs of the Behringer UCA202 it looks like the only gain control it has is for the headphone out. So the crux of your situation (and probably the reason you posted to begin with - duh) seems to lie in setting levels in WavePad, and possibly other sound settings in your computer. Apologies in advance for not addressing that at the moment, I will look further into simulating your exact configuration after I locate some other hardware from the depths of my closet. The usb interface I am using has output level controls for each channel. An alternative would be to connect the tape deck to a stereo/receiver, and connect the tape out to the Behringer, then you could control the output level with the receiver. That is actually the method I use to record (with Golden Records) from a phonograph, and from my cassette player. As a test, I have the rca out from my tape deck going into a Lexicon Alpha, and the usb from that connected to my pc. When you click the Record button (red circle) at the bottom left of the main window (where the other transport function buttons are located) the Record Control window will open. Here you need to set the Recording > Device: using the drop-down pick your usb device. (I am also monitoring through the Alpha, so I chose it in the Playback > Device: drop-down.) Clicking on the record button in the Record Control window initiates recording, and levels can be monitored via the Recording Volume display. A test would be required to set levels; but in answer to your first question in the op, levels while recording are displayed via a peak meter. You only see the waveform after the recording is finished and in the main window. To finalize the recording (bring it into a file on the main WavePad window) you close the Record Control window (the X at the top right.) Now the waveform will display. Some trial and error may be required to get satisfactory levels set. One thing I notice is that the Pause function isn’t active; you can only Stop the recording. After Stopping, if you start Record again you will lose the previous recording, so this seems to indicate that if you want to record multiple ‘takes’ you need to close the Record Control window after each ‘take’. Another thing I noticed is that after closing the record window, the new recording will be placed at wherever point the cursor is positioned – no problem if it is a new WavePad session, or you have started a new file, but something to be aware of if you are recording multiple sessions into the same file. This probably doesn't help you much, but thought I'd get all that out of my system. I'll get back later when I try something else. Dan edit to add: does you tape player have an output volume control?
  5. Blank Videos, just audio

    Your project was exported here, using auto-detected resolution and frame rate Mp4, and H264/AAC decoder settings. Constant frame rate box UNchecked. The result. Played flawlessly in WMP and MPC-HC. You might check with your video card or chip manufacturer's WEBsite for an updated video driver.
  6. Blank Videos, just audio

    Here we go. Project description: Loaded a video (MP4). Split and Clipped a segment (arbitrary) Export a video (MP4) Here is a link to the ZIP of the project - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sv8bugVBPWcaIGrP22cv1_wuc6kDB52q Thanks Zvi
  7. No sound when files added to videopad

    Thanks again Borate, I have been in contact with Focusrite, and they have responded, but slowly, nothing like your efforts here. They are currently checking if the dirvers are Ok... I think. A couple of days before I hear from them again.
  8. No sound when files added to videopad

    Indeed, this hints that Focusrite is disabling or stealing the audio feed to those sources. Perhaps it's a simple setting that a Focusrite forum or support line can pin down. Nothing is wrong with your WAV file, and it played and exported successfully with several video editing apps here.
  9. No sound when files added to videopad

    Thank you for looking at this Borate. Yes, it's out of sync because I wasn't able to hear it to sync it. I am also running VP 6.0. I have downloaded the corrected WMV file and attempted to play it back on my PC. It plays fine in VLC media with the audio output selected to Speakers, but it can't be heard when audio output is set to Focusrite. When I load the WMV file into VP their is no volume with either audio output. The Focusrite is a new unit and seems to be causing some sound problems too. I know it's not your area of expertise (or maybe it is, I'm jumping to conclusions here) but, since I installed it the Focusrite enables me to record OK, and playback Ok, but when i go to, say, a youtbe clip, and try to play it I have to toggle the audio output from Focusrite to Speakers, and I'm sure this is not the way it is meant to work. If I can solve that problem, it may just solve the VP problem as well. Thanks again for your help. If you have any other comments or hints it would be appreciated,
  10. No sound when files added to videopad

    The WAV plays fine in VP 6.0 here, and is at the optimal volume level. But it's out of sync.
  11. No sound when files added to videopad

    OK, got it. I hope this is better https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fvj3nziduquftup/AAD_ucfBZSz5C58bw4OTcSrTa?dl=0
  12. Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    Thank you!
  13. Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    Maybe someone with more experience with what you are attempting will join in the discussion - I admit to never using WavePad for recording purposes myself. I think it really better suited for editing (which with I do have much experience.) But tomorrow I will attempt to configure my gear to simulate your configuration to get a sense of what you are saying. I'll report back soon. It has been a while since I recorded on my computer from a tape or phono source, but I always use the NCH program Golden Records to do so.
  14. No sound when files added to videopad

    In this case we need only the (apparently silent) WAV file. But it's okay to upload the entire project... Click FILE menu|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT and upload all the files that result to DropBox, not just the VPJ file. You can zip them first, if there are many, and upload only the zip file.
  15. Powerpoint resolution

    You are posting in the Record Pad forum - judging from some of the details you have given, it would appear that your concerns are with a program other than Record Pad. I'd imagine that your chances of help would be increased by posting in the forum of the NCH software you are having difficulty with. I know I am replying rather late here... I only just started checking out the Record Pad forum myself and read your topic. Hope that you sorted out your issue.
  16. No sound when files added to videopad

    I hope I have done this correctly: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1kug7r1syx6ou4p/AAD0sbI-mhv8K2aYUnDn_XR8a?dl=0 Obviously video and sound are not aligned because I can't hear it yet. Please excuse bad singing etc.
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  18. [Solved] How to delete last track?

    when i started a new project, the timeline was empty. then i added a clip. now, when i try to delete items from timeline, i get Solved: Go to Edit menu > Delete clips in sequence. This leaves an empty sequence in the timeline.
  19. Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    I am recording audio through a Behringer UFO202 USB interface that connects to a tape deck. I also cannot find how to adjust the volume during playback or select the output device within WavePad. It is "stuck" on LOUD and my headphone jack. I hope the solutions are obvious and I'm just missing them. These are pretty basic features. Thanks!
  20. Problem with video files

    Hello everyone! I hope that some of you can help me with my problem. I have been working with the express scribe light version for a long time and decided today that I would purchase the pro version because I often need to transcribe videos. I then purchased the professional version. But once I tried loading a video into Express Scribe, the video didn't play. It loaded seemingly correctly into express scribe, but supposedly had a duration of 0 minutes and therefore wouldn't play. I tried several formats, for example mp4 and mov, but none of them worked. Does anyone have an idea why this might be? Please let me know if you require further information. Thank you! Nadja
  21. Blank Videos, just audio

    As a matter of fact I updated the software today. Should be the latest version. I just started an uninstall re-install process. If it still problematic I will do exactly what you suggested. Thanks for trhe support Zvi
  22. Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    To better help you out, could you please describe the source of the audio (what are you trying to record?)
  23. Square/veritcal video export

    If it doesn't distort the video or create undesired black borders, export at a different resolution/format. 640 X 480, for example, results in the old TV 4:3 presentation. To crop instead, you might import a video to VP, drop it onto the timeline as a single clip, then click the FX button at the bottom-left of the clip. The effect box opens. Click the far upper-left green + sign and choose CROP. In the preview window, drag the handles (dots) to the size desired.
  24. Blank Videos, just audio

    What version of Videopad are you using? Try the latest. What export format? Have you tried others? Please click FILE menu|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT. Then upload the result (ALL files) to a server, such as DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, create a public link and post it here. If there are many files, zip them first, then upload the zip file. Someone will check out your work.
  25. No sound when files added to videopad

    So, in essence, a WAV file that plays at normal volume in Wavepad and media players won't play when added to Videopad? Please upload the file to a server, such as DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, create a public link and post it here. Someone will take a listen.
  26. Square/veritcal video export

    I have a nice HD (1280x720) video that I want to export as a square or vertical video for social media. In my videopad 5 there was this prompt message - do you want to crop edges by clicking yes it cropes the 16:9 edges and worked like a charm.. now in the latest 6 version, this message is missing and videopad exports the whole 16:9 video without cropping the edges. How do you export square of vertical videos?
  27. Company logo

    I can not find it. I have version 4.54 perhaps I have another version?
  28. Blank Videos, just audio

    I am exporting video files but getting only blank screens. What am I doing wrong?
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