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  2. $0.00 amounts in invoices and quotes

    Hi, Unfortunately it cannot be done... As a workaround, you could add all items on the First Item Description column. By doing this you will end up using just one single Unit Price. Best regards,
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  4. Hallo Sandinew, die Testversion hat die gleichen Funktionen wie die kostenpflichtige Version. Es gibt zwischen der Windows und Mac Version allerdings Unterschiede. Wende Dich am besten an den Support: http://www.nch.com.au/support/de/supportcontact.html?software=ExpressInvoice
  5. Changing multiple files

    I have made multiple attempts to invoke the multiple file change capability, for instance %Category% but without success. It is les than obvious in the help file as to where this parameter should be entered. A bit of clarification would be very useful.
  6. ポルタメントには「スラー」に「port.」という文字を入力する形で挿入してください。 グリッサンドは正確には波線が必要ですが、波線を挿入する機能は現時点での最新版(v2.02)にはありませんので、こちらもスラーで代用し、スラー上に「gliss.」の文字を挿入いただければと思います。 Long Fallも、波線挿入の機能が現時点ではありませんので、可能な場合はスラーに「long fall」の文字を添えることで代用してみてください。 ポルタメントやグリッサンド、Long Fallの挿入につきましては、将来的にリリースされるバージョンに搭載できるよう検討中です。
  7. Prefix Changing Automatically to "A"

    Hi Daniel Can you send me a PM? We provide support to anyone who asks for help, no purchase required.
  8. ポルタメントやグリッサンド、long fallはどうやってつければいいですか?
  9. HI , Sometimes I will enter the first line in a quote/invoice with the total for the job and just list the other items below with $0 per line. I don't want the $0.00 amount to show on the invoice or quote. can you stop this from happening at all? Ross

    Hi Nat . Many thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. I always save each time I do alterations, so I deleted this version and went back to the last one saved. That one works fine so I just carried on from there. Anyway, I have learned another facet of the software which is always a help. I tried going back (undo) but I was going too far back for it to be useful. Best to you and yours EG.
  11. Lossless .ts/m2ts editing?

    Any chance we could get .ts/.m2ts lossless editing in VideoPad? That would be perfect for me! I've used a few free lossless cutters/joiners but they're in no way comparable to VP; it's certainly doable, and I think using open source libs. Any change of this, guys? I've uploaded a sample file I'm working with for video stream info at https://www.dropbox.com/s/499she43v0kkggv/20120313_150418.m2ts?dl=0
  12. Computer crashes when exporting video

    It works!!! At last! So I set the "Off (Re-encode Video) - and first it crashed (after 55% completion). Then I set it again and used the MPEG4 compressor (not the H264 that was there by default before) - and it did the trick! Thanks so much for your help!!!
  13. DVD won't play on older DVD players

    Hi @Lorena How many projects you have tried? If there are only some of the projects have this problem or all of them?
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  15. Computer crashes when exporting video

    Hi @Alexroma Could you please try turn off Lossless Export when exporting - select "Off (Re-encode Video)". If that still crash, is it possible to upload the project (and the media files) on to a file sharing sever (Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox etc.) so we can try to reproduce the issue?
  16. Increase track volume - already set to 100%

    Hi RB Version 4.3 doesn't add an effect to multiple clips unfortunately (AFAIK). Still, glad you got it working OK. :-) Nat
  17. Thanks very much, Borate - that did the trick! For anyone else who's reading this, here's the detailed instructions: Click the Home tab. At the far right of the Home ribbon, select the Options icon (crossed wrench and screwdriver) to display the VideoPad Options dialog. Select the Media tab. Select the Automatically normalize audio volume checkbox (it should now have a check mark inside it). Click OK. Save the project. Exit Videopad. Start up Videopad and re-load the project (or double-click the VPJ file in Windows Explorer). Notice that all audio clips are now much larger vertically than they were previously. Replay the sequence (or replay a clip or export video), and the volume will be much louder than it was previously. RB
  18. Prefix Changing Automatically to "A"

    hI I recently upgrade to version 5.01, and notice that the prefix changes either to blank or A, if you disable the sycn devices, this will correct this issue, I´ve tried to ask NCH support but since I was using the free version in my tablet couldnt get any help, so I hope this will help you. On my desktop Im using a paid version and this prefix is fine if you do this. Daniel
  19. Increase track volume - already set to 100%

    Check out the functionality of "Automatically normalize audio volume." It's under the MEDIA tab in the options window. NCH Wavepad does a nice job of this as well.
  20. Thanks for the quick reply. I should have mentioned that I have tried this in a few ways, but can't seem to get it to work. Following your instructions: If I Shift-right-click the track header, the Effects option is not displayed on the context menu (only "Close gap in track, Close gap in sequence, Close track, ... etc) is displayed in the context (pop-up) menu. If I Shift-right-click any clip on the track (first, last, or any clip in between), that clip is the only one which is highlighted in dark blue (the others are highlighted in light blue). After selecting the Effects option, only the single clip highlighted in dark blue is displayed in the Audio Effects dialog - see top left corner of the dialog. Thus, this is the only clip to which the amplification is applied. Perhaps I'm missing a detail in your instruction "right click the sound track." Would you be able to elaborate on that? By the way, I am using VideoPad 4.30. RB
  21. Increase track volume - already set to 100%

    Hi Try this...(there are other ways.....Grab all the audio clips on a track ... Left click the first audio clip. Press the SHIFT key down and scroll to the end of the project Left click the last audio clip. This will select all the clips on the track. Keep SHIFT down and right click the sound track. Select Effect from the list. Press the Green Plus and add the Amplify effect. The effect should now affect the whole track not just the clip selected. Nat

    Hi How many audio tracks are you using? I can't think of an option that will mute ALL the audio tracks at the same time and grey them out with a single button press. Is the loudspeaker icon at the left end of the track/tracks (or any of the individual clip sound tracks red? If it/they are then you will need to click each one again to remove the mute effect for that track/clip. Have you made (enabled) one of the tracks solo by clicking the icon at the left that looks like a group of pawns. This will temporarily mute all the other tracks and grey them out. If you've inadvertantly done this you need to re-click the button. Remember you can always step backwards using the back arrow provided you haven't made a lot of editing changes following your mistake. Nat
  23. Hi - I've created over 100 audio clips and linked them to video clips with my microphone array set to 75%. I set that using Audio > Record > Narrate > Windows Record Mixer... - which opens the Microsoft Sound dialog. In that dialog, on the Recording tab, I selected Microphone Array, then Properties - which opens the Microphone Array Properties dialog. On that dialog, on the Levels tab, I set the Microphone Array to 75%. I used that microphone setting and the Audio > Record > Narrate function to record voice for a series of clips. I know that there are a number of other products available (such as Audacity) that I can use to create audio recordings, but would prefer to keep it simple and only use Videopad. When I imported each clip into Audio Track 1, the track volume was (and is) set to 100%. The clip volume setting (available by clicking the little speaker icon in the bottom left corner of the audio track) is also at 100%. After exporting the video, and getting feedback on it, several people (with different computers) stated that the volume needed to be increased when using their normal computer speakers. I was either using earphones or had my speaker volume set to 100% when I was listening to it, and it seemed OK, so I never noticed the issue until getting it out to others for testing. The result of all of this is that I now have three projects with several hundred clips recorded at a low volume. The track and clip volumes are set to 100%, and I need to make all of them louder. I know that it is possible to edit the volume of each clip by right-clicking the clip on the track and select Effects, then use Amplify to increase the volume. However, I don't really want to do this for several hundred clips one at a time. My workaround at the moment is to export the project as a video, create a new project, import the completed video (which now just has one audio clip) and use effects to increase the volume. I would prefer to not have to do this additional step. For the moment, I am hoping to find a simpler solution. Any thoughts would be appreciated. RB P.S. In the future, I will record all audio with the microphone array sound levels set to 100.
  24. Wir haben die Software Express invoice als Testversion auf einem Windows computer geladen. Für die Kaufentscheidung war vor allem wichtig, dass wir dort ohne Artikel erst anzulegen, direkt in der Rechnung diese eingeben konnten. In dem Feld "Beschreibung" konnte man auch direkt Texte hinterlegen, die dann beim nächsten Artikel wieder vorgeschlagen wurden. Als wir jetzt das Programm gekauft haben (allerdings für Mac) ist diese Funktion anscheinend nicht möglich. Zumindest habe ich es nicht gefunden. Kann das sein, dass die Oberfläche so unterschiedlich zu bedienen ist? Wer kann mir helfen? Vielen Dank im Voraus.
  25. Bonjour, Je voudrais vous présenter un guide plutôt complet et bien écrit sur l'utilisation de VideoPad. Ce guide a été créé par un utilisateur. https://www.gypsevideo.fr/19-video/tutoriels/202-nch-videopad-editor-tutoriel Merci à GypseVideo.fr qui a pris le temps de confectionner ce guide!
  26. Shorter Receipts for Reports

    Hi Telephoney, Thank you for your reply. I hope it's something that can be introduced in the future.
  27. Software that records speaker sound

    Hello, when you open Debut you may go to Options > Audio and there select the option for Speakers and leave the filter option as default (MMDevice) and click on OK to save it. That should get the program to record what plays through your computer's speakers. To change the audio quality on the audio you would record you may click on the Encoder options button on the main Debut screen and select the audio compressor and bitrate. Keep in mind that the compressor and bitrate options will change depending on the video format you are selecting to record the screen as.

    HI all Once again my memopry has let me down. This event happened once before and I was told the solution, but it has jhappened again and I am stuck/ Somehow I inadvertantly hit something that made ALL the tracks mute. OK I know you can mute an individual track using the button on that thrack or over at the far left side. but now ALL the tracks have greyish tint. The video plays just great. but NO SOUNDS. I remember that there is a box somewhere to untick that removes all the muting, but where is it ??? I have been through every little icon in every part of the site, but it is hiding somewhere and I just can't find it. So PLEASE will some kind person put my heated brain to rest. Thanks in advance Elderly Hent,
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