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  2. While Videopad has a minimal normalize function, you might want to run sound files through WAVEpad prior to editing, to ensure equal and maximum levels. VP audio can be converted to independent WAV files, manipulated in WAVEpad, then replace the original audio in Videopad. Here's an explanation of what normalizing does.
  3. ok, thank you.
  4. my sound is fine i can hear things just fine and so can other people on other computers but with max zoom this is what the sound bar thing looks like i just reformatted my pc and it use to have a LOT more detail to it is there any way i can scale it up or something? i need to see it to tell where to cut the tracks (more than 1) EDIT dont worry i worked it out.. it something to do with how loud it is all tho you can hardly hear the difference
  5. I'm using MediaMonkey as my music and video player now. Love it. Before I customized my video clips (before I ran them through VideoPad) the clips had an icon like a filmstrip where I could see the image like you posted. But if I render a video through VideoPad, I no longer see that filmstrip look. Just a very generic looking icon. The clip plays just fine though with MediaMonkey. As soon as my account with that website has been approved I will upload a screenshot so you can see what my icons look like.
  6. I've got the EXACT same problem too.
  7. Hello, have you try this: 1. Go to the "Purchased" tap 2. Select the option called "Accounts Payable" 3. Click on the account you need to change 4. Highlight it and click on "Edit" Try this and let us know. If you still have issues, you can open a support ticket to
  8. Found it in the right click menu for the cursor. I was looking for a constant digital on screen display -- wish there was a way to make it constant instead of the right click popup.
  9. Hi, Yes, you can adjust the rate by clicking on the "Video Options" tab or by going into Options(Preferences for Mac) > Screen capture > Limit frame rate. In case you are referring to capture devices or network cameras, you'll need to refer to the device settings in order to change this. Best regards,
  10. Hi To add an image to your post:.. First of all upload your image as a. jpg here... - Image Hosting Click START UPLOADING Navigate to your image folder and open the image. Click UPLOAD Once image appears click EMBED CODES Now copy the Image URL (The contents of the top box)....Looks like:..... Open the forum and when writing your thread put the cursor where you want your image to appear. Click the down arrow for "Insert other media" bottom right of your post page and select "Insert image from URL" Paste your URL into the box Click the "Insert into post" box Your image will be inserted in the post (like below) at your cursor position. e.g. Examples of icons (VP project; mp3; VCL video: Avi Yours will differ from these probably as it depends on what program is associated with the file type. Most programs are supplied with an icon so you can identify the program that will play the file. If not Windows will supply a default icon which may be what you are seeing...... e.g. (KLM is a fictitious file type) If you load the VLC player........ and select a video you can set it to open with VLC. Your videos will subsequently show up with the Road Cone icon (above) and when clicked to open will play with VLC. If you want to change this you can right click the icon and choose properties and from there you can modify the program associated with the file type. Hope this helps a bit Nat
  11. Hi Josh, I'm on Windows 8.1 (still!) and am having the same problem. Please could you send me that link. regards, Charles
  12. Do you mean that the icon for an exported VP file, such as an Mp4 movie, doesn't have an image? This is related to the default player that is configured for the specific file type. For example... MPC-HC is configured as the default for WMV files. The file icon displays a frame of video. Click it, and the file plays. If a video frame is not found, or if the player's icon can't display one, the icon for the player itself is often seen. To learn how to add an image here see the "tips for getting help" sticky post at the top of the forum.
  13. I don't have anything to do with recording stuff I'm doing on the desktop, only wildlife webcams. There's your easiest solution, IMHO - there would be no objection from Debut, and presumably the other PC owner would have the editing software required.
  14. I don't understand when I render a video through VideoPad the final video file icon does not show an image? It's just a run of the mill kinda blank looking icon. Is this the way it's supposed to be? I don't see a way to add an image to my post here. If this is the way the icons are supposed to look, I'm okay with it but I find it strange.
  15. Hi Perhaps it might be better to clear all the NCH files out and reinstall. Vis... If the error comes up check the task manager to stop the process running. Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and press the Esc key to launch Task Manager. (Or use Ctrl/Alt/Delete) Click the "Processes" tab and click on the "Image Name" column header. Scroll down through the list of processes to make sure the original program that gave the error message is not on the list. If it is in the list, click it and then click "End Process." If it still crashes do a complete uninstall followed by a cleanout of all NCH files and references in the registry...... Create a PC restoration point to restore back to if any problem arises. Open VP and note via tools/options/disk where the cache file is. Uninstall first using the control panel in the normal way. Check if the cache file is still there and if so drag and drop it in the waste bin. (The whole folder) Then do a search for all NCH folders and manually drag any relating to VP to the waste bin. Do a search for Videopad files and VP files etc. and drag these to the waste bin. Now (from one of my previous posts) do a regedit search for NCH videopad in the registery and delete all HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT that relate to NCH.Videopad Then Check HKEY_CURRENT_USER /Software/NCH Software/ and delete the VideoPad folder. Then check HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/NCH Software and delete the VideoPad folder That should just about remove it all. Note the main uninstall should remove most of these anyway but check all the same as I find some do get left. If it is still there, manually delete the Videopad projects folder from "My documents" Close down and Reboot the PC and check that VP has gone. If you encounter any problems just restore back to your saved restoration point. If all seems well then if you want to, reinstall VP.This of course will place a new Videopad projects folder into "My documents" Latest version ...latest VP version Now open VP and see what happens when you drag and drop a single jpg image (for a start) into the clip bin and then from there onto the timeline. Nat
  16. Now that I've checked again, they are already there. Not sure when they appeared but they're there now. Import still fails.
  17. Hallo, wie kann man mit der v.4.30 von ExpressInvoice Plus eine Mahnung aus einer bestehenden Rechnung erstellen ? Gelingt mir leider nicht ? Bitte kurze Info. Danke.
  18. Please try: In C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Components find a folder called ffmpeg23. There should be 5 files in the folder. Manually create C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Components Copy the folder ffmpeg23 to C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Components Try import video see how it goes
  19. Yes, I've also run it as administrator and installed it as administrator, neither works.
  20. Are you logged on as administrator?
  21. I just installed it again and this time when I tried to add video I got an error "pure virtual function call" which crashed the program. Opened it again and now it's back to the original error. Those directories did not exist after my Revo uninstall. I reinstalled the program, checked the locations again. The second one didn't exist, but the first one did. I deleted it and reopened VP. It downloaded new copies of the files. Still didn't work. Same error.
  22. Last week
  23. Please try manually delete these folders and import videos again: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Components C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Components Make sure the internet is available. VideoPad will try to download all the missing components automatically.
  24. In this case can you please open a support ticket to so we can offer further assistance.
  25. What I am trying to do is record what I am doing on the desktop then maybe bein able to edit in a few things like short bursts of text so I can teach someone how I am doing what I do. Then, I want to be able to take it to another computer or burn it to a dvd for someone to watch on their dvd player on their tv or computer so I assume I have to use debut to record it then edit it with something else? Then would I need a 3rd program to either burn it to a dvd? Can I just copy the mp4 to a flash drive and then let them put it on their computer to play it? Or does debut prohibit them from doing that unless they use debut's software? Sorry I am new to this and just
  26. I meant to say record as. What is the best thing to use to edit an mp4?
  27. So Word has excellent macro documentation , but FastFox has really poor documentation regarding Macros. I need to create a macro that will take a timestamp of the current position of an audio in ExpressScribe and copy and paste it into my working Word Document that I am transcribing into. My client needs a timestamp a the beginning of each new paragraph, and it is painstaking to go back, open up express scribe, get the timestamp, go back to Word, for every single para. Can somebody PLEASE help me? Please, someone help me if you can.
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